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29 thoughts on “How to separate samsung galaxy s7 edge cracked screen by mini freezer NS007

  1. Hola my samsung 7 edge se enciende y se apaga no pasa del logo de inicio y despues se pone la pantalla en negro hasta
    que se gasta la bateria – Qué tengo que hacer

  2. Good evening … Less should be for the peel to peel off;

    In a normal cabinet is done? And below 0 should be the temperature?

  3. This is mini freezer machine with nitrogen right? can you tell me what temperature to not damage LCD please

  4. hello I found your technique super well explain, can you advise me or I could buy LCD Foil for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Touch Screen as you use in your explanation because I bought at ebay LCD Foil for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Touch Screen Display but there is no sercuit print on LCD Foil

  5. Hi do you have good separate frezzer small one for all edge please contact me 00393897665441 Misbah uddin Italy

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