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How to get Adobe Photoshop for FREE (Legally)

Hey everyone. In this video, I wanted to show you how you could get Adobe Photoshop completely for free and do it legally. Now if you search this on YouTube. you’ll see a lot of videos that show you how to get Adobe Photoshop CS6, but they take you to illegal downloads. And this is not the video to do that. If you want those videos, you could search on how to do that. This is a video to show you how to do it legally and I’ll show you a couple of different ways. So the most obvious way is going to this link here, so I’ll leave this link to the description and here, Adobe actually gives you a full trial, a 30-day trial, no watermark. So if you click that trial, it’ll take you to this page. You could sign up. In this case, let me sign in. I already have an account, and then that will bring you to this free trial page where you could just download it using that Adobe Creative Cloud. Now if you don’t have the Creative Cloud, it’ll show you how to download it, and this is where that gets you. It’ll get you this icon here on your Mac or your PC. And here, you’ll see Photoshop, and you could click try. Now I already have it. It’s already open in fact, and this is where I’m using right now. And once you get that 30-day trial, you could always renew the trial once you sign up for the trial. But I’m gonna show you a different way how to get a completely for free lifetime. It’ll just won’t be the newest version of Photoshop. Let me just quickly show you what I have here, so if I press the Buy Now button, this is the one I have. All the apps, so I get all the apps that you see here for about $50 a month. So I use Premier, Photoshop, I use After Effects. I use InDesign and Lightroom from time to time, so all these are included for one price. Or if you want Photoshop, it’s $20 a month. But I’ll leave a link in the description to the free trial. Let’s look at the other way to do this. So the other way to do it is using the link that I have in the description below. Now you’re getting this for free. So there’s no reason for Adobe to give you the new one for free, because they charge you 20 bucks a month. But what they do is they give you CS2 for free, which is a very good version of Photoshop that lets you do a lot. Now it’s not the latest version, and it’s a bit old, but it works really well. And it’ll get you started for Photoshop for free, so if you go to this link again in the description, press accept here, and it will give you the option for Mac or for Windows to download CS2. So to do that, I’m gonna press this drop down English and it gives you the serial number, it will be downloaded. It’s not on the cloud. It’s an app that will be on your computer, so all you have to do is download it here. So you could get the Creative Suite here if you want, or you could come down here to photoshop CS2 for Mac or Windows. Again, serial number here, so let me go ahead and download there for the Mac. The process is exactly the same on a PC and it’s gonna take a little bit of time, 8 minutes here, because it’s a large file is about half a gig so make sure you have the space and when it’s downloaded, I’ll show you how to install it. Ok the download is complete. I’m gonna go ahead and open that zip file. It’s a dmg file, because I’m on a Mac. If you’re on a PC, it’s gonna be a .EXE file. Let’s go ahead and open that file. And this is what it looks like. We want to basically install this app, so go ahead and double click and install the app. And if you get a message like this, where he won’t open it for you, all you have to do is control click on a Mac. And then press open and it’ll give you an option to open it. That’s just a security option within a Mac, then I’ll get this installation process. I’ll just go through this real quick. It’s pretty straightforward. Now if you’re on a brand-new computer, this might not work for you and the free trial may be the only option, so go ahead and go through the install process. Here’s a document on how to install. I’m not gonna walk you through that. I’m actually in a brand-new iOS on a Mac that won’t let me install a software that’s a little bit old like the CS2, so I would have had to use the free trial or buy the software. Those are the only other options. Again, if you search this you will get a lot of videos that show you how to get a cracked version of Photoshop CS6. But if you want to do it legally, you could either do the trial version on the Adobe website that I have linked on below for 30 days. You could even renew that with a different email if you wanted to use it past the 30 days. Or you could try the CS2 option here that lets you get Adobe CS2. And there’ll be Creative Cloud or Adobe Photoshop CS2 or once you’re satisfied with Photoshop, you could check out the new version of Photoshop. In this case, it’s CC 2018 that I have open here. I hope you found this useful. I have over 30 Photoshop tutorials on my channel completely for free, so make sure you subscribe and check out those videos. And thanks so much for watching and as always, I hope to see you on the next video.

100 thoughts on “How to get Adobe Photoshop for FREE (Legally)

  1. tried downloading cs2 like you said but every time i put in my password it says something went wrong in the installation. please help?

  2. tried whatever u said , on Mac 2014 Latina but its not working during instalatin after I put password its saying something went wrong with the installation …. 
    idk what to do please help me !!!!

  3. FYI, Adobe has removed the CS2 download from their website. From customer support "CS2 download links are now not supported anymore as they are obsolete now. The activation servers do not perform due to technical issue. Also if you check the system requirements you will find that CS2 products works best on previous versions of Windows OS like vista etc. Due to system compatibility issue the features did not work perfectly on modern operating systems."

  4. Does this free photoshop CS2 WORK ON IPAD PRO? Asking because I am looking for a legit link for free photoshop cc or similar? PLEASE HELP ME SOMEONE

  5. I have heard that It says in the T & C before you download it that this is not free and you must own a registered working version.

  6. As of just a a couple of weeks ago, this no longer works. Seems Adobe has completely removed the ability to download this version. The link will simply take you to a page to download the current version, which requires a paid subscription, of course.

  7. Thank you so much! For the first time, I said "I won't find never, a video to download Photoshop for FREE" and now I did it!

  8. Actually, getting any Adobe product for free is legal because they said that they are ok with it, as long as the person who provides it is not making money off of it.

  9. think about how many people who uses PS, its fucking millions, i don't understand why they are not richer than Amazon <_<

  10. I must thanks to you, you're my life-saver and a online tutor for free. Youtube need more person like you

  11. I don't neep every app they got, I just want Photoshop… Is that what the cheepest payment were for or do I have to pay 21 dollars or even 51 dollars, because then I don't think it's worth it:-(

  12. I hate it when some programs give you trials for certain number of days until they charge you to use them again.

  13. Fucking Click Bait!! CS2 No Longer Available and No Longer Supported…. read the description. Why keep the fucking the video up if it’s totally useless? Click bait! All for views! 🤮

  14. Who would download it legally, you can't get the cracked version so you make a video how to download legally

  15. They always Make Free versions of good Stuff That Are Illegal, This Video should be Illegal because its free and its to goooooood!

  16. CS2 is very old. I was trying to find photoshop alternatives but this showed up in my recommendations. I would like to start for digital art. What do you guys recommend?

  17. Free CS6 –

    නමුත් වෙනත් ඕනෑම මට්ටමකින් ඔබට සං ලකුණු පෙනෙනු ඇත.

  18. when I try to install adobe photoshop I cant install it. laptop shows "you need to start extraction from previous volume to unpack photoshop. "
    can you please tell me what shold o do now??

  19. $50 a month ?! BS. It needs to be back to the 1 time purchase . Sick of this monthly bullshit companies do now. Greedy asses.

  20. They changed it so now it wouldn’t let you do the free trial without giving your credit card information

  21. WE DON´T WANT THESE FUCKING CS2 VERSION ON YOUTUBE TO DOWNLOAD!!!! We ALL are looking for the latest version for free! Check this, Youtube-Uploaders!!!

  22. Clickbait for affiliate commissions. Only trial version available. There was never any free CS2 older version for free. Save you time.

  23. HEY EVERYBODY: The current link no longer works. To use CS2, you have to go here:
    This links to an archive of a 2014 version of the webpage, which has all the files still.

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