Laughter is the Best Medicine

HUMOR 3 | Sen Anlat Karadeniz

Tahir? Nefes? You haven’t got a ring. I know it. Where is it? Probably in the nut fat. Tiger who come out from the
Black Sea gets to the blue horse. Blue horse? And blue deer gets to burgundy horse. Ha, colorful horses. What’s a colorful family. I’ve got it now. Wonderful. I like it. The crime came to daylight. Oh, sister Asiye. It’s artificial respiration. Artificial. Today it’s artificial tomorrow you make that it’ll be really. My God. Thanks, gentlemen. I came you can make fun. No, what’s a make fun? Why is it in the nut fat? I think that Mercan didn’t throw to the river. Look at my face, man. Why are you shouting? You’ll wake up child. She’ll beat the wail. And save the Wolf Howling to the Moon. Slowly. What am I doing in this time? Am I sitting? You watched. Take care not to make it. I don’t buy it. Move, I’ll save him. Sister Asiye, let give me a phone. You called 30 times in night. Tahir told me. He told that I don’t give you phone. ‘I’m suffocating, I’m suffocating’ – he said. He stifles me. I’ll strangle him. Give me it. Why are you smiling? Was there any privacy? I told you everything. But you ask first time. Were I ask for the first time? Bend down. Bend down. Don’t irritate me. You didn’t tell me that Mercan throw the ring. You’re asking. Why am I asking? I’m not asking. Otherwise, what do I do? If she want let she blow your head. And I’ll write here. If this boy bring your son. You make that it’ll be real. Sister Asiye, he is engaged, engaged. Don’t even say words like that, my God. That means if he wouldn’t
engaged – you’re telling – you’ll can think. Sister Asiye, give up those hopes, I’ begging you. I haven’t got a phone from 8 years. It’ll be necessary to teach me. Did you hear about something like selfie? I’m begging you, say that you haven’t heard. It annoys me terribly. Tahir? And me? You know that if this child wouldn’t
have a temperature I’ll leave you there. Oj, my Mustafa, oj.

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