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How to Live Life Happy? | A Happy Quotes “Off The Wall” Acronym Inspires to Live Life Happy!

So… you want to live life happy? Well, in this live life happy quote video, I’m going to share with you
a new way to understand how to live a happy life. And please remember click the like and
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sucky to soulful journey at the speed of life. [Happiness Quote MUSIC to be happy] Hey, there! Ali Skylar here,
founder of where we help people move
from sucky to soulful at the speed of life. And because I so appreciate
you taking the time to watch this video, I would like to give you
my free Shiftitudes ebook by clicking the link below. These cool affirmation acronyms
help you instantly shift your attitude SHIFTITUDE into well-being! And really,
if you want to live life happy, it’s very simple… JUST POOP. I think this week’s shiftitude
says it best. [Happy Quote MUSIC to be Happy] That’s right, folks. Let go of the shit physically, emotionally
and spiritually. If you want to know
how to live a happy life, then let go and clean out. Sure, this is a little
far out in the fringe talking about living life happy
and pooping in the same breath, but is it really? Isn’t life about
bringing it all in and letting it all out
in every aspect of our lives? Breathe in.
Breath out. Get pissed off. Forgive.
Laugh. Cry. Drink. Pee. Eat. Poop. No, no, no, no, no…
Eat then poop. Life is just a
never-ending journey of excreting. To live life happy,
it’s all about being in the moment,
loving what it is and letting go of every moment
of every day so that the new creative
growth-inspired moments have space to come on in. [Live Life Healthy MUSIC] So here’s my favorite
off-the-wall mindfulness exercise
for how to live life happy. The next time you’re
on the throne of excretion. making a no. 2, think of a belief or thought
or feeling that you’re holding on to that is shutting you down and stopping you from
your goal to live life happy. Now at the exact time that
you let go of your poop, let go of that negative belief,
thought or feeling. Flush it all the way
once and for all and say, “Yahoo!” as you feel the release
of the physical, emotional and spiritual gunk that is
no longer serving you. My kooky husband
who is very kooky has coined this experience [Happy Quote DRUMROLL] POOPITATION. You meditation every day, so why not poopitate? Remember, the key in
how to live a happy life is to focus on letting the
emotional and spiritual baggage release along with the physical an absolutely surefire way
to live life happy. Hey, let me know,
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Anchor to My Sanity. Ali Skylar
soulfully signing out! Hi, Ali Skylar here,
foundee of sucker — phbbbt, that’s all I have to remember. I don’t want to sound like a phony. How does my hair look? [Happiness Quote HUMMING] Let’s get this
potty talk started… Did I sound like
Barbra Streisand just now?

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  1. Awesome. Great job Ali. Now I'll be thinking of u every time I take a load off my mind. I like your New generative conversation. Poopitation.

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