Laughter is the Best Medicine

HUMOR 16 | Erkenci kuş

Could you sit there? And maybe I’d not sit, Mr. Can. Why? You’re very tired, sit down. Do you have any problems? No. With you pretty well. We’ll check the light. It’ll ve great on you. Come on. Come on. But I’ll sit, because I want to. Yes, we’re writing. Yes. Nine vegans. Seven vegetarians. Two semi – vegetarians. Semi.. What is it? Semi… I won’t write what I don’t know. Find out what it’s. Sanem, can you lie down? Sanem, don’t move. They only eat one type of meat. But what meat? Fish, chickens. Which? Turekeys? What are these stupid people? What else are ‘silent’? Is there such a company? Turn around. Right or left? Right. In the opposite direction. In this second right. Right. Lie down. Well, four lacto – vegetarians did you say ‘lacto’? Lacto – macto, I’ll cut, but I won’t do this job. What are you doing? Don’t be silly. Yes. The lacto – vegetarian. It means that they can eat dairy products, but not meat. Let them eat poison better. God bless me, how did I find this job? What good? Good morning. Good morning. Have fun at work. Two raw foodstuffs. I won’t write this, I’ll give them pears and apples. Yes, of course. We’re writing. And one fruitarian. The fruitarians, how is it written?
Starts with ‘fr’ or ‘fur’? Is it from a foreign
language or Turkish? What does fruitarian mean? Calm down, they only eat fruit
that has already fallen to the ground. Only the fruits that fell, only the fruits that fell. What are you looking at, I’m writing a wish here. Don’t you look at me because you’re ashamed? Yes, we know that the tree is a decoration. But wish is a wish! Is a wish
tree, what’s wrong with that? And we’ll go collect them? These people say stupid things. On what world do they live? Are they idiots? Break up and eat, idiot,
break up from there and eat, fool. I couldn’t resist, I already said
I can’t do it anymore, I can’t do it anymore. Oh, don’t look. Don’t look. You have a very important task here, don’t forget. Mr. Can customer. Is that
necessary? Customer from organic food. It sin’t known who eats eggs.
It isn’t known who is eating meat. And the fruit should fall to
the ground so that they can eat it. These people are crazy, please help me, Mr. Can. I can’t do this anymore.
I’m going back to my hometown, Mr. Can. Where is your hometown? Are we talking about it now? I check if everything is alright. One day it may be needed. Of course, that one day may be needed. For something here. Have a fun at work.

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