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[HUMOR] Save me || Dong Cheol “Hot Nerdy Boy”

Sapete e credete fermamente che il vostro nome sia nel “Libro della Vita?” Il “Libro della Vita”… ..No Credete che l’Onnipotente sia vivo? No Credete che salirete sulla Barca della Salvezza? No Il tuo taglio di capelli è davvero unico Il Santo Padre si è lavato la faccia con quest’acqua Mi scusi Hai una domanda? Devo andare in bagno *sono pazzi* Credete che il Padre Spirituale sia spiritualmente un vostro genitore? Non… ancora E voi la spruzzate sul cibo? A quante domande hai messo no? Come ti sei ferito il volto? Intendete questo? Non penso di aver risposto con Si a qualcosa Sono caduto di faccia mentre ero ubriaco

50 thoughts on “[HUMOR] Save me || Dong Cheol “Hot Nerdy Boy”

  1. awww he's my fav character, thank you so much for this<3
    this drama is making me so frustrated and angry and heartbroken that I really needed this!
    I love the "undercover Dong Cheol"! he's so good at making fun at them and they don't even get it LOL

  2. He is one of the best charcters in all of kdrama land. Also the drama is really thrilling and unique. It always keeps you on the edge, and I just hope it ends well. Its not for the weak hearted though, it can be disturbing, creepy, and sort of gets under your skin.

  3. this made my day!!!! dong cheol, my love, he answered all the questions with NO ^^ ant the picture at the end is just priceless!! 😀

  4. can i upload this video to my instagram channel? (only 30 sec of the video) i would write your youtube channel on it and if you have instagram i would tag you on it 🙂 if your answer no it's okey i can understand it xo

  5. This is the cutest! I'm not a fan of rom-com but if he lands a lead role, i'd definitely watch. It was my first time seeing him in Save Me, and i must say that I was so captivated by his performance! Bad ass sweetheart ♡♡♡

  6. realizing he has talent deceiving people, he became a swindler in Mad Dog. heehee. i only watch a few clip but hve seen so many facial expression in just 1st ep in maddog. i wish u would do d same when it end. i wanna make it&this a collection. tQ 4 this

  7. Can i know which episode he got stabbed in the drama?? I haven’t watch the drama yet and planning to watch it later but i really want to watch that particular scene first.. if anyone can help me?? 🙏🏻☺️😍

  8. love this, i just barely got the chance to slowly catch up with these dramas so i'm barely finishing up this drama; he's my favorite character — can't wait to watch mad dog for him as well ^^ wonderful edit, xx.

  9. He has this face of sexy bad boy, and there is nothing better to attract a gal like a sexy bad boy. There is always the strong change we can mold them into something spectacular, when in actual fact we like them just as they are…….lol

  10. lmao you didn't put the part where the old person say "he washed his foot with this water" and his face is like "ew"

  11. huh. So there WAS humor in this drama? I only remember screaming and crying and getting depressed while watching it but I guess one should look at the positive side.

  12. Warning: the drama is hella dark and not light at all like this hilarious fmv 😂 if you wanna watch it its up to you, but trust me when I say its d a r k.

  13. This drama is really good and intense but I am amazed how you extracted humour from it cuz it's not really a comedy one. This was funny😂😂

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