Laughter is the Best Medicine

HUMOR 25 | Erkenci kuş

Yes, tell secret number. Hello, I’m ‘Morning bird’. I have problems with my throat, please forgive me. Hello ‘Morning bird’, where are you? In the Konya. Until today I did everything which in
my strong but she still don’t understand. I don’t understand that he loves me. Or I didn’t believe in his love. But from now on she won’t
keep far from me – I won’t let to it. From now on I won’t approximate to him
and I won’t let him to approximate to me. She understand that I love her. He never idea that I love him. While she won’t come to me the war is continues. While he won’t forget about me the war is continues. What is the area code for Konya? I don’t know. I’m calling to you from mobile phone. What is the number plate number In Konya? I don’t know. I haven’t got a car. I don’t know too much about this town. I’m not from Konya. I run away
from home and I came to Konya. Where will you run away ‘Morning bird’? I didn’t understand you. But in my opinion Osman is handsome too. he is, right? Of course, Osman is very handsome. But I never looked to him in this way. I can’t. I can’t look to him in this way. Did you understand? Were you knew this all time? Of course that I understood. I understood but I can’t approach to him. We spent childhood together, we’re like siblings, Sanem. We’re still seeing in the district. Anyway it’d be over. If not for that, I wouldn’t want to? You’re right. If you can’t look in this way – you never love him. I told that your scenario is very good. Why…? I’ll renounce it. I’ll give you all rights to it. We can sign everything. You can’t. You must take part in this design. Because in 10 minutes be in my office ‘Morning bird’. Isn’t it to be at a distance? Ok. Isn’t it ‘too far’? No. And it? Are you slowly approximate to
me now? I don’t pretty understand. Why can’t I help with anything? What do you want in the fact? Far don’t like a boss – employee. Only colleague. That’s how it should be, right? Right. That means don’t too far and don’t too near. You told that you don’t think that I attractive. I don’t think so. Mr. Can? Come, come. I’ll say you something. What will you say? Come. Do you know who is the ‘Morning bird’? Who? Sanem, yes. What? Come on! Friends! “Morning bird’ in the fact is Sanem!

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