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Humor gráfico: danos la tira nuestra de cada día – Curso online de Liniers – Domestika

Hi, I’m Ricardo Liniers Siri
and my artist’s signature is Liniers. It’s been 17 years
since I publish “Macanudo” in newspapers in Argentina
and around the world. I have drawn the cover page
for “The New Yorker” magazine. I also won several awards:
the Eisner, the Inkpot Awards, also won by Matt Groening,
George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, Liniers. Making comic strips
ignites my creativity. I sit down every day to draw and see what appears in front of me. To stimulate my neurons,
I use sketchbooks where you can draw intuitively
without thinking too much. I start with pencil sketches,
where you can make errors, and then I move on to ink
and start to enjoy it more once I know where it’s going. I use an analog technique, I like material,
paper, watercolors, to add some soul
to the character that develops; it exists in this world
and not digitally, the reader somehow owns it. In this course, you’ll learn
to develop a humorous comic strip characters, inks, ideas, colors… You’ll create something
that makes us think and laugh. We’ll discuss
different kinds of humor, how to tackle a project,
the ideal workspace. Also about ideas, where they come from,
how to get them, of the process of creating characters, decisions about lines, color… We’ll look at the difference between
good and funny drawing and what each implies. We’ll learn
to improve drawings, to enjoy errors. We’ll finish with commercial aspects,
agents, publishers, the most interesting part. My course will give you tools
to sit down and tackle a daily comic strip project
and be ready to go out to work. The comic strip world
is for everyone, you don’t need any previous
experience for this course, or to be a great artist. You’ll need an eraser, pencil sharpener,
watercolors, pen, paper, liquid corrector, brush, India ink,
container for water, sketchbooks and pens. This course is for artists, writers and all those interested in comic strips who would like
to bring their ideas to life. Transform your ideas
and daily thoughts into comics. Graphic Humor:
Give us our Daily Comic Strip A course by Liniers
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