Laughter is the Best Medicine

HUMOR 2 | Kalp atışı

Your grandson has a motor? What is that question? This lady really like to run on a motorcycle, so I decided to ask What about this heartbeat? Can I get inside? You can’t *Who am I talking to?* Should I stand on one leg? What is she talking about? *Good night* What are you doing? I collect it Don’t you dare Could you leave it? Leave, please When one of tchem changes his place, my entire order is spoiled OK, don’t be angry Ok? Marry me phone What are you doing? Be quiet for a moment Sit down I’m curious where… *Girl power* My thought *What is he saying?* Your thought Can you exchange heart functions, Bahar? Fall in love Talking Pardon? Are you married? No Do you have children? No Some hops in that case, great From now on, whenever you want, I will make you mommy’s tomatoes Even what you haven’t survived with mum can live with me What do you want? What it is? What’s happening? I have had a great impression on you Listen, if you want to write a biography abaut me, I will help you Who isn’t afraid of love The pain of love won’t frighten me Let it come here *In love Ali Asaf* *Jealous Oguz* Obstacle course Don’t worry, I will cure myself

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