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32 thoughts on “Hozier – Take Me To Church Lyric Video

  1. If Jesus were alive he would let gay ppl be gay and still respect them. Yes it might be considered a sin but so are many otherr things that straight ppl do too. No one is perfect. That was the way of jeaus he hung around sinners and he wants everyone to treat ppl with Respect the way u would want to be treated plus follow the 10 commanndments..and surprise…… being gay isnt one of them.
    Dont listen to what modern day christians catholics say to u anyways because they arnt true practicing religious folk because by segragating somone who is different is the complete oposite of what Jesus would want . He preached love for ALL living creatures

  2. Can someone tell me the meaning of this song bc I want to make a music video about it but like me and my fam are Christian and they watch so I don’t want to le trigger them

  3. To those who likes Disney Channel n Descendants I hear by tribute this song
    To the Legendary Cameron Boyce
    He will always always be remembered

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