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I am 14 and this is deep

booya *MC Ride mating call* *when mom doesn’t buy you vbucks* Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, three of the greatest philosophers known to man. And what did these three people agree on? One man reads book, while millions watch boob. This is so sad. 🙁 Just a disclaimer for this video, It is 100% DEEP. Anyone that hasn’t got a degree in philosophy Or Dark Souls lore analysis, please click off the video. Now that all of the common people have left, let me let you in on a little secret. le epic zoom Kids are retarded [Sherlock Holmes] *cancer in its purest form * HUH, HUH *EPIC small children death* huh LAHEH mmbffm I mean to be fair my age demographic, for people that aren’t flat out lying, you’re probably all kids anyway. Now kids are dumb, not because they watch slime videos, and not because when they get a frag in Fortnite. [Screaming] They feel the need to share it on Reddit, no matter how mediocre it is. No. Kids are dumb, because they think they’re.. le telekinesis D E E P by the way, if you’re new to the short bus, please Subscribe I make daily vlogs and fortnite videos and we’re only about 50 million subscribers away from overtaking Pewdiepie we can probably do it by the end of this
year if we try hard enough Now I remember being 14, going on FaceBook, and liking a bunch of D E E P P O S T S Y`know the ones I`m talking about where they have a person shaped like the FaceBook logo, and you’ve got all of the Social Media logos turned into pills Guys, I have an addiction to checking the whatsapp family chat and I ALSO have an addiction to downloading JoJo episodes off Google Drive I need intensive therapy. *Spook Laughter* It’s so bad, like, he doesn’t even have a neck. Wideneck move over. Now posts like these have earned the title “Fake deep” *Shane Dawson funny moments* I prefer HIV positive but, I digress. Now I said I found these on ZuccBook when I was younger, But they’ve slowly and surely made their way into other corners of the internet. For example, the “Shower Thoughts” subreddit *reads* Middle of the night water tastes so much better than regular water. Everyone, when I drink water when i’m hungover, it tastes so much better than when i’m sober. OH MY GOD- DEEP I imagine the big brains scholars who write these up look like Snoop Dogg when he was playing Battlefield 1 and smoking weed, remember that? *reads off in a sassy voice* Oh my god. This is just reverse Darwinism at it’s finest. The world has really gone to shit after we stopped having natural predators. *reads* If your quote isn’t philosophically grounded enough, just add a picture of Morgan Freeman in there for good measure. Now one thing you’ll notice about these deep posts, is that they despise phones, if you have a phone, you are SUPER HITLER. Our generation. Oh my god, Pokemon Go, people on their phones, this is so sad. Tell you what, i’m going to give you about 48 hours, to DELETE THIS. *reads* Y’know cow faeces are used to feed plants, right? I mean, come on, if you are not giving your kids faeces, what is wrong with you? These are the kinds of people who drink Diet Coke, and think that it makes any difference. *reads* It’s great how a lot of the posts do that, they’ll force this sort of perception onto people, like, WOW, this man looking at his palm, so sad 🙁 An old man in the library on his own, with no friends, I asleep. People at social gathering, on their phones, DEEP. *reads* Okay, I will not stand for this, leave Markiplier alone. He has done incredibly well with his (spook laughter) funny scream videos. Now everyone, the posts before were pretty sad, but this one, is MEGA SAD. As you can see, a woman with 2 friends, and a woman with many friends. If you have many friends, you die alone. But if you have 2 friends, people cry at your grave. OH MY GOOOOD *AHHHHHHHHHH* I know that they’re trying to go for like the whole (puts on funny voice) I got loads of friends but they’re all surface level, superficial friends. She’s got a couple of deep friends . But like, all it looks like if you have friends you’re gonna die alone. I literally wrote as a note for myself *reads* *Funny haha laughter* You got a comment on Wrecking ball, remember that music video? Please don’t. *reads* To all my nine year olds out there, I salute you. *noteblock cover of star spangled banner* wait until you hit your 20s, it goes downhill really quick. *visible depression* *reads* That one, I have, no comment on. *reads* Know whoever made that, they’re just salty because they probably didn’t have the toy you get from the uh Happy Meal. Also off topic, let me have a little rant here, McDonald’s toys when you were a kid, you know you had like five of them, and how in the Happy Meal you’d only get the one, (Cheetamen Sega Genesis theme)and you’d go to McDonalds more times and still get the only same one. Anyone else agree? Now that’s relatable. Poor Rich Oh my God, if I am rich I look like idubbbz this is epic. See, that post isn’t really accurate because the rich guy would have airpods in. Now we have here a fetus, and then a man working at a desk. Just looks like…a…a rotting Boss Baby… *blows air out of nose* That one borders a fine line between “is it real?” or is it just someone that hates everyone? *Breathes in*
Oh God, Bro you need to get locked up… It is great on the internet how every single person has the exact same equal voice. From the sane, to the mentally insane. It’s a great system. Oh my God, I need to look this up I feel this is done for the meme Aww! It’s not real! You whore! You whore! I’m removing that meme that meme’s gone!
Delete. Goodbye. No goodbye! Yeah guys…Yeah guys when I’m in a discord call I never leave I’m always online.
I am jacked into the matrix. Yeah, it’s almost like it’s their job to pick up litter dude I mean those people probably have a place to be. What they always do with these memes to make it deep they grab really contextual stuff and they make it totally out of context. I have assembled a step by step guide on how to make any deep post ever. Get a bunch of rich people that are happy, alcohol probably included. Get a homeless man rotting. They don’t even have to be from the same country. Thank goodness those people that are paid to save the planet are saving the planet. *high pitched*
Yesss Now this one is probably my favorite. Oh my God… you know that this kid was probably banned from like his favorite Roblox server and he snapped. He just hates…he wants everyone dead. We got this one here as well, people’s brains being replaced by footballs. that is the only scientifically accurate one in this entire video. this gentleman here is in a house with a bunch of people looking at him moral of the story, buy a house? if you’re too poor, don’t have enough money, or there is no houses in your area, you will live a life of misery. looking at this man with his happy house some kid saw the film up, he was like; “Wow, this is DEEP.” uh, this one is uh, another one of my favorites you’ve got this tribesman, in a fidget spinner. I just-
*chuckle* What I love most is that the artist felt the need to like write his signature in the corner. He was so proud of this work, when it inevitably spread across the internet everyone had to know that he made it. What is the message here though? Like “Fidget spinner bad!” I mean yeah, we- we already knew that chief. Fuck me, I got nothing to add man, it’s just shit. I do have to add though, I do like this little edit someone made. *laughing* *WHEEZE* and it’s uh, a phone- Oh my God, guys…she has the Vine app in 2019, That’s why!
Oh my God. Kim Jong Un got his little Asians to slip into the subreddit Just post a couple memes. Yeah, forget the part where everyone’s starving and they got pork tapeworms. I- Ignore that bit, they look happy here and less crowded. Now this one took me a while to realize if it’s ironic or not… and there is Shaggy, laying a singular Scooby Snack on Scooby Doo’s grave. I would love to meet the person that made that, you are- you are so epic. I am broken I am bent I am torn I am burnt The serpent inside me coils around my heart Sounds like deathgrips lyrics, to be honest. audible anguish This one’s great, uh, a doctor with money being put in his back what the…w- what’re you trying to here Oh my God the doctor will not work for free he has to get paid. This is so sad. 🙁 The best thing is as well, that’s a British pound coin where health care is free. You’re going to blow your brains out once the NHS goes private. *reads* You’re all- oh my fucking god it’s a Rick and Morty meme. Now, this one, you’ve gotta be careful, because it is just- 900 IQ it is through the stratosphere of it’s intelligence. If this mans brain was visualized (that isn’t a word pyro you spastic), it would just wrap around the ozone layer 400 times. *reads* *idubbbztv* *reads* Yeah, keep in mind how long it would take for an entire plant tree to grow, and without the proper managing with insecticides, pesticides. All the fruit would be eaten by pests, or just go rotten. But no, you do you man, that has never been thought before, there is no such thing as a food shelter, or a hostel. *reads oh my fucking god, What does that mean?! lol haha big funny

100 thoughts on “I am 14 and this is deep

  1. Everyone wants to park in the shade but no one want to plant a tree

    MrBeast: we are going to plant 20 000 000 trees

  2. (I) think th(A)t (M)ovies (A)re (F)reaking (U)rine i(F) Pyro Has to (F)reaking review that (Y)ou Should know that from Experience.

    Im 2 AnD a HaLf AnD tHiS iS DeEpPpPp

  3. it still breaks my mind that he deleted footage from the video for the video while the footage is still in the video, even though i am well aware of how he did it

  4. I have 3 kids. My 4 yr old just took his pants off and pressed his dick up against the window while yelling at roofing workers… I can confirm kids are absolute retards

  5. my (U)rine is very r(A)dical, tubula(R) and (E)pic. It tastes pretty (G)ood, but in the c(A)se that everyone tasted it, I mean… hoora(Y)?

  6. Hey to anyone that sees this the comic at 10:00 was made by an artist called nelliestnest, they make ironic and explicit comics and posts em on instagram and Twitter. They're pretty funny, and he deserves more recognition imo so go check him out.

  7. The Nazi's in holland?
    Nah man, there weren't any.
    Just a whole lot of cucks who went all in against their own people, and a whole lot of people who didn't.

    (This is a joke. … We're techincally all swamp germans, we're still here.)

  8. ok but the tree one is bcs people always wanna park their car in the shade of a tree but they’re too fucking lazy to actually plant trees to park under. but think of it like this: you’re killing the fucking tree with carbon dioxide (if google translate did a good job at that otherwise im gonna sue). so basically you’re a tree murderer. you must perish and plant another tree for that you sinner.

    this sounds 10 times dumber cause this is a youtube comment so i’ll just leave it here lol bye

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