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I Don’t See Race

(upbeat music) – Man, there were so many incredible super diverse movies last year. – Hm
– Diverse movies? – Yeah, like Moonlight, or
Lion, Hidden Figures and Fences. Movies that didn’t like
just feature white people. – Yeah – So interesting, I never
really thought about that. – Really? Even after the whole Oscar so white thing and all the articles written about it? – Call me crazy, but
I just don’t see race. I guess I’m just the
least racist person here. – Okay – Race is like often like a
pretty obvious thing to observe. It’s not like racist to notice. – Ha, I had to laugh! Zach, oh my goodness, I only see one race. – Ugh – The human race. – Such bullshit. You’re only telling yourself that so you don’t have to think about racism or confront your own prejudices. – No, I’m not prejudice! Okay, I don’t even judge
Scrap for being a woman! – I’m a man, Katie, you know that. – No, honestly, I just guessed. This is gonna sound nuts,
but I don’t see gender and I don’t see sex, I just see people. – You don’t see how men
and women look different? – No, I just see like
shapeless blobs walking around. – Okay, and if one of those
shapeless blobs were pregnant, you would then know that it was a woman. – To me it could just
be like a heavy set man. – Mmm – Who has like a big watermelon stomach – Mmm – Okay, I just am so
committed to equality. I’m just a good person. – Unless you’re blind you can tell that people have inherent differences. – Oh, I wouldn’t know
if I was blind or not because I don’t see disabilities. I’m not a monster. – So, if someone were in
a wheelchair, you wouldn’t be able to see the wheelchair? – I have never seen a wheelchair. – You’ve never seen a wheelchair? – I don’t know what a
wheelchair looks like. – If you, if someone were in a wheelchair, you would not install a
ramp in your building? – I would refuse. – What if someone was missing a limb? – It’s perhaps tucked
under their little butt. – If someone were deaf. – Talk to them as if they could hear. – [Scrap] Why are you
so proud of yourself? – Okay, well, here’s a
thought, maybe you don’t get it because you have less
experience on earth than I do. – Experience?
We’re all older than you. – I’m sorry, but I don’t see age. – Oh, come on! You’re telling me if
there was an old woman and a baby you wouldn’t be
able to tell which one’s older? – One of ’em’s called an old woman. It’s in the name, Katie! – No, because I believe in equality and I believe everyone is the same age. – That’s not what equality means! – You have two older brothers. Can you at least acknowledge that? – Yes, and I believe both
women are my same age. – Oh my god, what about your parents? How old were they when they had you? – I think they are both ageless and every age at the same time. – Jesus Christ, Katie,
what else can’t you see? – Pretty much everything.
Baldness, for example. – So Bruce Willis! – Is he bald?! – He’s famously bald! – I had no idea. – Katie, why are you doing this? (mellow music) – Ugh (hands hitting table) – Guys!
Come on, okay! I just want to be able to
do and say whatever I want, whenever I want, and I don’t want to have to think about
the world’s problems! – That actually sounds pretty good. I mean, I guess I can understand that. – Good way to live. (camera shutter) – Hi, it’s Katie Marovitch
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100 thoughts on “I Don’t See Race

  1. I remember having this same damn conversation with my grandpa. He was ultra conservative and slightly a conisiour of racism. One day he went off saying "look at all this forced racial acting in commerical." To which I responded with ha I never once thought about their race but the content of character. If a character or actor is acting happy well than it makes me happy and so on.

  2. A few weaks ago I asked my male teenage white friend ;
    “Do you know what country Veronica Lodge comes from?”he responded
    “I don’t know…I didn’t even knew she was Latina until you told me…personally,I don’t see race”
    I’ve never stared at someone that long in my whole life

  3. This actress is soooo annoying, I cant stand how difficult it is to see her and I love it ahahaha, so freaking funny!!!

  4. Cmon it’s just RUDE to talk to a deaf person as if they could hear you! That’s kinda like continually giving me subway when you know I have celiac decease! Or telling a person in a wheelchair to take the stairs!

    (I know it’s a joke video but MAN does that annoy me)

  5. It is absolutely okay to talk about different races, their cultures…or how else would we know them? If we could talk about it freely it would less racist than just pretending that we are not racists

  6. Another waste of time and space of the human sub cellular interaction between one human and another. Get a job you lazy fucks another waste of time and space of the

  7. You should actually talk to deaf people normally unless they tell you otherwise since all hearing loss/deaf gain is different

  8. Everything Martin Luther King fought for is being flushed down the toilet thanks to Obama's Presidency you can't judge by someone's character without being labored a Racist or a Sexist.
    Everything is Racist Everything is Sexist.
    It's like a religious cult.

  9. Bro even tho it’s people like the fr it was still funny 💀but don’t be like this people see color just don’t judge based off of it

  10. Race is not just a skin colour you don’t even need to see a person to know the race. For example voice is also different and can be used to determine person’s origin, gender, age. With voice you can possibly know even more, like mood.

  11. Zack's facial expression at 1:51 to 1:56 was my same reaction when I found out my Boss gave his niece a raise because he felt like she would sue him for being sexist if he didn't.

  12. I don’t really care about race either. I notice it unlike the idiotic version on Katie in this video but I just don’t care. In the end we all have thoughts, feelings, and free will so we’re all equal and therefore deserve a group of basic rights. Before you either think I’m a progressive or something I’m also a conservative.

  13. Damn… This "racist" thing goes so deep now that I have seen the video. The more you avoid it the more you see it BY AVOIDING IT

  14. I see race but like, I don't rate and or judge movies based on how many people who aren't white that are in said movies.

  15. I can see race, but I love people as they are. it's fun to have such a colourfull humanity, it would be so boring if we were all the same, everyone are special in their own way, plus it's fun and intresting to learn about other culturs! 😁💕

  16. This sketch was more documentary than satire. The men in the room would be called "racists" because they did not say people are shapeless blobs floating in space without gender or nationality on a college campus. Everyone but the Asian would be accused of "White Privilege", although "race doesn't exist". Yet another reason European-Americans do not owe non-whites a damned thing.

  17. My sister (African typed) believes “I don’t see color” is woke and stuff but what she’s trying to say is that “I don’t value skin color to judge people”, that doesn’t mean you don’t see it duh. 🙄

  18. She's talking such fucking bullshit that after 10 seconds of watching this thrash video I can bet she's feminist. You know the feeling when you're going to a party and there's this stupid blondie who pretends to be the smartass? That's her.

  19. Why is this a discussion? I don’t see race either. When I look at the person, I don’t see your race; I just see you. Why do we have to turn everything into something to argue about? It’s so annoying!

  20. Why would you notice the race of actors? That's not a thing to celebrate if you celebrate it that's racist /sexist it shouldn't matter

  21. Katy is the best!

    Also i think movies were just fine before the whole difference thing. I think it is ridiculous how far its going. Even making little mermaid black is to far, way to far. Or making Vikings black is not correct.

  22. In all honesty, the idea of not seeing color is just poorly worded.
    The phrase is supposed to mean that to them a person's heritage and ancestral origins is meaningless to them. Yes some people look alike, but there are physical variations among those look-alike people. At what point do we decide that a people's similarities are worth being called their own group?
    You don't see people saying they're a part of the "blonde" race or the "squinty-eyed" race, or the "big-nosed" race. Even in Europe, the white races don't identify as white, they identify as italian, russian, or brittish. They identify as a certain nation or culture more than a certain genetic race ore physiological race because among themselves they see more differences than similarities.

    So the phrase "I don't see race" is about rejecting the idea that there's any reason to even categorize people into racial groups.
    Afterall, you don't see people calling african albinos "white people".

    It's just that people who adopt the phrase "I don't see color" use it so poorly. They ignore that other people DO see race, that other people do categorize and judge based on appearance and cut out a very large chunk of context when it comes to understanding one of the most historically universal social issues in history besides sexism.

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