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The night is dark and full of terrors Hi! This video is about how to understand english humour and today I wanted to talk about irony And for that I decided to use a show, where the irony is the main theme – Game of Thrones I love that show and on April 24th the new season premiers so why not use it? and learn something new! Irony is figure of speech in which words are used in such way, that their intended meaning is different from the actual meaning of the words It is a difference between the appearance and the reality There are 3 types of irony first one is verbal irony It’s when you say something but you don’t mean it It is the most common way to express irony so let’s take Game of Thrones Lady Sansa You look very handsome, my Lord Oh,yes. The husband of your dreams But you do look glorious! So you see – they say it but they mean completely different thing The second type of irony is situational irony It is when what happens is completely different from what is expected to happen and Game of Thrones is based on this kind of irony because If you know the show really well and you know all the plot lines they are always ironic so let’s take the last one Spoiler alert! now! If you haven’t seen season 5 don’t watch further Ok, let’s take Tywin Lannister His main concern in life was always pride and his family, and the legasy.He hated whores and everything that was dishonorable. And he abused his son, Tyrion throughout his life because he was famous for dishonorable behaviour He loved whores, he drank , he had a very frivolous life Ironically, Tywin Lannister dies on the toilet, with a dead whore in his bed And he is killed by Tyrion, his son, who was the picture of all things that he hated. Ironic. Great example of the situational irony The other example takes us to the first season where Jon Snow was refused to have a duel with Joffrey because he is a bastard and he cannot have a duel with a prince If you know, that there is a big question of who are parents of Jon Snow and there is a very very big chance that Jon Snow is actually Stark and Targaryen and as we know Joffrey is not Baratheon, he is a Ironic,right? Joffrey is a bastard , not Jon Snow and the third type of irony – dramatic irony It’s when the audience knows, what is about to happen but the characters inside of the scene, or something that is happening do not know it and it creates the tension It is used in all horror movies, comedy movies And it is very entertaining. and for me, the red wedding, at the end of the season 3 is a great example of that. because, it is the 9th episode, it is the end of the episode and Robb Stark, and his family are going to Walder Frey to apologize for the fact that he didn’t marry Walder Frey’s daugter and you kind of expect , that nothing good is going to happen That’s what happens –they get killed and the audience kinda knows it, and especially, when you rewatch the episode I did it last night and I cried, because… ugrh It creates so much tension, when you know that bad things are going tho happen but the characters are unaware and for me it is a very bright example of dramatic irony So I hope it was helpful, If you are looking forward to a new season, comment down below, tell me your favorite characters tell me your favorite plotlines and , uuuuh, stay tuned for more episondes on Game of Thrones subscribe and I will see you in my next video bye! oh, those love stories, oh my God My favorite love stories are Robb Stark and Tallisa He fell in love with her as she was sowing off wounded man’s leg How could he resist? I mean what a girl and Jon Snow and Ygritte oh my God He was about to chop her head off but he couldn’t because her accent, her red hair she’s so wild I don’t blame him I don’t know.just Am I doomed ? Where do I go to get into these kind of situations? crazy oh my God. so sad


  1. Of course are great teacher and funny….please I want more lessons about shwa.thank you

  2. Видео супер, канал в целом тоже, одно только маленькое замечание, как по мне не стоит склеивать несколько коротких фраз вместе, не лучше ли переснять их одним куском? Как на 3:32, например, не могу толком объяснить, надеюсь более менее понятно, что хотел донести
    Только это ни в коем случае не критика, а лишь небольшая просьба, на которую Вы, само собой, вообще можете внимания не обращать. В целом же очень нравится Ваш канал, от всей души желаю успехов на этом поприще

  3. Джон Сноу хотел драться с Джоффри? Подскажи пожалуйста, какой это эпизод

  4. Liza, could you please recommend an english language textbook to help me to develop my Eng. massively, for I'm stuck at my intermediate and do not feel I can speak easily at that.

  5. Could you please recommend English books? With good English, not so big and interesting… For beginners. Thanks

  6. Hi , I ve recently discovered you and I'm learning a lot with your videos.
    Thanks , and I hope you continue doing this for a long time.

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