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How to Repair a Windshield : How to Know if Crack Can Be Repaired in Windshield

Hi, I’m Heath Heine with Clearview Windshield
Repair here on behalf of Expert Village. In this clip you are going to see how to repair
a crack in your windshield. We are going to get started on the crack repair. We have about
an 8 inch crack here. Now there is two ways, two methods that you can do with repairing
a crack. One is actually drilling into the tip of it and again popping a bullseye. As
you know from the bullseye state, it stops the break from going in different directions.
So we’ll drill in, take your probe and loop that bullseye around it. Now from this point,
you take your bridge and you apply it to that bullseye and you can start some of the injection.
One of the other things that is needed with a crack repair on a windshield is you will
want to use one of your injectors and take it out of the bridge. After you’ve put some
resin in it, you will run it along the crack to inject resin into that crack. Now the second
process is opposed to drilling that bullseye and popping it, you can flex from it inside
of the windshield with your hand if you can reach there or with your probe if it is a
little bit farther. As you flex what happens is you are opening that glass to the surface
so that you can start your injection process. So this time I am going to flex, take my injector
full of resin and insert the resin along the crack. Run it all the way to where the crack
actually started to. Now it is time for the sun to cure it.

57 thoughts on “How to Repair a Windshield : How to Know if Crack Can Be Repaired in Windshield

  1. No, it actually works.
    I did this to my corolla which had a foot long crack but the key is to flex the glass as much as you can so the resin can flow.

  2. What!? I have never heard of any1 making a bullseye or star break at the end of the crack to stop it! but it could work. It actually will be more visible after. I just drill about a millimeter after the end of the crack or very close to it until I get to the middle layer, & it stops it and is less visible, (you have to have good eyes). Now the method he uses to fill the rest of the crack saves a lot of resin. I just use a dropper. He doesn't cover with plastic after then cure it?

  3. you really should use a muti-viscosity to fix a crack. stone resins sit around 20cps that not going to hold at the edge for very long. you need about a 1600-800cps to fix a edge part and around a 500-400cps to fix the middle, but good job on tapping the bulls eye at the point, you got that part right.

  4. I dont know much about fixing cracks but this kinda seemed like a shitty way compared to some of the videos I seen on here. If it was that easy everyone would be in business. I thought u had to vacuum it first and then apply the resin. Plus you can still see the crack in the windshield. No vacuum, uv lamp or polish? is this really a good way?

  5. it looks like a simple process, and i would do it if i had the tools ,but im low on cash so how much would thi8s be at a shop.

  6. @TSPenn1 How can you vacuum the bullseye first? Won't the crack make it impossible to get a seal to create a vacuum? What am I missing here? I do composite repairs on aircraft and it's not easy to stop vacuum leaks. I would think you'd do the capillary action thing in the crack first and THEN do the vacuum thing on the bullseye. No?

  7. I have a Ferrari 355 with a 7in crack on the inside of the windshield under the rear view mirror. Noone in the area will do the repair and I would like to try the repair in the second half of your video without creating the bulseye. Is there a reason that I would have to do the bullseye or can it be done without it? Can you recommend a site to buy the materials, high quality low viscosity resin that will suck into the crack easily?

  8. who wont to play doctor to a fuckin windshield just replace it, because the police will still give you a ticket with a crack in your windshield….

  9. @vise357 hahah…well then why are you watching these videos then? With a $40,000 car budget you shouldn't need to learn how to repair your own windshield now should you… somethings not right..maybe its the 54 yr old guy on youtube calling people 'jacklegs' in jealousy?

  10. ive been repairing windshields for 86 years, and this young man is doing a great job. He was trained the right way.

  11. I've been repairing windshields since the first car was invented. I was also banging Henry Ford's wife (what a hussy). This young whippersnapper is doing it right. The crack I mean, the wife is dead.

  12. What about putting a mat in the car where your tools are so you don't scratch the paint. I hope you know how to work a buffer to!

  13. This crack could have been done without putting the bullseye chip. Doing that can actually cause the windshield to crack even more. It's best to keep drilling till you hit the second later of the glass and stop there. And regular scotch tape is suppose to go over the crack with more resin after the process he did.

  14. What is Resin where can I buy it, and what tool do I need to apply it to my bong. crack is about 9 inchs in a U shape and its on the curved surface base side of the bong.

  15. ya, Go ahead and call these guys in mississauga ontario,they tell you its oem glass its not!!! and then the guy tell you "sir,its original!!! B.S.IT WAS my stupidity to fall for it i knew i should of left!!out of 6 calls i made that night,cause i wasnt comfortable with what he said to me.only 2 companies only told me the truth!! So dont use these guys!! you screw people once,you will never screw them again!!!!!

  16. What a joke of a repairer! 1 He doesnt need to bulls eye the crack! We stopped doing that about 20 years ago. Wheres your crack spreader bar?? & whats with the flexing probe being used on the inside of the windsheild?? Wrong wrong wrong & lets let the sun cure it now?? Dont you have a UV Curing Lamp? I cant beleive people buy the crap! You need me to give you a lesson pal

  17. This did not tell me how to know whether the crack can be repaired. E.g., can an internal crack that is smooth on both sides be repaired? If so, how? etc.

  18. Is it possible to repair a crack without air pockets? A spider web like crack. I tried this but it doesn't work. I think resin cant enter into the crack. Anyone having the same problem? Help me please. Thanks.

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