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HUMOR 17 | Erkenci kuş

No, no. You aren’t real. You’re really real. Really you’re real. Mr. Can, don’t come. Don’t come. What’s it, Cay Cay? Leave it, take this. Can you leave this, Cey Cey? Sanem, I tell to you. Why should I eat? Maybe every morning I don’t
want to eat tomatoes, let’s sister eat. Child, your sister is vegan she doesn’t eat everything. Dear mum! You think it’s fashionable? Look at Deren’s fashion. Do you want to make fun of me? You became a model. Will you go to the dinner with the
girlfriend of the man you fell in love with. Let’s Mr. Can come too. And also you’ll order sushi. You can ridicule yourself. Because this watch normal peaople. I can’t breathe, Breathe don’t come. So I go. Stop, Cey Cey! I don’t eat meat, I don’t eat meat
out of respect to animal. In this way. Please, do list for me. Do the list. Lay on table eggs etc. It can get mixed up in head. *We have to speak.* *Inside.* *It’s impossible, my brother is there.* Only that I can see your eyes from here. Ok, so it’s a private. Understand it. What can you talk about private? I’m very isterested. Oj, Leyla. You’re the same from fiveth year old. When you copied documents I did this work. Leave it! It’s something like karma. He’s my customer – I chose. Finally, be quiet. But it’s truth, Sanem. I said that you be quiet. Probably from respect to the
bushes you don’t eat tomatoes. I eat them, I eat. But today I don’t want. Recover! What are you doing? You kidnapped shirts. Look at my face. Sassy! Sanem, do a tea. Why I have to do? In the company – do tea. In
the home – do tea. Let’s sister do. From 20 years you’re saying that you’re speak about something private and we haven’t seen this effect so far. And so it’s one of the words,
the other lives in the world of dreams. That you would finally carry put your talks. So I’ll do coffee and you’ll respect. Coffee. What am I doing? When I get angry, it’s dark in my eyes. Why are you shouthing at bosses? I’ll slow down. I immediately bring coffee. I dream in vain, right? I give you right, in my opinion you dream in vain. Come on, we’ll late to work. Always at the right time. Did you eavesdrop from us? Why should I listen to you? Putting on shoes I became
a witness to your conversation.

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  1. LOL, thanks so much, DANG I did not know that LEYLA was a LITTLE snippy in the beginning, glad they changed her TUDE,,,,,,,,,,,ijs……Thanks so much was waiting on you, you never disappoint.

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