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HUMOR 24 | Erkenci kuş

I didn’t understand what exactly means ‘war’. Should I call? Sanem, don’t be silly. Where where you find each other
for God? One more crazy than second. I understand war of love. But I pretty understand that
lovers open war opposite each other. What happened with your face? Sanem, how could you did me something like that? Why did you reveal me a secret? How can you don’t know me? I told that I don’t think he’s attractive. Interesting, did I irritate him? No, Sanem! Can you stand in front
of man and told him that he isn’t attractive? Even you told it in the argue. Didn’t you find something else? No, I didn’t, Osman! What will I do. What? Should I take my suitcase and go to the family town? In my family town nobody has a secret. Because we there can’t keep secret. In general where is your family town? Never mind. What happens? Only this
come to my mine. What could I said? in the fact I love you so much, I’m dying due love. Every morning I wake up with
you, every day I go to work with you. Every night I sleep with you. Is it better to I said something like that? Don’t overdo it. So it isn’t so important secret. Ok, it’s secret of my life and
will be good if nobody find out it. I didn’t thought about this, I’m sorry. I made with me crazy. What should I do with this information? What? What should I do? I should chose grave for myself? Soon I’ll catch a ill. With me something happening now. Soon he’ll go to the work, what will I do then? What will I do, Sanem? Why did you give me this information? I went to this way and I have to find escape. He forget and go away. And I’ll forget about him to end my life. Sanem, come on. Move down. Come on, Sanem. People looking at us. Why are you watching? What happened? Good morning, Mr. Can. Don’t watch because I’ll really jump. Sanem, come on. Osman, may be I should go higher? Sanem, move down. I want to warn you, soon Aylin will come and
will be take place meeting. But don’t be afraid. Cey Cey. Cey Cey, ok. There is no need to panic. Because it’ll be our last meeting with her. Mr. Can? From now on or you’ll tell to me ‘Can’
or I won’t listen anyone of your words. We was should change this long
ago enough to remove this word ‘Mr.’. Ok, Can. What exactly did you in your
mind when you was telling ‘war’? Sanem, from now on you won’t ask me of anything. About these everything you’ll ask yourself. From today your way of speaking, your
attitude, outfit – everything has importance. If something won’t be light so then we’ll
speak, and don’t need to calling now, ok? Ok. Goodbye. Cey Cey is a little indisposed so may be I’ll call. Ok, you call. But it’s important. That means at this
moment, we have to immediately contact with him. Ok, I’m calling now. Mr. Can… What are you happening? What happened? Bring him inside. What happened? Osman, I’m jumping. Don’t ask for anything,
I don’t know what like is this ‘war’. I’m jumping. Sanem, sanem. Move down. Sanem! Bravo to you Sanem. Bravo! With this side. Yes, they cry you with this side.

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