Laughter is the Best Medicine

Humor of Resilience: The Middle East's bold young comedy tradition

stand-up comedians are weird honestly my story I should I look at the camera you see it's just so badly what yeah the exactly is more ejecta statistic comedy in the Middle East is just like on fire right now in in a very very positive fire HESA Balaam had the audience mythicality dilio foria kilmury euphoria euphoria the any in Nashua committed Nashville in this many and I have a after exam a balloon credible English I'm a little high and I'm super high societies comedy playing Middle East today how do local comedians express the challenges their communities face so stand-up comedy is a new art form for our region milla milla america matter chinese stand-up comedy in a still ahead of most penis with the audience on the hood which are fine Aniston the police how does humor and satire respond to war and extremism and can comedy unify a region affected by conflict as a medium for peaceful activism and change pain in time is comedy tragedy in time is comedy I'll monitor sat down with young bold comedic voices some pushing their craft through video others evolving a stand-up tradition as well as leading cultural institutions that are shaping the region's comedic landscape providing a needed creative outlet joy fun freedom some comedians engage in a humour of resistance tackling issues like LGBTQ empowerment and gender equality censorship for political leadership and some just consider their duty to provide comedic relief in difficult times and spaces aimed at connecting people through laughter comedy in our region is different via sarayacu media hollien bar topics a lot on a lot of in Sakhalin who sees it started out of a need to do something different because everybody was doing something I am solo I just wanted to use my creativity to do something that I love enough qaraqosh ever be your enema we're hip moonkin toe toe heel more I have a lot of a year bus moonkin have not boughten limited and had beheld a feedback vieron el al comedian so I will fan and mamak n modulo beside I've had that one about a blue Power Man and the snark media film Emma Helene and Michelle Masha's hair to Auslan a single actually huzzah hellooo Adam had that obviously in winter and October is a be hello and amoeba gathering a 10 mil juggler – oh hey comedian or tolerable to the hell phenomenal Arabic but Rodham cannot draw for the interpretation presenter AMOLED commedia fill water Alamo Goodfellas when together chemical media for a year what the hell Harlem entertainment media for Assad water Allah watch alarm manemma fish because the hospital we would say – and so a community of an ethical or reality who – opera versus inter covenant comedy with Senator dr. Otteman element valid model valid with how will you enter this revenues 50 sir model if Eric man was a little ah happiness we dare not a bloodless coup media fandom left any fan and property issue I want of he but firstly I like to positively my kin who know I had betrayed come here let me get physical calmly and I didn't that mother kinds in what two o'clock German ignore eyes in hit in little and I liked it enough she hinted on I haven't said make analogous like nuts using another flaw in the column and I'm a academic encore it's a it's a form of therapy pin this burn the phone a mob on command lane yet have say I get happy committee rather remember Leffler mccoullough can be Terry Allen you know we had a bill Arabic phlegm horribly comedian funny comedian when a saloon second fateful funny Harry Willard have the comedian's when the man had met had horrible so on maybe a delimited Namibian or none of them looked Aveeno a final Epson my head saw a man named Olivia Yanni an unheard-of durable comedian comedian and he had the lateral dr. cárdenas Helena's to death Helenus desert from a gala time woman and conductors of a Mississippian can home externally who were Lamar Lamar at Lou albano Jeru I lived there with a laptop alert a scene in every romantic comedy where the guy rushes to the airport right and buys like a last last-minute ticket and follows the girl and super romantic and I always think like what if that guy was serious right and they're like he just goes there and like 20% of the movie or in the Me's office my name is amanda haas my Syrian name is Osman as my stage name is Ozzie [Applause] there's a lot of absurdity of how people view Syrians in general which is quite odd to view like an entire race of people in a specific way rather than individual people's the person is like you like me here I like watching movies you know what I mean I went and watched infinity Wars just like you like infinity Wars I like and I watched Ellen and I laugh at Ellen I don't care that I am a Syrian and that's what I want them to understand it's very simple I want them to look at me as a person first and Dennis [Applause] living in the Middle East nothing is going on right around us whether locally or anywhere countries you know so comedy is like the only relief with the literal translation you are like the reflection of the moonlight off of the eye of a vengeance with Anakin available daily driven after – we had a sample table a steady scan and Cena swing availability a David salad in sway a Bolivian say our rules say are there okay Messi our owns the double-talk de Soto DC deductible liqueur on shall Bella back and could sham be sealed with name and I'm gonna say let's bail for what on the thirtieth nothing but a habit I mean yeah bomb low dull the hockey nice doll version you know we don't feel phenomenal orphan and Komatsu teen Yanam Jerry Mahakala necessary build name was salam Battaglia directly down on the mania of sooty no kata is a anima she clicked it on a suspect anticipated to be could she be the tissue desirable over with asking wanna go you know he'll say la victoire the least priests of la mothe amia james recently invested in mission cell the farrier laser a con la guerra a clot a mistletoe they are a tear on plie t-bone if a lit through a cement 11 so there's a video plasma – vino de sal de satsang with surplus aseptic complete to top [Applause] Pasco saturninus faster liberty and as faster whoa oh cool a legend given a assist a aspect at something cool jet interior a gosh coat the politician – Suki fazil again volleyball me Masha – you're a blonde GTA oblong they are not only grass al apparel it's a cytotoxic series on the default is picked up soon emailed this Akiko set the initial file a convenient and the ferry bring the job all the dong the last one mrs. satin boner puffy puffy marginal or concept I don't desert the town feliz de Jong Ramos assay also call unser accuses also city in focal assiduous other Central Asian swap I hope you can come and give it up with folks yoni the creativity I was well seed up at the Cal refers ability collectors ellipse in Madani whistle uncle I'm not alone look if listen I realize that mulatto or the horn Holocaust Olive hurry down bow a resort while many comedians confront difficult political issues specific to their country some also challenge societal barriers performing in restraining environments trying to expand the audience's horizons for tolerance Murphy I know a town and Ambercrombie stand up comedy become honorable into hey Donna Summer Sun and it's about comedians a Jill Murphy Murphy equal representation I could love movies first started funny girls 2009 it was kind of a big deal because ladies wait oh all women and they're gonna be funny a few years ago I was a new mom so when my baby was a few days old he fell sick so we had to take him to the doctor the doctor asked what was the color of his last motion motion in India I learned that motion means poop we Indians love to apply physics to everything so my answer to that question doctor do you have a color chart he did our names with death and meaning like jameelah beautiful Amira princess Heba a gift Hadiya also a gift for a different type of gift I taught also a gift when an Egyptian gift Russia I dear but not just any dear a sweet innocent baby they're just learning to walk Kalista show live on land there but the only compliments there's a lady like she honorably Ellen I mean it wasn't a copic intimate only so hey Diana extreme success and me and my mother was more focused on whether it cool your mother Diana and their confidence he had kun-hee center of attention will mark if he had constructed of attention mafia mafia eat holla center of attention was Serafina to her he is center of attention I know IRA ham a man in Riyadh rosh hashanah open lashes are not MC the middle man i'ma die table names buses are now and a salon with a topological ability testing and mechanical fakir lyt sarah.hatton en a holla holla the telluric tear bust a bill can't the Tyrian intogen indicadata an Avenger bombers Allonby ultimate mostella jabuticaba jet Harris III criminal damage on Sara happen but veña veña can you model model and I had a gamma can hide a surfer Megrahi Kenya Manali oh well if timtom little of it I don't family in tequila oh it should be take me if I think she frequently and I might have them uneconomical I think it glue bond Amin mache away I'm a little matter I can say que se Hyder hadith can okay miss mu Jared mom and her husband I have she much less you haven't already harder in Cervantes they kill now it's kill kill Shafie yeah I did it my mom the love it at some point I'm back Ichabod no see I'm the high kick if you thought into had the purse of the woman I had my family unit span certain limits and I'm back a little but yeah yeah a new Boulder comedic tradition may take cultural sensitivities into account but no subject is off limits 50 read it Messiah is an on-stage so how old or an active issue the world I had a mental at safety monitor boo-boo there are no topic and I'm an avid and booster censorship and I am and will be responsibility while talking inanimate lat oh well murdered any mother's murder kit my shoe and no Omega will be who under clean comedy from Sam yeah it's safe now how am i doing I can get on Colossus balance a bit of melody novella CS a smile attacked around communities but they hacked and additive to perderla and I've never had a mobile I know Nessa suspect al-mahdi gonna say Mahalo and estupido and I'm help as hallelujah and no and the backbone and the early one day as the car a while till the clean unsupportable community Adams versus a case several communities on this report a home for a kill Shimon wanna get on hockey thankfully when I'm not living in Iran Saudi and general of the campus my target latina drain he'll be condo movie no stop on when it comes to inspiration many international artistic influences are common to all some more popular than others when I I discovered comedians like Chris Rock Chris Rock coastal dip shipping they Chappelle of course David Chappelle got a lot of inspiration from Russell Peters so a recent Peter given her to Kevin Hart Kevin Hart the comedian Amriki another head boost move given heart will be disturbing actor she that makes me who way Hannah gets P that's right but it did to comedy the next level I would say my number one is Ellen DeGeneres definitely Laurel Hardy as they can it bit know it and that's when decking limit will caiman limit will kill man hello why have bit like show say I mean she kill mother Oman with investment it back but local and regional stars have an impact as well for I didn't mind this for inaudible I said how okay that Priscilla is very charming whereas man they seen a lot homo these guys are legends in the Egyptian comedy circuit lateness Georgia as Muhammad Ali male double mag to where Hamid Morgan in Massillon Ahmed he'll move he has an post new movie Alan Eric Idle mm tell me Liz a idol mm Kareem Abdul Aziz Allah become comedian obsolete dick tear my favorite Lebanese comedian who inspired me the most with either idea till the army fatigue David saying was something that really inspired me i modeli mom obviously is hilarious samir on him for me was was very strong she knew herself you some komali unofficial DeMar buy in swag comedians also benefit from comedy hubs or cultural institutions that provide an umbrella for young talent as well as outreach programs connecting agents throughout the Middle East we the club's most eminent haven't the filter away but get them handsome gonna come in the club and diminish my can officially be lab with you know and I forgot to media hammock and then I can ski that oh if he I make antenna from the burlap t have nakida well I can hinge I make a motocross sister comedians would Mackenzie this Ashura ugly well I will come in a club it protects most Ali Mahmoud mosque the name will Hager I will not lock them in forming the image from erogenous in his stand-up comedians then if he had a TV with them instead of conveniens nominees most mature I know it's here my kid Valley baskets bucket and boom are bad don't you know they can speculoos you said you had that about come your but Pappy LaBeouf in the hikmah though Uncas it the lucky [Applause] [Applause] alright Isis are like the Kardashians we don't like them but we made them famous you know what I mean when we first started we we couldn't find a venue that would let us perform when we first started we had to recruit an audience and we have to recruit a comedy community we really wanted to build something from the ground up and instead of just flying people in like why not train the artists here why not you know cultivate these these budding comedians that that every light comedy would have no idea how to start sometimes I just need someone to be like okay it really exists it's not compelling about it was building we wanted to put a black back for people to get up and talk in their own words today comedians use both physical and digital agencies to reach their audiences social media now it's like it's it's a blessing and a curse and the visibility that social media affords has helped the Arab comedic industry as a whole and allow those unable to travel beyond borders reach ambitious audiences that in Haysville comedy i will KN did stand-up comedy's must we used social media to promote the first event of it has been comedy before it had the branding before it had anything social media plays until this day very crucial role and you know in our work on a day to day fantastic cool jazz fair enough about year to vanish Erica Collette cemented by inhaler for assault on the semolina collected by in hand the social media side that magic then Juden Juden collective motto as self in nano sullenness shared Scirocco heavy battles of Cal Poly manager acapellas Oona's edit our video comedy a private Facebook table I am little sick tf2 to to go there yet yah-tchi yah-tchi a bodega falafel oh-ho Salama um Shuba de la has eaten no fee if he is Tommy National Arbor doctor but some will always stay true to tradition cultivating a stand-up routine that highlights a physical and very public form of performance hi did comedy now I did I had the better buy ideal tool Tibetan a stand-up comedian a lot but the Coon committed Creole a constant of comedian la mesilla allah-allah dweller and Armel videos on online ticket only heck and uh I'm not much on social media sharing of jokes but I'm I'm funny and jovial with my family and friends if you feel down they call him me for all the local centralised efforts individuals and organizations are outward thinking about growth in cooperations tomahto quantity in the festival day miss Allen was told looking best handle my sanity any iin your October no I was told International Day and they can identica millions million if it shows guy in boxes and show which gain muslin hugger come on having a fit I don't mean you win comedians and the Middle East a movement aa monogram oh my goodness I am a salon yes sir yes a boxer Moises get the comedy club je tsongkhapa my Susanna said your only minute necessary magnet them falafel Emirati my ganna stand-up committee as pioneers to work with whether it is Dubai government or to work with international production houses or broadcasting stations to put together content has been truly an honor I know we can't give you our venue to bootcamp or comedy shows – listen we're doing a TV show who should we bring we're doing a festival who should we break this is because our whole aim was the nurture for the community honey lemon Senate any can listen dinner condoms over in my name is maja Comedy Central say Dubai where there are no s and what table on the hot were quite as I get done ash and shallot competition Vineyard comedians in the field if he falls or never look at the bottom must have been no helipad had the great honor of getting to tour many of the refugee camps and and have some times that we did like a three-day program sometimes it's just will go to one camp and we'll go there's like 12 different sections right and we'll go to with the districts go to one district and we'll stay there for an hour and a half then we'll move to another one do an event for an hour and a half go on so sometimes we will district hop and we'll be there for 12 hours just in one day and then go to another camp but it's always the same thing we show up and and we make them laugh by the time we got to the 6th district we're like wait a minute I remember you from the other districts so they'll chase the car and some of the kids will go to all 12 shows the essence is that integration is strengthening there was like about 40 people there from different cultures different backgrounds different religions and laugh at the same gel I felt like it kind of brought me closer to these people and then I remember like I finished my set it went pretty good actually for a first step it's on YouTube you can catch it I'm aware that you've never seen somebody like me before in the position that I'm in you've seen someone that looks like me holding a gun or a hit or sending a hate message because that is broadcast across the globe so I'm gonna put myself in positions where I'm gonna perform to a crowd where maybe they don't even want to listen to me and I'm gonna make you something do something you're very uncomfortable with that is laughing with me lmao super nice a calmly public sort Susan for time Eddy the absolutely toxic this will be the end daily really it's nothing more than a your decoration comedy helps us embellish the mundane but it also allows us to manipulate tragedy and trauma a form of social rehabilitation are we changing lives or comedians were not supposed to write but I'm gonna change this moment between us there was there was no laughter before we got there in this moment and now we're all laughing and that's all that matters my contribution to the world is making people laugh that's it like I make people's life a tiny bit better for those thirty five minutes that I have I'm making people's life better and really for my abilities that's all I can do and I go to an orphanage Adam out let her mess Suzy can wear that for Belle Equipe the lilo forget alchemists a video feel if we name to jokes our project relatively mrs. kunen news become us been surely or hot anthem society high autonomy at all if at rossabi Juliana I'm prayin until she died even behind the hack until don't kill she historically in the Middle East it served as a tool for resistance against dog resilience from war and of late as an instigator for social change – photogenic babysitting my sphere is highly highly emotional young comedians channel they're witten energy to encourage discourse and progress in their communities some of them you'll interview about medical there's not I didn't see them this is what's gonna lead me to salvation making people laugh is what I want to do with my life they know the power of their voices through digital dissemination localized efforts in that area Madiba is out buddy and they know that humor is a universal impulse across language culture and borders we can clarify I will continue offend me the principle totally supported dissing it say the new Pakistani policy table season eve of every soul you are you for his hand at Salonika don't give a trap no no no no political comedy and only the toast of the plate is not thriving the patient that's it I'm sorry

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