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How To Perform Oral Sex | Ali Wong | Netflix Is A Joke

– Do you know how long it took me to train my husband to
eat my pussy correctly? (audience laughing) I’m not going back out into the world, find somebody new to coach all over again. (audience laughing) It’s too much work. All of that knowledge
that my husband has now, all of that time I invested,
all of that muscle memory lives and dies with him. You can’t store that in
some sort of iPussy cloud and then just download
it to a new husband 2.0. He is bespoke to me. (audience laughing) Irreplaceable. (audience applauding) Yeah. Look, many patient nights
I wanted to fake it, okay? But I knew that it was so fundamental for the long term that he get it right and that lying to him would
just be cheating myself. (audience laughing) And so I would shove his head down there and keep it down there
until his face got pruney. (audience laughing) Many nights he’d enter 7:00 p.m. looking like a 30 year old man, exit hours later looking
like Tommy Lee Jones. (audience laughing) (audience applauding) You know how hard it is
for a young Asian man to suddenly transform
into Tommy Lee Jones? (audience laughing) I think a big part of
being good at eating pussy is that you just gotta be into it, okay? Do it with gusto, with enthusiasm. It’s a privilege, so
act like you know, okay? Yes, yes, don’t hesitate, don’t. (whines) (audience laughing) (Ali whining) Like you’re being some toddler
forced to eat broccoli. (audience laughing) Get in there. And hold your own goddamn head up too. Don’t use my thigh as a
tripod and just. (whines) (audience laughing) Fall into a food coma
before you finish your meal. (audience laughing)

100 thoughts on “How To Perform Oral Sex | Ali Wong | Netflix Is A Joke

  1. Is it just me, or does she look like she has a head transplant. Her head does not match her body size. She is funny in more than one way.

  2. As long as my meal is fresh and clean, I will eat it as much as you like. Don't come over here smelling like sour milk and hot garbage expecting me to hook you up. I wouldn't do it to you.

  3. So sad how she has to resort to shit like this for material. If it's not this, it's her talking about anal sex. All while being pregnant. Proof that she has no real talent. And that goes both ways and applies to Male comics too.

  4. Q. Why is a bride always smiling going up the aisle?

    A. She knows she's given the last blowjob of her life.

    It works both ways wimmin.
    Want ur pussy licked. Get a cat and some cream.

  5. Eating your lady's pussy is truly a gift… If you're having sex it's definitely an integral part of the process.

  6. Yo how long has she been pregnant? I could have sworn I seen a older comedy special where she is pregnant.

  7. Is she the new Amy Schumer?? 🤔🤔 Talking about The Vigina all the time… Yes we have one big deal… stop talking about it and stop trying to make it funny…. jeez!

  8. This is part of why I'm great at eating pussy. I actually, genuinely love doing it. This goes both ways, y'all. If you can't muster up the enthusiasm for the act, at least be enthusiastic that you're making your partner feel good. Don't let them have to ask for it all the time, either. If you do it unasked sometimes, it shows that you at least want to make them feel good.

  9. Not funny at all . Go back to China you’re so ugly to be in the US 😂😂.
    By the way sincerely I am not White .
    These Asians piss me off they wanna be into everything but they’re not good at nothing damn .
    Go back to your shit hole China

  10. I wanna try a little equality test here if you don’t mind. What if this was a male comedian saying all this about a woman? How different would your view be on it?

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