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HUMOR 13 | Erkenci kuş

What are you doing? Oh, cou can talk? Will you say anything? I don’t think that your children rule a company well. I mean, I can’t understand how you can’t see it. I say this with respect to you,
please don’t misunderstand me. Dear Sanem, maybe we wouldn’t enter this topic at all? Deren. Continue, Sanem. Keep talking. I started, of course I’ll continue. Tell me what you did yesterday in my home? Speak immediately, it’s very urgent. Yes. I went out for a walk lat night. Thinking about Albatros, I was walking around. Then I look, and I came to your house. The light was on, so I decided to call the door. That’s all. You say big nonsense. Seriously nonsense. Your head goes to different places, this time it’s gone. Or so? The Albatros comes, Albatros goes away. What is? Albatros on the left,
Albatros on the right. Wherever you want. In this way. Oh, are you ok? Damn it. I hate, dust and such things, I don’t like them at all. I’ll do something about it and come back. What’s that supposed to mean? That is, the idea for advertising is yours. What’s up with your fiancee Osman? What’s with him? Osman. My fiance is still my fiance. Our love with Osman continues. But this is something else and something else. What are you talking about? For God’s sake, do you want to
finish me? Do you want to upset me? Mr.Can! Yes, Sanem? Could you come because I ask for something urgently. It’s very important? It’s very important, Mr. Can. Ask me, I gear you from here. Ask. No, I have to show. I understand, okay. I’m going, I’m going now. Oh, Sanem. What are you doing? Why can’t you stop? Was it fitting for you to pay attention to the great boss? Do you want to be released or will you be fired? What are you doing? Where are you going now? I’m going, I’m going to the room now
and I don’t want anyone disturbing me. I don’t want to mix anything anymore,
when I finish my work I’ll come back home. What is it now? Why are you so arrogant? What is this facial expression? Are you mad at me? I’m not angry at you, Ceycey, because
there’s no part of my heart that could be broken. Oh, Sanem. Sanem! why should I make you angry,
I’d have liked to smash my head. I need to ask urgently something. Ask, ask. Where will we put the outer wall? The outer wall? This wall was so urgent? Does it mean the reason
you called me was the outer wall? Well, when I don’t know
the color of the wall, I can’t imagine anything. Where we’ll put the decoration. I don’t know. I can’t imagine that, which is why I was curious.

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