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24 thoughts on “How to Prepare For/Crack AIIMS PG 2019 (New Pattern) Without Coaching | Strategy | ChetChat

  1. How to Crack NEET PG Without Coaching –

  2. Hello mam, I am 3rd year student ..if I join online course for pg preparation,as I'm unable to join any offline coaching..will it worth??

  3. Hi mam, your videos are so helpful for us.
    Kindly give me some suggestions about jipmer UG(2019 June 2),
    Please mam.

  4. Mam I am excited to know about life of psychology career , scope and job opportunities in India , my friend also want revealnt and appropriate information on these topic so I decided to make these request to you will you make video on psychologist scope in India as well as abroad?do make if you can

  5. Hi mam I completed BE civil engineering, fresher.our falimly is an pover family but I intrsting work Canada and to go to and work abroad.can you help me get canda,Higher study and part-time work I confused Deciding how this is best

  6. Hello Ma'am. Please make a video on IIT-JAM physics. This is an exam that bsc physics students need to take in order to get into IITs, IISC, IISERs and NITs. There's very few videos about the comprehensive overview of this exam.

    P. S : You're doing an amazing job. ❤️

  7. Greetings!
    Mam plz make a video sharing information about MCI exam for FMG …NMc bill….Exit (Next )exam
    We FMG are highly thankful to U

  8. Very helpful. I am sure many aspirants will benefit from this video. Hope my basic Math skill videos also reach the eyes of the needy. 🌍

  9. Hello Maam

    I am very confused about what to pursue as a career in future.

    I wish to go to US and practice as a lawyer but don't know much about the working conditions of lawyers there .
    I have a legal family background in India , and my family insists on getting a BA.LLB. Degree from India itself, since it would be easy for me to practice with a laid down legal family background .
    Also It would take me just 5 years to complete my LLB in India but the same would take 7 years in USA .

    So please guide me upon how good are the future prospects of taking a JD degree from US compared to India in my situation.

    Also I don't wish to take the risk of spending time studying in US and then coming back to India…

    Please enlighten me as to what should I do,
    Also please make a video on admission procedure to the Harvard's School for undergrad and for JD and also on the topic of LSAT…


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