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How to Repair Cracked Drain Pipe [EASY]

– Here we’re simulating a
leaky pipe of some kind. And we’ll be using rubber
Flexx waterproof tape to repair these. I want to thank the Gardner-Gibson brand for sponsoring this video. This leak stopper rubber
Flexx waterproof tape will stick to most anything. I need to clean the pipe
as much as possible. Now that our surface has been cleaned, it’s as dry as we can get it,
let’s go ahead and apply this. We’ll get the release
liner and edge started. This release liner started,
we put it right over the hole. The I’ll finish pulling
the release liner down. Now we want to try and
avoid any kind of wrinkles or bubbles as much as possible
and apply some good pressure. Now because this is a
flexible waterproof patch you don’t want to use it
on a pressurized pipe. So now for the crack. Now that I’ve got the
release liner started, I’m going to line it up over my crack. I’m gonna get it started
up here at the top and pull the release liner off. As I pull it off I’ll be putting it down, making sure it goes down nice and smooth. You’ve gotta apply a lot
of good pressure on this. You might want to apply a
couple different layers of this or even do a cross pattern over it. We made nice, temporary repair here. One of the other cool things
about this rubber Flexx waterproof tape is that it’s paintable. I’ll make this hole repair
kind of blend in and disappear with the rest of the pipe. This will be a good way to patch up a pipe and keep it working until a
permanent repair can get made. Please comment with
any questions you have. Don’t forget to subscribe, like the video and have a great day.

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