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HUMOR 3 | Erkenci kuş

Sanem! I’m coming to you that you won’t be cold. I thought you were cold. The sun has come. You wouldn’t be cold. Yes. I was supposed to go to Mr. Emre’s room. I came here by mistake. In this state you had to go to Mr. Emre’s room, right? Yes, I had. What else? Not raised! Fire! Hotel is on fire. It isn’t like that. So it isn’t like that, how? How is it how? Can I go? Sanem. Animal went. You scared me. Where are you, girl? Is he live? He is live. I’m here. I tried to find you, sister. Did you bring a rat? Take. Okay, keep away from me and I’m so scared. Why are you in my room and in this state? Is it your room? Take these money. What am I doing with these money? What is it means? Tahe these. I don’t want. Let them stay with you. Ali. God, God. Why aren’t you take these money? If it wan’t you who was telling us, give me my money and threaten me. I ran to swimming pool. My things got wet. Mr. Emre say: ‘Go to my room and dress up’. Are you ran to swimming pool? Yes, is it impossible? It’s impossible, eventually with everything impossible. You can expect it from you. Exactly. You don’t have debts with me, Sanem didn’t say? What Sanem? What Sanem should say? What Sanem? Sanem, you’re coming to my room. In the house are rules. Private space. Private things. I never touched your things. Come on, girl. You drinked. Come on, my child. Okay, I drinked. I’m not going out, are you going out? I’ll dress up. Sanem. What happened? I’m not believing. What happened? What is it, girl? Did you got engaged? Where is ring? You clung to this ring. Ring and ring. Ring and ring. In my bag. But why in your bag? Okay, I undertand your parents don’t know but they aren’t here. Why is in your bag? Let it stay between us, okay? What will be happen? Tell everyone. Guys, Sanem soon will get married.

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