Laughter is the Best Medicine

HUMOR 2 | Sen Anlat Karadeniz

Look, what time is it. Mustafa go somewhere. And still nowhere he’s gone. Cousine, don’t do that. You wind to
me all night, I’m starting to swell yet. Me crack the heart here and
you told that you swelled, Esma. So ‘bravo’ for you too. What can I do? If you want to divorce so I help you, what can I do? Yeees. I’ll divorce with him and he’ll marry with other. Your guest is still with you, Asiye. You start to collect information, sister Naciye. Nefes isn’t a guest already. We came to sign her. Where will you sign her? In your farm? Yes, in our farm. And under door we made a message for her, may be? Sister Asiye! Let’s he only try with other
woman so he’ll remember me. Wait. Really they came. For God they came. Don’t do anything silly. Beautifully and calmly speak with brother Mustafa. You disconnect. Disconnect. First I’ll shoot later I’ll ask. This Nefes, she came out more crazy than Tahir. Yes, really. If she threw herself under gun to save my brother. Mother, who knows what will she do with you. Asiye, what are you doing? Today only shots. This first was a warning after the second I’ll hit. Girl! Talk. Who is this woman? Sister – in – law, stop. Crank, don’t interrupt. With it’s the other way. ‘Was a rift, sister – in – law. My
brother wrangle with them, sister – in – law.’ I were there in night and I were
looked and were anyone injured? Don’t give me stupid stuff. Talk, Mustafa. Mustafa? What was happened, Mustafa? They shot him faster than you. Go to the queue. What am I do now? I tidied everything. Yes, really. In the house is lighter. Let’s go to the medrasah. What? Come, come. I had do it after returning from
Istanbul but wasn’t a opportunity. Sister Asiye, did you shoot? No, dear. Unfortunately. What ‘unfortunately’? Shut up, Mustafa! Girl, what did you do? I’m very sorry. Why were you throw yourself under release? Are you angry reason this? And I thought… What did you think? Those three clever. Two clank and one debris. They kidnapped Eysan. You became beautiful country girl. Take these bags. He don’t have a ring. Really, girl? So each other us you’re only hero, right? Don’t shoot one’s mouth off. Don’t shouting to me. Don’t taste my patient. What’s up, Crazy Tahir? Were you scared? Is it reason why you shouting to me? I scared hell. I scared! I were dying from afraid, ok?

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