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How To Tell Stories: Storytelling Tips : Adding Humor to Storytelling

On behalf of Expert Village I am Nicholas
the Storyteller here in Miami, Florida and today I’m going to teach you how to tell a
story. Now, a joke is a story. Yes it is. Let me illustrate the whole point of a good
story with a very short joke. Once upon a time there was a man walking through the forest,
that’s part of the setup. And he ran across a little green frog, that’s part of the setup,
too. And this frog said “Sir if you pick me up and give me a kiss I will become a gorgeous
damsal and lavish my affections upon you.” Now, all the setup is done. Now we are going
to have the conflict. The old man picks up the little frog and puts it in his pocket
and the frog says “Sir you were suppose to give me a kiss.” Now the climax of the story.
“But, but I remember. I just want, I just want a talking frog that’s all.”

9 thoughts on “How To Tell Stories: Storytelling Tips : Adding Humor to Storytelling

  1. Learn how to tell a story using The Nine Steps of Story Structure. Enter "Doug Stevenson" in the search bar.

  2. Tell me the story of how you are able to wear the Robe Of Kalec without being a twentieth level wizard! I know a newbie when I see one.

  3. okay I actually laughed out loud.. and when I rationalize it, the joke isn't even that good. This guy's delivery is just that good.. any tips you can share?

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