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How to get Frequent Flyer Miles with a Normal Credit Card or Debit

– My name is Lexie Grace
and I’m a stand up comic. Okay a lot of people are like, “Lexie, you travel so much.” How are you able to travel to all of these comedy festivals
and not break your bank?” Okay, frequent flyer miles.
Frequent flyer miles! When I went to Portland I paid, literally one way way,
five dollars and 60 cents! How I’m able to do that is because I do a thing called “Travel Hacking.” “Travel Hacking”. Which basically is when
you turn your spend and you turn it into
frequent flyer mile points. Now the best way that you can do this is obviously the most, is
like with the travel card. But let’s pretend you
don’t have a travel card. Let’s say you have a basic credit card or a debit card, you know? You still can do this. There’s somethings that you can do that people don’t know you can do. One, you can use, if you online shop, you can use a website called and what is, you tell them where you’re buying from, like if you’re buying from or if you’re buying from Naturalizers, which is where I buy a bunch of my boots, love their boots. It’ll tell you, or Crate and Barrel, it will tell you what
website will yield you, like basically, it will
tell you which website will yield you the most points, like as far as like online portals, and online portals are
basically, like you log in and they kind of give you a referral code. So through that referral code
you’re gaining the points. And I find that super helpful
because when I buy online I do tend to buy, I just
tend to spend some money. And so it’s like you get,
it’ll tell you like what portal to get frequent flyer miles, or cash back if that is your thing. I like frequent flyer miles
because I like adventure, but there’s nothing wrong with money, I love money as well,
I LOVE money as well. Number two way that you can gain points with a normal credit card or debit card is sign up for a dining program. This is pretty much the most easiest thing and a lot of people don’t do it. Frequent flyer, airlines, they all, depending on whichever airline you want, most of them have this thing
called the “Dining Program.” Where it’s at like
certain select restaurants you can get anywhere from
like two points per dollar, up to five points per dollar. If you go online you sign
up for a dining program, it’s like you give them
your credit card number, and then you don’t have to
give them all the other stuff, just like the basic credit card number, they track it through that,
I understand if you don’t want to do that, cause you
don’t want to be tracked. I get that, but if you’re
like me and you just want free trips to New York
for, well not free trips, I paid like 11 dollars and 84 cents. Guys I just bought my
cousin’s ticket to New York, and it’s 43 dollars, it
would have been cheaper, it would have only been
11 dollars and 20 cents, but my mom said we had
to add in the insurance and also that she could cut lines, so. You just want these kind of
cool trips, then it’s worth it, I think, in my, to me it’s worth it. And they basically, at certain
restaurants that you eat at, you’ll get anywhere from one
to five points per dollar depending on the airline that you choose. I would make sure that when
like, you’re first starting out, just do like, airplane loyalty, like just stick to one
airline and just be like OK we’re gonna go with this one, cause that will help you yield the most, especially if you don’t
have a travel credit card, cause then that way it’s just
like your all the points. And just to give you a
sorta basic thing, is like, it only takes 30,000 points to get from LAX to New York round trip, and that’s not a lot of points. That’s, I mean, let’s
say you’re doing like, yeah it’s not a lot of points,
like if you go to Shark- for example Sharky’s is
on the dining program now, I don’t know it changes
from month-to-month, but like if I bought ten
dollars worth of tacos, that would be 50 points and then, you know that’s 50 points for one day, and then if I, you know it’s just like different things you can do. Okay the last thing you can do, is you can use the United
app, which is super easy, it lets you get points in
real time, which is nice. It’s basically an app
called the MileagePlusX app, you can’t really see it, but
it’s called MileagePlusX app, and basically what it
does is it acts like, you put your debit or your credit card in, and it generates a gift card and that gift card acts like
almost like a referral link, so you go to a place
like, Barnes and Nobles, you buy a book, they tell you “hey it’s going to be 28 dollars” you go into the app, you say it’s going to be 28 dollars and 18 cents, and it will generate a
code for the exact amount and you show it to them, they scan it, and then it’s just like, you
get the points from that. And you can get anywhere
from one point per dollar, well, I think the lowest
it will actually give is like, like a half a point, to on the high end 10 points per dollar. Though usually typically
like the 10 points per dollar is like when it’s like
something that’s like really big happening,
like on Black Friday, I think like last year GAP
and Banana Republic and them, they were giving you
like 10 points per dollar if you bought in store,
which was dope, it was dope. And so, if you like just,
and they’ve got like Coffee Bean and Starbucks, so you definitely want to get on the app. And if you do all these three things, like these are ways to get points when you don’t have the
special credit card. When it’s just like
you’ve got a basic card. And you’d be surprised how
much these points add up. You just gotta keep with
it because, you know, even if it takes 13 months
for you to get a free trip, that’s still awesome, like,
I don’t wanna say free trip, cause it’s still gonna cost you
like five or like ten bucks, but, hello, hello Hawaii, hello! Yeah so, don’t knock it til you try it. Yeah, please, if you guys
have any other questions, let me know what I should
talk about next week. And please keep it PG, keep
it PG guys, keep it PG! Until next time, please follow me on Instagram @smilelexie, and subscribe!

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