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HUMOR 11 | Erkenci Kuş

If you go now, you’ll never see Mr Can. But I have to go. Extend a bit, find something. Some excuse. But what will I say? I’ll say ‘I want to stay in your house’? In general,, are you my inner voice? Yes. There are couments here, I just got them for it. Aha, I understand. Didn’t you broke a job? I broke. I broke but the last work has been done. This is my work, Mrs Deren called – she asked. I’ll complete it and tomorron i won’t came to work. I’m surely really crazy now. If it won’t enough for me to talk alone with myself. I’m talking with my inner glany now. You know better yourself, you won’t see him again. Nothing comes to mind, what will I say? Uncle Mithat, aunt Mevkibe is surely trying say something. Soon guests will come. You won’t stay there like now. So what will I tell? What am I doing? Let’s tell. Sanem? Halo? Yes. Yes. Wait a minute, Mr Can. Okey. Okey, see you soon. Let’s visit if you want. I have a head ache. I mean, you said I won’t see you again, so if you want… No, Sanem, you… You understood wrong. Let’s go to the office. I can’t go to the office. Why? Because… Because my relations with Mrs Deren aren’t good. And everyone will ask why I fired, I don’t want to use it with sue. Of course, because you can’t give a logical reason. Yes, very likely. Exactly. It’s true. You don’t have to look at me, look at the documents. If you want to look at me, look, but you probably don’t want to. That’s mean you prefer to look at documents. Well, I’ll take the documents and I won’t be disturbed. Okay, I’ll make copies and you’ll take home – you’ll work in home. I can’t in my home. Why? Beacuse I don’t haven a computer. Why? You ask a lot of questions, Mr Can. Because I don’t feel the need to use a computer in the store. Such things aren’t for me.

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