Laughter is the Best Medicine

HUMOR 18 | Erkenci Kuş

They need you urgently. They are calling you from there. If not me… Oj, children, you don’t know. Sanem and Osman parted. Finish, spoiled engagement. Spoiled. Ah, Sanem, ah. Dear Guliz, let’s it be
between us, ok? Let nobody find out. But is it the thing which can be hide like secret? I’ll tell everybody now. And
sooner or later it’d come to light. So I’ll tell. Do you have something to tell me? No, I don’t. So why do you looking at me from morning? I? Yes, you. I looked empty, did it stand at you? Friends! Sanem broke up with her fiance. So can you come to my office? What if we talk here? Sanem, please. Per favore. (please) But on the occasion of breaking, no applause is fought. They have it. They respond so to lovers. When you get engaged they
applause, when you broke up is the same. Ah, silly Sanem, ah. Mr. Can, I was so tired runinng upstairs and back. I’ll use it very much, so thank you. Your allergy surely finished. My allergy? In the fact my allergy like passed. I can say that I overcome it. I forget about tea. I was thinking about it when looked there. I’ll bring tea. No, no. No, you take care of it, I’ll bring for me myself. Can I take my bandana? But you stuck that bandana. Still bandana. It’s my bandana. You still think that it’s yours. Mr. Can, can I take my bandana? And you still. It’s my bandana! I found it in the wharf. Can I take my bandana? You can, take. In the fact I didn’t ask. Without sugar. I haven’t forgotten. Thank you. You can take it, take. Please. Ok, Please, give. I didn’t say that I’ll give you,
but that you can take it yourself. Take, please. So I’m taking it. So take it. I’m taking. Mr. Can, I won’t working here. Why? It, because… Because I don’t have a computer. Now… I’ll prepare you documents. I’ll bring you them like that. It’ll last shorter, I’m sure. It’ll last shorter. Bless you. Everybody of us.

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