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78 thoughts on “How to vysor pro crack patched | Control your android on PC | All Tutorial 2018

  1. muchas gracias bro, tuve problemas para descomprimir el archivo pero al final lo solucioné creo que es porque estaba usando 7zip pero al final logre tener full el vysor. un fuerte abrazo y muchas gracias desde Chiapas, Mexico por si alguien usa 7zip y tiene problemas los pasos son los siguientes,:

    clic derecho sobre el archivo
    selecionar 7zip
    abrir comprimido(hay dos opciones , elegir la segunda opcion)
    seleccionar ZIP
    listo se abre y ya escoges la ruta a descomprimir.

  2. De repente otro comentario español salvaje aparece xD. Me sirvió Muchas gracias! ahora me sirve mucho para mis videotutoriales, siganme para los que quieran videotutoriales de informática. Follow me! Its working thanks!

  3. After I double click on Vysor pro to patch, whats the next step? When I open vysor it's still not yet "pro" upgraded.

    Edited, thanks! It works.. Have to run as administrator!

  4. Thanks!
    All this trick is to change a javascript var value in the "uglify.js" file.
    You can check this out here:
    No vírus found in Virus Total:

  5. thk guys for using gogle drive, so make easly to download it, and i try it, working 100% good job.

  6. Hi there. This is Anas from Jordan, I have tried this step by step exactly as you have mentioned in your video, and guess what ? It worked ! 🙂 Thanks a lot !

  7. Yeah babey!!!! It works guys, just keep pausing the video so you can catch up. Thank you for this guys!!!

  8. Works. but everytime i want to mirror audio my phone just open the music tab in the "Google Home" app and thats it… nothing happens… i can choose Spotify, TuneIn or Google Play music, but it wont work, whatever i do.
    someone have a fix for that ?
    When i open the streaming link in google he just says i need Vysor Pro….

    **Nvm I'm an idiot… had to restart my phone and Vysor….now its working …..**


    if you did not use this imitative tutorial here I explain in a better way and understandable why I looked at this tutorial and did everything wrong

  10. Dude apparently some of our windows's don't patch the uglify.js from the appdataroaming can you please upload the patched uglify.js from C:UsersusernameAppDataRoamingVysorcrxgidgenkbbabolejbgbpnhbimgjbffefmapp-2.1.4.crx-unpacked for us / me?

  11. Hello

    I followed the video instructions to the dot.

    Although all the steps do work with no error messages and no problems (the file replacements and patch are successful), the Vizor versions is not changed to pro.

    I tried several times uninstalling everything (including the phone application), restarting the computer.

    Vizor stays on its non-pro version.

    Any ideas?


  12. This is great ! Id also point out a russian developer has a made a single installable version with the crack included and automatically installed .

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