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HUMOR 8 | Erkenci kuş

Sanem, can you look? Ceycey, can you carry tea for Mr. Can? Okay. Sanem, how are you? Classic Mrs. Deren. Look, don’t do that. You’ll released. If only. From 246 pages we’ll choose 26 and we’ll introduce our clients to tchem. Someone willing? But, Mrs. Deren. Reading this alone will take 3 days, We’re having other responsibilities, too. So divide. I’m very sorry. Sanem, I wanted a tea. Can you bring it later? But my work is urgent. I gave up. How are you? Thank you. Dear Sanem, if it won’t be a problem I’ll please you for a little favor but this is ‘bring me in’ job. Mrs. Deren, is it possible? What problem? Why did you say that? I don’t know. Maybe you’re working on the position, which you don’t deserve. After all, you became a mysterious hero of the company. It’s very interested for me, how can you became a hero in the Can’s eyes? If you’re want I can help. I learned everything when I cpoying. 246 pages, Sanem? Okay, it’s normal that you’re doing a show. Let don’t overdo it like that. Your tea. Ceycey, why you carring the tea. Where is Sanem? It’s the same tea. It’s the same tea like Sanem’s tea. If you want I’ll refet it and she’ll carry. Yes, Ceycey. You’ll refet and let’s she carry. From now on let eberyone do what I asks for. Yes, you’re right. This can’t be. That mean in the company that should be. Let’s ask about something. About something difficult. Okay. So I’m asking. Now I ask you so at random. Data on the numer of chickens and eggs from the Afyon factory from 2016, please. January: …chickens …eggs. February: …chickens …eggs. In the March… Stop. Okay, stop. Take a little detention in your life. That mean. You started and won’t stop. Ok. If you want so much, let work be yours, do whatever you need. Sanem, take. You’ll carry this tea to Mr. Can. Don’t be stupid. I’m coping here. Anyway I’m not working to only Mr. Can. I’m working to everyone – that you’ll say to Mr. Can. Sanem, what am I doing? You know that this is a stressful man. Let’s go and carry this, it’s our work. Ok, let’s copy it. I’ll copy. I’m a ‘bring me’ employee of the year. Mr. Can exaggerate a bit. I… I know that Can exaggerate, Sanem.

7 thoughts on “HUMOR 8 | Erkenci kuş

  1. POOR SANEM, she catches it from all sides, I just get sick of them treating like that……grrrrrrrr. thanks so much. I love these.


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