Laughter is the Best Medicine

HUMOR 4 | Erkenci kuş

Give me my shop. Maybe, of course, but… How much money is there? 40 thousand. You gave 40 thousands and you take 40 thousands. If you don’t believe it, convert it. Although after 5 lir it can last a long time. My sister is wonderful. She knows everyone names. She knows everything. I? I’ve moved into such complexes. I started to speak at the age of 4. Look at this trauma. Sanem, everything is ok? I said you. I can’t even deal with this. For God’s love, can I give you this shop for 40 thousands? Am I a stupid? The only store in the district. You don’t do that. I’ll give but I want 100 thousands. Traums come from out visions, so Sanemsi accept it. Aren’t you afraid of, right? I? No, I’m not. What should I be afraid of? ‘Not ‘the second’ and Sanem’ Could everyone look here? Sanem. Not ‘the second’. Sanem. You won’t speak ‘the second’. Can you read? Sanem. My name is Sanem My name – Sanem. Yes, it’s true. Are you understand? Sa – nem. You are reading. Is something incomprehensible? Not ‘the second’. It’s nothing. I’ll look. Better if not. Please, can I look? If I won’t show you that? Please. No, really. I somethimes dream. Mom and dad face me. They’re say: ‘We have tell you something’ I’ll sit against them. They’re say: ‘Leyla istn’t your sister, we adopted her’. It’ll be wonderful. Not ‘the second’ and Sanem. Come with me. Here everyone see. Already noone won’t tell to you ‘the second’, I promise. Thanks.

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