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How to Repair a Cracked Windshield with Rain-X Repair Kit

hi I’m Mike Thompson in this video I’m
going to attempt to repair a little nick that I got in my windshield this morning
on the way to work I purchased this rain-x windshield repair kit from
Walmart I think it was like 20 bucks or so not very much at all but this is my
first attempt at this so we’re gonna be in this together so here it goes nothing
first off what I can say about this kit is it appears to have come with
absolutely everything needed you’ve got the little suction cups
you’ve got the little applicator plunger you’ve got these clear films that you’re
going to use to then smooth the surface after you’re done it even comes with a
little razor blade for scraping which is great because you definitely don’t want
to get involved in a project and then find you need a you know a quart of
paint or something else some other tool you didn’t anticipate so this is really
really great right here you can see the Nick that I intend to repair it’s about
the size of a nickel so it should be within the capabilities of this kit so
we’re gonna remove all the loose glass fragments and everything by scraping it
with this included razor blade it’s protected here inside this little
cardboard pouch it’s a single side scraper like you’re pretty familiar with
I assume so we’re just gonna scrape away any little loose particles here alright
so the next thing I’m doing is attaching this little suction cup thing right over
the crack and says you need to get it centered and the legs are adjustable
which is really really nice I’m gonna hop up here on the hood and make sure
that it’s centered it says to Center it right over the impact point which I’ve
done so I’m going to go ahead now and fix these suction cups and then since
the legs are adjustable you can fine-tune where this is once you get it
down it says to screw the resin chamber into the center ring and if necessary re
maneuver the device so that the rubber mouth will be
directly on top of the impact point that I have it off just a tad so I’m gonna
scoot this thing this direction just a bit it says to check the alignment from
inside the car so I’m going to go ahead and climb back in and make sure that
it’s aligned and of course it’s not perfectly aligned it needs to come this
way towards me just a bit so now I’m going to screw this resin
chamber down until the rubber tip is flat against the windshield it says that
excessive pressure will alter the original curve of the glass and
affecting the flow of the resin so I’m gonna say I’m complete so now I’m going
to squeeze the resin into the chamber you so now I’m going to go ahead and turn
this resin all the way in here and apply the pressure so now I’m just unscrewing the pressure
plunger here to release any trapped air you heard the little pop now I’m going
to place it back in and rescrew it in now I’ve let this sit outside in the Sun
for Oh 20 minutes or so it doesn’t say it has to be that long just a few
minutes is all it recommends the reason for that is because this resin cures
under UV light I didn’t have a UV light gun so it said just go ahead and park it
outside and the Sun will take care of it luckily it’s also a bright sunny day so
I’m going to go ahead you peel off this strip here that looks pretty good and
then the instructions say to hold your razor blade at 90 degrees and scrape off
the excess resin oh wow where is it I think it’s right there squeaky clean not bad for my first try
if I do say so myself once again this is the rain-x windshield washer rip
windshield washer the rain-x windshield repair kit that I just got from Walmart
you can get it pretty much anywhere I would certainly recommend it my wife’s
car has a little nick in it so I’m gonna go ahead and repair that and I think I
have a little on the other side this was like a spider so definitely one of the
more difficult things to fix but that did really really well as long as it
doesn’t grow again then I’m satisfied but I hope this kind of helps explain
this I would certainly recommend this it seems to be a decent product but thanks
for watching I really appreciate it

73 thoughts on “How to Repair a Cracked Windshield with Rain-X Repair Kit

  1. do u think this would work on a longer crack? I have one long and one smaller..not to deep but enough to notice…if not could u recommended a kit that might work? something not to expensive 😀

  2. If you are in the Tampa Bay, Sarasota or even the Clearwater area and you need your windshield repaired, check out

  3. done mine dried clear,but when scraped smooth,resin goes smokey , not clear,looks crap,why?

  4. Thanks for this video! I had been contemplating buying this kit. I am definitely going to be buying it now! You also did a great job of explaining the steps as well. 🙂

  5. Hey Mike I think you could improve on your repair video by maybe wearing a Santa suit with maybe chocolate stains around the groin area? What do you think passage rambler?

  6. Very useful video. I plan on repairing two chips on my windshield now. However, I'll be wearing my safety glasses so no fragment chips into my eyes 🙂

  7. I think I would have use rubbing alcohol to clean then compressed air to blow it out. You can also get a UV LED flashlight at Harbor Freight for around $8 Good job though!

  8. Good video bud, shows all the steps and gives idea of what's needed to do this, I don't understand why thumbs down are given but it just shows how some people are.

  9. I had bad luck with this product.It will crack the glass once you put a tinny extra twist. I used Permatex 09103 Windshield Repair Kit which worked 👌

  10. UPDATE: It's been nearly 3 years since I did this repair, and I haven't noticed any changes. I've had my car outside a lot more often, and I've even used the same kit to do several other repairs since. I still have some resin left. I can't tell you all how surprised I am by this. I figured it'd be a VERY temporary fix before it'd need rework or replacement. Things like this, sold where they are, for that price, shouldn't work this well? I guess we're conditioned to expect low-priced items to perform poorly, and behavior studies show that to be true. (Dan Ariely) Heck, I kind of hate to admit it, but I do most of my hand-tool shopping at Harbor Freight, and have never had a problem as long as they're used properly. This house finds itself buying a lot more generic products lately, because they're usually just as good as the other stuff. It's really all in our heads. I'd like to thank you all for watching. I hope this video helped.

  11. good job mike. i used your video as a quick tutorial before i used this product to repair a chip in my windshield. the visuals helped with the instructions. i would say that this product is well worth the money. little to no mess, and wow, it really does seem to fill the spaces. one tip. it was a cloudy day (even with rain) when i made my repair. an overcast day will still disperse 80% of the sun's ultraviolet rays, so no need to wait for that fantastically cloudless sunny day. just go for it!

  12. Thank you for posting this video. I got a quote from Safelite for $110 for a little nick on my windshield. Crazy! I’ll be attempting this instead. Great and quick demonstration.

  13. If I do this under the Florescent Tube lighting in the garage. Would it be trying to cure before I could get finished?

  14. Didn’t feel like reading the directions because I learn better by watching. Thanks for sharing! It’s guys like you that make it possible for guys like me… 😁

  15. Thanks for being my guinea pig! You just saved me most of my deductible. SafeLite probably isn't happy with you, though. Mike

  16. One thing about these kits you need to back the plunger to pull air out of the break. If you see dark areas in the chip that means you did get all the air out of the breaks.
    He back the plunger but he did let it sit for the air to be removed. I bet he didnt do the repair right.

  17. Worth buying! I had a large crack about 8 inches that split two directions after very cold weather this winter. Although not perfect, this kit made the crack almost invisible. I slightly modified before using… although it may seem crazy, you need to make two endpoints by drilling part way into the glass on the ends of the crack. By doing so, it will keep the crack from being able to spread further. You can use this product without drilling.

    PS : I recommend buying this product from , it costs 19,95$ with free shipping. It's from where i got mine.

  18. I'm gonna try this, the shop I ought my windshield from sold me a previously repaired one apparently and has since vanished from the face of the earth.. it's got a crack in it and the filament is coming out

  19. I got a chip on the windshield on Monday now there's a crack about 7 inches, can I still use the repair kit on the windshield ?

  20. Brought the kit. Read thru the supplied instructions and I viewed ALL all the available videos. My results were slightly disappointing. I attempted to repair a 'bullseye' chip slightly smaller than 1/4 inch in diameter. I ended up doing the process twice. I then followed it up with just putting a small drop then placing the little clear sheet, then using the blade to 'squeegee' the fluid evenly into the area as per the instructions. I made sure to allow these attempts to sit in full sun for at least an hour. I did not get the results I had expected. I am going to try 'buffing' the area with a small buffing pad on a small angle grinder using polishing compound to see if that helps. My guess is, I will be glad if my results, at best, prevents the chip from 'spider cracking'; which is a good thing in itself.

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