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How To Sound Smart

well we heard about this guy Joel
Robbins oh yes he’s great are you watching his speech on living
authentically I am it’s amazing you so wise and when we look inside ourselves
we find the opportunity to live our lives the way we want most for this
guy’s an idiot what I’ll kill you listen to how he talks he’s not actually saying
anything he’s just using hypnotic pattern what he slowed his speech down
to about 75% normal talking speed and he’s emphasized a few key words it’s
just a way to make yourself sound deep when you’re not really saying anything most of us spend our entire lives
partially hydrogenated corn oils but when we take the time to riboflavin we
often find that we’ve been yellow number three the whole time yes it’s gibberish
this is exactly what dr. Shu dasky was talking about doctors for danske most
people’s conclusions are based on their positions but really it’s our positions
that should be based on our conclusions whoa
see oh that’s also a rhetorical device it’s called anti metabolize phrase
switching two words around nor does sound smart come on no it’s true you can
do it with anything listen to this if you want love to be a part of your life
you must first make life a part of your love
that is so why that’s not doesn’t actually I know you’re taking the wrong
lesson from this guy’s it doesn’t meaning thing it’s just a soup of empty
buzzwords classic self as you know that what is a set alpha as opposed to set
omegas who are kind intelligent brave and sensitive set alphas are
compassionate brilliant courageous and passionate oh my god that’s me I’ve got
my number set a reminder to never stop talking about how I’m set out actually
that’s just an appeal to tribalism oh no listen myers-briggs type a Type B they
all play off how good it feels to be given your personality or your identity
from being in a group but it’s all bullshit ravenclaw
it’s like if I randomly said everyone born in an even number year is a cat
everyone born in an odd number year is a dog that would be ridic I never want to
play fetch with me I can’t I’m gonna go take a nap what can I say I’m a cat god
damn it I should have known Roth was right way drafts say you’re on Donna
zone hey guys it’s Brennan from CollegeHumor click here to subscribe
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watching I start to vanish forget it I’m not really real I’m just a thing on your

100 thoughts on “How To Sound Smart

  1. Here's our TED talk: sign up for DROPOUT we got real good stuff on there ok we love you goodbye

  2. Just repeat the following "I'm smart, like really smart, one of the best brains (tap your head), the All time great minds, a very stable genius, I have the best words, great grades, but you can't see them, believe me" Say that to Americans and you will appear bigly smartly genius.

  3. i have a disorder (SPD) that makes all of this bullshit not work on me, and when i see how people get all jazzed up because of this cheap tricks i really cant understand what's happening, you are so weird.

    you are also so easy to be tricked, lol, i trick people all the time with this bullshit to get me stuff.

  4. Actually position and conclusion phrase makes sense :/
    Logical, unbiased thought should drive personal convictions :/

  5. The real way to sound smart is to go into the boys bathroom in high school and say DRUGS ARE BAD
    (Sorry I meant brave)

  6. But is Brennan really a Ravenclaw though, cause I’m pretty sure that’s the only thing that matters.

  7. Whenever someone tells you something you don't know, you respond with "yeah, that makes sense"… Implying you just didn't know that already because you haven't thought about it, otherwise you would have figured it out on your own… Cus you are smart

  8. 1:20 except it makes sense.

    Generally people's are biased toward something (toward one conclusion) because it confirms their positions (opinions.)

    But we it should instead be our positions that are based on our conclusions (which should be made rationnally and without bias.)

  9. When your writer is an idiot so they put something they think is dumb, but it's actually smart.

    "most peoples conclusions are based off their opinion, but their opinion should really be based off their conclusion"

    If your writer wasn't an idiot, he would realize what he just wrote there is functionally "most people work off confirmation bias. But they should instead form their opinion factually.

    "conclusion based off their opinion" this is confirmation bias.
    "opinion based off their conclusion" this is a factually based opinion.

    Fucking idiots at college humor. Maybe review your scripts the interns write.

  10. God that's so annoying… Why can't they just raise their voice and talk in circles like normal people do when they're trying to convince someone of their bullshit.

  11. Anyone who really believes that Tony Robbins is just spouting bullshit, has obviously not read his books or been to one of he's events. He's offering a mixed version of stoicism, Buddhism and other philosophies. With advanced tools for controlling your emotions and life. I can't imagine how many hours of intrespection and trial and errors he's used to figure all of his material out. There's a reason he's coached 2 presidents met with Gorbatsjov, is loved by Oprah and so many people around the world. His books has totally transformed my life.

  12. "But when we take the time…to Riboflavin, we find that we've actually been Yellow No.3 the whole time."

    so true 😢

  13. Its easy, don't say anything you don't know. A person who says very little, seems smart if when he speaks what he says is important and relevant.

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