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HOW TO MAKE CRACK PIE - Momofuku Milkbar Recipe

When I think of Crack Pie of course I'm
transported to New York City to the Milk Bar where it was invented by Christina
Tosi. Why is this pie so special, today you're
in Steve's kitchen and I'm going to be teaching you how to make the perfect
replica of a Crack Pie. Many of you won't have tried this type of pie before so
let me describe to you the base of the pie, if I had to explain to you it's like
a giant oatmeal cookie, if you've ever had a HobNob before it's
got similar characteristics but it's much more caramelized and sweet and
delicious. Some people describe this as a pecan pie
without the pecans, it's got similarities to a treacle tart, if you've ever had one
of those. The filling is like a rich dark sweet caramelized egg custard and the
combination of the two, if you actually look, the filling and the pie crust
almost blend together making one of the most delicious and rich pies you'll ever
try and you can see why this is called crack pie, it is so addictive and so
delicious but you're only going to know if you join me and I'll show you now how to
make it. Add your softened butter into a mixing
bowl, some soft brown sugar and some granulated white sugar and we're just
going to cream these together with a spoon until we get a lovely sugary
butter paste. Add into that one egg and then beat that together until you get a
smooth batter. On top of the batter we're going to add
some all-purpose flour and then the all-important rolled oats. Next some
baking soda and then an eighth of the teaspoon of baking powder, a little pinch
of salt for seasoning and then we mix this together until we get a lovely
cookie batter. Spoon the batter out onto a lined baking sheet and just shape it
out to the size of a large cookie. We then want to bake that cookie for about
13 or 14 minutes at 175 degrees Celsius 350 Fahrenheit. When the cookie's ready,
take it out the oven, let it cool down and then we're going to break this up
into a loose crumb, add some compacted brown sugar, a little salt and some
melted butter and then we're just going to give this a mix through.
I have a 9-inch fluted pie tin here, I'm just going to put the crumb into the tin,
then I'm going to push it up against the side to form the edge of my crust and
the last of the pie crust we're just going to put in the center and push it
down to get it nice and firm. There you have the base of the pie, is that rich
enough for you? Now I'm going to get on and make this delicious pie filling. Take
some granulated sugar, some soft brown sugar, a couple of tablespoons of milk
powder and a little bit of salt, for seasoning. Flavor this with some vanilla
extract and pour over the top melted butter.
I just want to mix that together until I got a loose batter and then we're going
to add four egg yolks and using a whisk we're just going to whisk this up until we
get a nice smooth batter. Lastly we're going to add a third of a cup of rich
thick whipping cream and again I'm just going to whisk this up until it's lovely
and smooth. Now we can take that pie case and we're
going to pour the batter in evenly into the pie case, pop the whole pie into the
oven. We're going to bake this again at 175 degrees Celsius, 350 Fahrenheit but
this time for about 50 minutes till we get a lovely golden brown top to the pie.
When your crack pie comes out of the oven ideally you want to cool it right
down, chill it even and then we're going to dust it over with some powdered sugar.
This pie serves really well with fresh cream or ice cream if you prefer, now
just before we give this pie a try, whenever I do a recipe that requires egg
yolks, I keep those egg whites and in the next episode of Steve's kitchen we are
going to make the most delicious dessert with those egg whites, so keep them and
join me in the next episode. Let's get on and try this pie, are any of you with me,
are you baking this as we're talking now, I do hope so, let me know what you think of
this delicious pie, here goes. oh my! that's why it's called crack pie, this is
so delicious, I'm going to devour this. Am I sharing with friends and family? you
bet I'm not. If you decide to make this pie let me know a little bit about how
you get on, on what you think .So now you've no excuse, if you haven't tried
crack pie before I urge you to give it a try. I'd love to get some feedback about
how it goes for you and don't forget in the next episode of Steve's kitchen
we're going to be making a fantastic classic with those egg whites. So I'll see you
then, don't forget to subscribe, there's a little bell there, get notified and join
me in the next episode. Share the love, see you next time. Now when your hob
knobs have come out of the oven, we're just going to pop them on a
cooling rack and let them completely cool down and I know some of you be
saying Steve, those hob knobs are way too big, yeah, right……

38 thoughts on “HOW TO MAKE CRACK PIE – Momofuku Milkbar Recipe

  1. Dang it… So few ingredients and STILL I somehow and missing one (rolled oats)… I do have those oatmeal packets that people often eat for breakfast. I wonder if those would work

  2. could you make a Opposite Oreos? (white chocolate vanilla cookie with dark chocolate filling). would appreciate it so much

  3. Just a tip to anyone who is considering making this pie – the extra step of crumbling the oatmeal cookie and reshaping it into the pie crust is excessive and not necessary. You're just adding more butter and sugar to the already fattening recipe and making more of a mess than needed. Just shape the oatmeal cookie dough into the pie tin and bake it as you would bake the cookie. When you remove it from the oven, the crust is ready to go.

  4. FYI crack like actual crack smells like burnt sugar/ caramel… But I'm guessing Cristina didn't wanted to compare those two

  5. I stumbled upon this video last night and made the pie today. One thing I did wrong was not trust you. ..sorry. When spreading the crust in the pie dish, I felt there was too much crust and it would be to thick. So I left some out. ..when I filled it with the filing it did not come up to the edges. ..I realized my mistake immediately. So. ..after baking, the edges of the crust were over baked and hard. Other than that. was amazing!
    Thank you so much for this. ..I will be making this for Thanksgiving here in Oklahoma USA!

  6. Christina Tossi's a hack. That's why all "comments are disabled" on her videos. She can't make a custard pie or cake NEARLY as good as any of my Southern aunts desserts, but she has the nerve to sell you a $44 pie or a sliver of pie for $6 bucks or a $44 "naked" cake just so you have the privilege of seeing the layers! If this pie didn't have a stupid gimmicky name and wasn't associated with the great David Change, if this pie was just sold in some unknown black bakers' shop, it would have the zero hype it deserves.

  7. Oatmeal cookie with a ton of eggs, butter, and sugar; or a chess pie with an oatmeal crust. $44 for that? You people are crazy. Get some old southern cook to make you a chess pie for $3 and get just as easily addicted.

  8. Made this last week and really liked it. I had to make some substitutions, but it came out DELICIOUS! I really like this oatmeal crust A LOT! Thanks, Steve.

  9. I had it at Momofuku and I still stick to my opinion: the name is perfect (as the pie). Delicious, addictive and a nuclear blast on your health. Nice recipe and nice video

  10. Update on pies, jumping in deep end I made three ,see how I trust you Steve ,yes big Irish family ,having made the base of course I had to taste delish so made three bases and a lot extra to which I added pecans and made a big batch of cookies or bikkies the pies were sooo good and were the first to disappear with loads of compliments all sent to your channel many thanks ,very quickly became a family favourite so lovein the amazing work you both do love from the green bit

  11. Great video Steve. I'm just wondering – Christina's original version contains freeze dried corn powder. If you were to include it, how much would you have added?

  12. Why did you lowered the cream ingredients by half? Did you have any issues with the original amounts?

  13. Steve…OMG … this pie looks so yummy .. I will definitely make this now …. it’s Sunday afternoon here in Washington DC … you are just wonderful and I am your biggest fan .

  14. Looks incredible Steve! I'll definitely be trying this one soon. I also want to say how much I have enjoyed the brown sauce I made following your recipe. Absolutely delicious!!! Thank you so much!

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