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How To Make Your Own Funny Public Speaking Jokes

I am pretty funny guy. You know how I know
I am funny guy, because my 2 year old thinks I am hilarious. All I have to do is pullover
or drop something or jump and he is in his derrieres and laughing his head off, and he
thinks I am funniest guy in the world. My friends have a young baby who canÕt even
sit up yet and he thinks I am funniest guy in the world because all I have to do is put
my hands on my face and say Piki Boo and he is in his derrieres. So I must be pretty funny.
So when I get up in front of people, I just going to play Piki Boo or full over and have
the audience in tears of laughter. Not going to happen, but today I do want to talk about,
how to make your own funny public speaking jokes, because I do believe that lot of the
jokes that people are using jokes of the internet, jokes on their own, just arenÕt very funny.
They are very corny and they are very awkward for the audience.
A joke is very important, when placed in public speech, because it needs to work, and if it
fails, you need to have a backup system, so that it doesnÕt create this awkward hole
of empty laughter. Okay, I am Ryan McLean and I am from public So
how can we create our own funny joke, especially if it not funny. That what i m. So, why is
a that might two year old laughs at me, when I fall over or want to drop something and
why is that six month baby laugh at me when I play Piki Boo.
ItÕs because something happens that they werenÕt expecting. Lot of our laughter, a
lot of commonly come out of people seeing, people doing things that are unexpected. This
makes a connection between two items that we didnÕt think of. I was recently, just
watching, I was doing some research for the blog and also can the worst public speeches
ever and those one that the kid has posted on Youtube of his graduation speech which
was actually pretty good, he used lot of humour in his speech and he was very clever in humour
that he used. In the speech he was talking about his heroes, people like Einstein, people
like Martin Luther King Jr., and then he goes on to say Tupac and Barney,Êthe purpleÊdinosaur,
so we are thinking he is giving his inspirational speech but then he throws in funny characters
at the end ,the rapper and purple dinosaur that you watched as kids.
Its unexpected when you are talking about Albert Einstein, Martin Luther Jr. You expect
him to go on and talk about other heroes. May be people who have done amazing things
in life or in science, but instead he goes on just talk about the public speakers that
we all know and we know wonÕt really be heroes. ItÕs unexpected and so therefore itÕs quite
humorous. So what you can do, if you want to create your own funny public speaking jokes,
is to tell a story but within unexpected and humorous outcome. So thatÕs one way, that
we can create funny public speeches, funny jokes in our public speeches, itÕs not necessarily
a joke. Knock! Knock! Who is there? but itÕs a story that gains laughter. So whenever you
are telling a story, try and think of ways that you can add in things that are unexpected
to the audience, so that you may be get some laughter. Add of them. Another thing to do
is to make a joke on your own expense. I always advice against making jokes at other peopleÕs
expense, when you giving a public speech or presentation, specially people who are in
the room, donÕt make jokes on your companyÕs expense, because more often or not people
will take offence. One of my mentors made this mistake massively. He was a youth Paster
at the church I used to go to and we have a big youth event, big youth night, we were
over 300 kids came, that was bring a friend night and so he is up in front of the people
and he is speaking to the audience and he starts ripping into Anthony Mundine who is
a Australian Rugby league player who has turned into a boxer. Some people love him, other
people hate him but anyway he is ripping into him, he is making fun of this guy. Anthony
Mundine wasnÕt there but his cousin, one of the girls who had attended for the first
time, that night was there and so obliviously, even though the situation wasnÕt awkward
to everyone else obliviously after the fact he found out that she was there, it was very
awkward for him. So always avoid offending other people, but making fun on your own expense
is always a great thing to do. If you laugh, then other people will laugh at you. I advice
as well that you make jokes as passing comments. Okay, so rather than making a joke and waiting
for laughter, make a joke but have a way to roll on for that joke. So people laugh then
you can stop and you can let them laugh but if people donÕt laugh you donÕt have that
awkward silence that kills your speech. So try and do it as a rolling comment, try and
have something that flows off to your joke that even if your joke fails it going to work
as your back up system and it means that still adds value to your talk. Anyway, and lastly
make your jokes relatable, so make a relatable to the people in the audience, so they can
kind of relate with the situation, so if you are a high school student, graduating then
tell jokes that things that you did and you think you do during your high school. DonÕt
tell jokes about things that are in your personnel life that they donÕt have any connection
with. If there is already that reliability, if a person already understands that situation,
then if you put a comical aspect for that situation then it can be much more humorous.
So, hope that this has helped to give you some ideas that how you can create your own
funny jokes when you are giving a public speech. I am Ryan McLean. I am from
and you can get more videos, audios and broadcast like this just by hitting over to the website.

43 thoughts on “How To Make Your Own Funny Public Speaking Jokes

  1. Boy : I was gonna tell you a joke about my D ..but it's too long
    Girl : I was going to tell you a joke about my V * ..nevermind you won't get it ๐Ÿ˜†

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    Son: Hey dad, Hey dad, I scored 6 goals in soccer!
    Dad: Oh great, how did the game go?
    Son: 3-3

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    welp, that was my attempt at comedy (*_*)

  5. OK.let me make a job

    one day in a classroom there are 20 students and 1 very nice teacher.The teacher ask 1 of the student to explain the lesson he just heard.The student did it and impressed the teacher.Then the teacher give the student a candy,and then the student say "that's it?"

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  8. A homeless guy walks into a bar
    The waitress kindly offers him a place to stay saying, "Would you like to stay the night?"
    The homeless man smiles and says, "I'd love to."

  9. This is terrible advice. So we just want people to laugh at our-self instead of laughing at them? Like how does that even work? Don't you find that hypocrisy?

  10. There were two campers walking in the woods one of the campers collapsed the other called 9-1-1 and he said what do I do my friends dead make sure he is dead he gets a gun there was a gunshot he says what do I do now

  11. I have a joke
    Kid: Dad am I adopted?
    Dad: I don't know son are you?
    Kid: I don't know AM I heheheh-
    Dad: you're adopted (walks away)

  12. I used to do good jokes, but now I feel like I've lost that and I hate it. It just like noone gets my jokes no-more. Help me.

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