Laughter is the Best Medicine


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11 thoughts on “HUNTING HUMOR!

  1. What!? Tell you what. I got some squirrels in my back yard you can come over and we can hunt together. I can pretty much guarantee you'll bag somethn'. 🙂

  2. Great video!!! Good clean fun and that's what hunting is all about! I'd love to hunt with you guys!! This just made my day!!

  3. hi guys
    its no surprise the deer didn't show! with all the crisp packet rattling,and music! and then the gas too! lol next time send them a R.S.V.P i am sure they will show then lol!

    keep at em!

  4. Outstanding!!!! Great editing too! This needs to be included in hunting safety courses! Er, maybe not.

    I have a little humorous TN Dove hunting clip detailing reasons for few birds. Please visit and subscribe to smyrnaoutdoors

    More hunting humor as the 2013 season progresses!

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