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How to Prepare for Placement Aptitude Test | Placement Preparation | Aptitude Tests for Placements

Hi and welcome back to FACE Prep! Today I will discuss
the preparation strategies for the Aptitude test of campus placements. This video has been made with the combined expertise of FACE trainers who have helped more than 15 lakh students get placed in the company of their choice. Cracking the aptitude test is usually the toughest part of any recruitment process. Quite a few students get rejected at this stage despite having good technical knowledge and communication skills. In aptitude tests, you compete with thousands of students where the cutoff is not usually pre-decided. So, your performance along with the performance of your competitors decides whether you get selected for the next round or not. That is why, it is absolutely essential to be amongst the top scorers in the exam Let us help you understand how you can achieve this The aptitude test consists of 3 sections – Quantitative
Aptitude, Logical Reasoning and Verbal Ability. Overall, the major chapters that you have
to cover are – Numbers, Ages, Problems on Trains, Time and
work, Permutations and combinations, probability, relationship-based questions, seating arrangements,
Para jumbles, sentence correction, and grammar. These chapters will definitely help in answering
the bulk of questions asked. For Quantitative Aptitude, follow RS Agarwal
or Aptipedia. Both have good concept explanations and a variety of different level problems
to test yourself. Along with that, be a regular on websites like indiabix and FACE prep from
where you can get hundreds of free practice questions. All questions do not carry equal importance
so emphasize on important topics like time and number systems, time and work, permutations
and combinations, probability, time speed and distance, percentage and ratios to name
a few. You don’t have to practice hundreds of questions
but it is necessary to practice questions of all types and all difficulty levels. If
a topic has 50 questions, make sure to try and solve all 50 without looking at the solution.
Mark those which you could not solve and give them a try after a day. If you are not able
to solve even then, look at the solutions and understand why you got them wrong/what
is the concept behind them. For Logical Reasoning chapters like series
completion, seating arrangements, blood relations, directions, coding, and decoding are important.
Follow the same strategy as quants. Speed is really important in logical reasoning and
only practice will help you achieve the desired score. Verbal ability is a different ball game because
you require a good grasp of the language. Communicating in English is the easiest way
to practice grammar. Reading newspapers will also help you.
Some important topics here are Reading comprehension, Para jumbles, grammar-based sentence correction
and fill-in-the-blanks along with synonyms, antonyms and para completion, arrangement
questions. In conclusion? Start from concepts and practice
questions from each topic thus mastering all sections topic-by-topic. Don’t aim for cracking
the cut-off, you will fall short of your goal. Aim to be amongst the top 2% and you will
easily clear the cut-off. For more preparation tips and strategies subscribe
to this channel and download the FACE prep app from play store where you can learn concepts,
practice hundreds of questions, clear your doubts with our experts, give aptitude and
company-specific tests, read previous interview experiences and much more. See you there,
and All the Best!

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