Laughter is the Best Medicine

How to Stop Laughing in Inappropriate Situations

How to Stop Laughing in Inappropriate Situations. There are times when laughter is not called
for. Because your charm may not be enough to save
you, try some other ways to stop the laughter. You will need Common sense Sad thoughts Physical
pain An apology and acting skills (optional). Step 1. Know when it is inappropriate to laugh. If you are unsure, ask your mother, or someone
you can trust. Step 2. Check out others in the room to see if they
share your impulse. If they don’t, divert your attention quickly
by starting another conversation. Step 3. Think negative or sad thoughts to dampen your
mood. It’s usually tension that precedes outbreaks
of inappropriate laughter. Step 4. Pinch yourself or bite the inside of your
mouth or your lip to contain yourself. Physical pain can quell laughter. Step 5. Disguise your reaction by faking a coughing
fit, using your hand to cover your grin. This allows you to leave the room and compose
yourself. Step 6. Clamp a hand over your mouth and exhale quickly
to rob the laugh of fuel. If caught, apologize without trying to explain,
which may add insult to injury. A laugh can appear to be a crying fit if you
are at a funeral or in a sad situation, but it will take good acting. Step 7. Grit your teeth while pushing your tongue
against your pallet. If you have to release it, do it without a
smile so people aren’t sure what you’re responding to. Did you know Did you know? Pathologic laughing or crying can result from
severe brain injury.

100 thoughts on “How to Stop Laughing in Inappropriate Situations

  1. I one time was at this summer camp and the camp counselor told everyone this story about how his dad pushed him down the stairs and I started to laugh, I knew it wasn't the best time to laugh but I have a hard time trying to keep it in so when he called on me I bursted out laughing to where to everyone heard me and I got sent home the next day cuz the counselor got offended

  2. I couldn't stop laughing at my grandma's funeral because someone behind me had the funniest sounding crying I ever heard. it was horrible.

  3. once i was on oovoo, and my mom was yelling at me while i was still on, she didnt know i was on because i had on a very small earpiece, and my friends were cracking up and the sounds of their laughs made me crack up really hard, nd my mom thought i was laughing at her so i got into more trouble

  4. Oml today in my chrous class this girl I don't know why but she was laughing and we had to sing up front and I was nervous and then all of the sudden I started to laugh I couldn't control it I don't know why but I couldn't sing and it was just so funny and immature and idk why but every time I think of this girl she makes me laugh

  5. I had to perform my drama piece in front of my whole class and this girl I really hate was in my group and said something funny whilst we were in the middle of our performance…. we all started laughing hysterically and couldn't continue… a part of my soul died on that day lol

  6. amazing tips thank u some times I laugh so hard when I'm sitting with people I can't help my self like if they talked weird or said something funny about their selfs I laugh with out my attention I don't mean to and its actually started to make me troubles

  7. in speech and drama we were presenting our skit we made and my friend fell off the stage and we all gasped at the same time then we all started laughing uncontrollably (dont worry she was fine)

  8. Some kid we call fish fillet is socially awkward and just shakes his head at everything got a thirty on a test and the teacher started to yell at him and I started to laugh so hard I couldn't respond to my teacher so I got sent to administration

  9. it kind of helped but it really didn't when I was in class because the day before school i was watching flipgram roasting 😂

  10. Me: oh, well, I guess I can try some of th-
    Video: did u kno that pathalogic laughing can result from severe brain injury
    Me: 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱!!!!!

  11. We were having our family prayer in my cousin's house. While reading the Bible my cousin and I looked at each other's face and started laughing for no reason! She easily controlled her laugh but I laughed until the prayer and Amen (the silent laugh) 😂😂😂😂😂

  12. I have a 6th grader in school and she laughs at EVERYTHING. She does this all day long. And it bothers almost everyone. I can't get her to stop. She does it for attention . The only time she stops is when she's reading. I've been trying everything to get her to stop this bad behavior because now her classmates are complaining about it too.

  13. I got In trouble in third grade with my friend and we came up to the office and I just could not stop laughing because the way the administrator talked and that so I got suspended 🖕🏿

  14. This really helps lol. When my friends make jokes I normally am ok about stopping after a while when everyone else stops. But sometimes I completely embarrass myself when everyone else has stopped laughing and I'm turning red from laughing so much even when its not that funny, I don't know how to stop😂

  15. I was laughing the whole time I watched this video because I kept on thinking about how my random laughing got my kicked out of class today 😂😂😂 IT TOOK ME 3 MINUTES TO WRITE THIS BECAUSE I WAS BUSY LAUGHING

  16. One time we were taking a test , but the whole classroom was silent. And I just started laughing because I thought of something really funny. And the whole class was staring at me. I was really embarrassed.

  17. I was in school and then we were watching a video and the kids voice was so funnyyy! so I was laughing everyone was looking at me i was hiding in my sweater Omg..and we had a lock down in school I hate those I can't stop laughing cause everyone was sneezing wheezing making noises falling getting squashed LOLL

  18. I always Laugh for no reason, sometimes when things are funny I dont Laugh and the rest Of my friends are cracking up. I feel bad be cause when my bestie is presenting a project at school i'm laughing

  19. i couldn't stop laughing when there was a fire at my school, and most of the students were crying.

  20. I will never forget the day I went camping with a church. The priest was so manly but yet when he sang, his voice sounded like a little girl. It was so high pitched. I couldn't contain myself and everyone was serious and singing along with him, which made me laugh ever harder. Then, all hell broke loose when a girl across from me started snickering with me. My laughter blurted out so loud it hurt me 😂🤣 I regretted it at that moment but I no longer regret it!

  21. My teacher is so fuking funny I have no words to say and he is actually so funny my whole class tries to control laughter then suddenly I'm the only one who will start laughing which made the whole class laugh …. and I'm still laughing now , help me !

  22. In chorus at school this girl was singing. And it wasn’t very good so me and this girl kept laughing. I felt so bad afterwards.

  23. I literally laugh at EVERYTHING I NEED HELP!! I laugh when im shy nervouse or if someone's yelling at me or if im getting in trouble by my parents I laugh and cry at the same time and get in more trouble lmao im even laughing rn for no damn reason just writing this comment

  24. I laugh because my dad gets mad over a game and he throws his phone at a wall and swears and he gets mad if I laugh. 😂😂😫

  25. I laughed in a seminar , while saying something ,that too by keeping Mike in front of me ,can you imagine my unknown laugh ,it is highly difficult to control

  26. I always start to laugh. My teachers are really mad I think. I even had to laugh so bad watching this video hahahaha

  27. I b watching this because there’s this kid in my class that makes me laugh every 10 sec,, i feel rude toward the teacher cuz she b trying to teach and here i am laughing like a idiot

  28. This happned to me at class
    When my teacher showed a sad story or whatever
    I started giggling when the person in the story scratched their nose..Even the tiniest thing made me giggled

    I got caught for laughing

  29. Funny things are 1000× funnier in inappropriate situations where you're not supposed to laugh, it's just a fact

  30. I got arrested for stealing with and i was in a horrible situation but i couldnt stop laughing because my friend was crying about how her mom was gonna be so mad i dont know why.For a while i thought psychopath cause i felt no sympaty for her at all in that situation i wasnt even scared.

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