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HUMOR 12 |  Erkenci kuş

It’s interesting – why? Interesting, why? But I was doing it earlier. Dearling Sanem. Agency very needs you,
could you participate in the meeting, please? Of course, Mrs. Deren. Why should I not participate? Oh my God. Yes, Oh God. We’re finished, ruined. What worse can happen to us!? Nice entrance. Ceycey, who’s this woman? She’s the head of the hens. She’s a mother of all hens in Turkey. She’s a very stressed woman. I mean, when the crisis is over, she’ll do it,
and besides, if she’s here, it means there is a crisis. She’s coming. Just don’t let this be a shame for Mrs. Polen. I mean, if you were reconciled. In the end, if you’re reconciled,
you want to use the time to spend it together. We didn’t reconcile, Sanem. And we won’t reconcile, what’s the point? Reconciliation. Sanem, don’t do that. It… I didn’t understand, Mr. Can. I was mean… Don’t work like this. So hungry, are you hungry? Hello, guys. Thank you! Thank you. Welcome to you. What a nice
lady made us a surprise. Let me kiss. What a surprise? There’s a meeting I have come. Two minutes earlier. Aren’t you ready? We’re ready, Mrs. And how! They told me it was an important meeting. An inner voice said to me:
‘Get up, Remine! Go and see, Remine! If your hand is healing, can I get my bandana? Is it your bandama? Somebody left it on the street,
so I took it, found it through the cops. What is the relationship with you? It’s mine. Mr. Can! I… Mrs. Sanem, could you leave it, please? I’ll ask about something. I’ll ask for your opinion, answer honestly, it suits me? You don’t have to say anything, really. You don’t have to say anything. I understand. It fits very well. It’s wonderful. See you! At meetings only you say, dear? Pardon?

3 thoughts on “HUMOR 12 | Erkenci kuş

  1. ICA. I love it when you do these, they are so funny, I really wish the women would come back and hit can upside the head, she really LIKED SANEM……….Thanks so much.

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