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How to Repair a Cracked Engine Block

In this video, we’re going to demonstrate how to repair a crack on an engine block with Belzona For this repair, we’re going to use Belzona 1111… reinforcement tape, degreaser and a few tools from the machine shop Before starting to work on the repair the area was thoroughly cleaned and free from grease, oil and dirt We use Belzona 9111 and a stiff bristled brush to remove all of the surface contaminants We then terminated all the cracks by drilling holes along the length of each crack and at their ends This helped stop crack propagation We proceeded to tap all the holes and insert studs Using a grinder we cut all the studs flush with the casing Next, we V’d out all the cracks and roughened the entire repair area to ensure excellent adhesion We cleaned and degreased the area once again and masked off the repair area We then measured and cut a piece of Belzona reinforcement tape to match the masked off area We mixed an appropriate amount of Belzona 1111 and made sure we achieved a uniform material We applied a layer of Belzona 1111 to the repair area pressing firmly with a stiff bristled brush to ensure full contact with the surface We then wetted out the reinforcement tape with Belzona 1111 and applied it to the repair area using an applicator Finally, we added another layer of Belzona 1111 onto the entire repair area to create a build up of approximately 1/8 on an inch (3mm) We then removed the masking tape and let the product cure. The application is now complete

17 thoughts on “How to Repair a Cracked Engine Block

  1. This might be a dumb question but will metal shavings enter the engine? I'm trying to repair a motorcycle engine while it's still on the bike.

  2. This is like putting fix a flat in your tire. Yes it may work for the very short term but will cause you a big headache when you have to fix it the right way. Do it the right way first save yourself time and money. Lock and stitch or welded or a combo of both.

  3. Awesome video sir . Thinking about doing it myself and see how much more I can get out of my engine block .. it has a small crack and can’t really afford to do the whole changing to new engine block thing . Thanks you very much , at least it gives me another option.

  4. Research this company. They do amazing things using chemical bonding. I was fortunate enough to have met the owner. Very knowledgeable people. This was invented for military use.

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