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I Got A Drum Kit!

Yo! What up? It’s ya boi, Jack, back at you once again with another brand new high five top of the mornin’ to ya. So, cool things are happening today because I got a drum kit today! I was been meaning to get a drum kit for the longest time since I moved here. If any of you know, I’ve been playing, I used to play drums for, like, four or five years…almost 5 years, I think. Maybe five, doesn’t fucking matter. So- and when I got here I was like: ‘Oh I finally have like my own house, I have… space, I have room to actually get my own drum kit and actually mess around with it again!’ Because wh-when I was in the apartment back in Ireland wasn’t really the best place to have a drum kit and then I knew I was going to be moving again anyways so I didn’t want to buy too much stuff, and then have to move it across fucking countries. I was gonna say continents.. That’s not how that works. So I finally got one! And it’s not an acoustic drum kit, it’s an electric drum kit. Which is, in some circles, it’s considered blasphemy! Because there’s a lot of.. When it comes to drums, there’s a lot of snobbery in the drum community, a lot of people saying like: ‘Oh, electric drum kits aren’t the same as regular drum kits…’ and that’s true… They’re never gonna be the same as regular drum kits and if in a perfect world I would have a completely separate soundproof room with a full-on acoustic drum kit with… expert mics, all the editing and recording mixers and everything that I’d need and perfect lighting and everything. But it’s not a perfect world, and that’s a lot of hassle. So I decided to get an electric drum kit, and if any of you have been following me for a while you know I said before that I wasn’t gonna get an electric drum kit because I said- I think my exact quote was: ”I’d rather suck my own father’s penis than play an electric drum kit” and at the time I was kind of just having fun and making a Bo Burnham reference. Um… I-I wasn’t like that… heh aggressive towards electric drum kits. But any of the electric drum kits that I had played before were kind of just like these round rubber pads that kind of just They- they kind of just look like pot lids that you would smack and it had just one sound effect that would sound the exact same every single time you hit it there was no nuance to it, there was no subtlety, but then *cough* when I looked into getting a drum kit again I was looking up some electric drum kits now and they’re really good. Some of the electric drum kits these days, if you just heard a listen test, very few people would be able to tell the difference really veteran drummers would be able to tell the difference. I don’t know if I’d be able to. But they’re really really good because they look like real drum kits. Signe even took a picture- or a video of me playing one of the electric drum kits in a drum store trying it out and a lot of people thought that it was a full-on proper drum kit. Even some people who have played drums thought it was a full proper drum kit. Which is crazy and it sounds amazing so I bought that electric drum kit, and I’m gonna put it together in this video. I’m gonna do like a little time-lapse stuff. I don’t have it right here right now. It’s upstairs, and I have to put it together there. You’re gonna see that after this section. This is just an introduction telling you what exactly is going on and I hope to do- After- after I put it together some- I think some bits are kind of missing now.. So I’m gonna have to wait a little while. I think some more bits are coming tomorrow. It didn’t get all shipped at once, which is kind of annoying, but I’ll get to play it eventually. So you get to see me do bit by bit putting it together and… I don’t know. I thought it’d be fun to show unboxing parts of it and… how it’s put together and then hopefully I can play a few bits and you’ll be able to hear it. I don’t know how that’s actually gonna work. I know some of you will be curious about that. Some people probably didn’t even know I could play drum and… It was also a thing that a lot of people out there say they can play an instrument and then when it comes to actually playing it, they can’t really they just say they can play it because it makes them sound cool. I can actually play drums. I’m not saying it to try and make myself sound cool. I’ve played drums for a very very long time. I used to be in a band. I used to like write drums for song parts and everything. I’m a bit sloppy now. I’m not nearly as good as I used to be. So any of the stuff I’m… uploading or any of the stuff I end up actually playing won’t sound that good and I do intend on uploading stuff. I do intend on actually recording some drum covers… and uploading them to the channel. I don’t know if people would be super interested in that but it’s stuff that’s near and dear to my heart and I wanna do it. So I’m just gonna do it anyway. And I’m so fucking excited to actually have a drum kit again, and the possibility of being able to play drums properly again. And to have that creative outlet to be able to play music. It’s been going in my head for the last while I’ve been sta- I’ve gotten back into listening to heavy metal music while I go running. Um… Which by the way is fucking awesome. Nothing gets you more hyped than metal music for running. But I’ve just been listening and internalizing all the drum parts and my head as I run and I just *UGHH* I want to play again. It’s gonna be good, so I’m gonna do a wishy-washy right now, and you’re gonna see me putting together some bits. I don’t know how it’s gonna be edited. I’m gonna unbox some parts and then put some parts together and… hopefully, you’ll be able to hear it because the way electric drum kits work, they’re way way easier to actually record. Which is one of the reasons I got it and noise. A-Acoustic drum kits just makes so much fucking noise and electric drum kits don’t have that problem because you just plug headphones into them or you can plug speakers into them And that’s what- that’s what allows me to just plug, like, a laptop into them and I’m able to export all the sounds to a laptop so any drum covers I do you’ll be able to hear them yourselves like actually what I hear in the headphones so big win in that regard. So… *Jack making the sounds of his people as a transition* Wassup? Now I’m on this camera. I’m sorry if the audio is terrible by the way, this is quite a big room. Um… Okay, I have no idea where to start. Um, there’s a lot of boxes- wait, where’s the actual… That’s a pad package… Okay, this is the actual like, frame, so I’m gonna start putting that together. Don’t- don’t use knives, scary! Box one is down! Funny, how I became an unboxing channel today. I’ve always wanted to be one. Just get technology and unbox it. And then show it off and be like: ‘Yeah! Sweet gadgets!’ This thing comes with a lotta legs. Oh! I should mention as well. It’s like I mean, it’s written there. For anyone who wants to know what make the drum kit is it’s a Roland TD 50 KV. I know that’s gonna mean nothing to a lot of people, but anyone who knows drums will know what that means and know what it is. I try to get like the best one I could get to make sure that it’s what I’m using it for ’cause If I want to do might as well do it right. Ah, f*ck! Okay, here’s one of the drums. Like one of the toms that goes up top. These are insane. This is nothing like- as I said this is nothing at all like what I used to see back in the day for an electric drum kit. It would just be like a rubber pad at like that thick. Now this actually looks like a full-on drum. But it makes like no sound but in the- in the actual drum thing you hear ”boom”. And like this is mesh so it’s spongy so it actually has a lot of bounce and elasticity through so it actually feels like a drum. It’s fucking crazy. It’s cool. I think… Yeah. This is the- the- the brains of the whole thing. So this is like a module. Um… Normal drum kits obviously don’t come with this but you plug everything on the toms and all the skin- or all cymbals and all the drum and the snare and hi-hat and all that kind of stuff into here and then you get to choose what sounds you want on this so you can actually program…different drum sounds if you want. You can play like a a- an actual normal drum kit or you can play something that’s like a jazz kit, or you can play something that’s like synth pads instead of actual drums and then down here which I really like… is the setting that you get to change like the kick, snare, toms, high-hat, crash, ride, auxiliary and ambience. So you get to- if you like playing drums, and you want to make your sound sound a lot more heavy, you can put up the kick drum and the toms and your snare or whatever and then keep the cymbals kind of low So you can mix it how you want. Whereas in olden times you’d have to like do like mic by mic and turn it up and down but this is all just like right there. Which is fucking awesome. I like that about an electric kit. It’s funny how I was shitting on them a while ago, and now it’s like I like this idea. Good. I mean, it’s always a thing and it’s weird because there’s a lot of snobbery in drumming when it comes to like acoustic versus electric kits. I think both have their place. I don’t think an electric kit will ever ever replace a real proper acoustic drum kit. I would… 100% prefer to play an acoustic drum Kit myself given the choice. But scenarios aren’t perfect and for the sake of videos and for the sake of just noise and everything; an electric drum kit is a really good option. *Jack laughing like a giddy lil bean* So, fun thing: this, the seat that you sit on on a drum kit is not just called a drum seat It’s called a drum throne. So I’m literally wait- I’m literally sitting on a throne right now. If this is made out of iron, I could sit on the iron throne and rule the seven kingdoms. it’s fun though *Jack giggles and music plays again* So here we have it! The drums are finally finished. I’ve got them all in place. Some of the stuff didn’t come with it, like this bass drum pedal here and the snare stand don’t actually come with it and the high-hat stand, but I got a high-hat stand at the same time. The pedals were supposed to come at the same time, but they didn’t so I’ve changed because it’s actually two days later since I started unboxing this thing. I really wanted to play it It was just sitting here, and I couldn’t do anything with it, but it’s finally all set up everything’s ready to go So now you can actually have a listen to it and the best part about electric drums is that you get the exact direct audio from the kit. I don’t have to mic it up or anything It’s all just going straight into Audition. Sorry about the bad audio for the- the camera mic. I don’t know what we’re gonna do about that. I’m gonna figure something out when I start recording these things properly. I’ll do a proper like drum video at some point but for now, this is what- this is what the drum kit sounds like when you play it just in- in a room. *dull thuds from the drum kit before going through his computer* Like this doesn’t sound like anything. It sounds just like pamp, pomp, poom, poomp. *hits cymbal* Like you’re just smacking shit, and it doesn’t actually sound like anything. But now we’re going to go straight over to the audio from the drum kit in Audition. *actual realistic drum sounds* *he really plays well!* It’s incredible. It’s fucking crazy the difference, and that’s exactly what I hear in this as well. And then I can just input songs into this thing. Because this thing is handling everything. So I can put songs into that and play along at the same time so I hear the song and then I hear the drums. Like like that way you guys just heard like *random drum sounds* So it sounds like a real drum kit. It’s insane and it has all these little- like as soon as you little taps *cymbal slowly getting louder* It actually sounds like a real thing and it has like- because before electric drum kits would just be “hit” the same one sound all the time. It’d just be a rubber pad, you’d hit it, and there’s no volume change. It would just all be like pap pap pap pap pap, but now you can do *drum taps/rolls slowly get louder* It’s cool. You actually have volume in them. Which is insane and they look like drums. They feel like drums. It’s fucking cool. So I’m- I’m not that good anymore. I used to be much much better, and I’m really rusty. My feet are still pretty good. But my hands need a lot of work,. And I’m not used to like working around the kit anymore. Stuff is slightly different than the kit I used to have. So please don’t judge me too harshly when I play! My timing is a bit off and eventually-
I’m gonna practice a lot and start doing some songs for YouTube videos that’s gonna be good, but for now *drumming* My favorite thing to do is the double bass drum which is *Jack shows what he’s talking about. Watch his feet* *drumming* *Jack giggles* it’s so much fuckin fun! *Jack continues to drum like a mad bastard* I LOVE IT SO MUCH!! I LOVE DRUMS!! *drumming more intensely* *Jack giggles* *drumming* *honk* Another cool thing about this drum kit, is that you can change the sound of the drums. So what I was playing was called ‘power metal’ and then you can change the stuff like this: *changed drum audio* So it sounds way different, and that’s another benefit of electric drums is that you can have a bunch of different sounds all in one instead of having to change all the kit around? It’s super cool. *drumming* Ah! That sounds weird! *tapping on a cymbal* and then things get a little weird because then you have stuff like this *one tap and some spicy music plays* *sexy drumming* *Jack giggles* Wait it’s like- it’s like the start of Rick Roll *the start of Rick Astley’s song Never Gonna Give You Up plays* *Jack giggles* Anyway that does it for this video for now I was- I just wanted to do this to show the actual set-up of the kit and then to get a little sample of what it’s like. I’m going to stay on this I gonna practice a lot and then eventually, I’m gonna start playing some songs. For some videos. Hopefully, anyway. That’s the plan. That’s what I want to do and I don’t know when it’s gonna come to fruition or how. There’s a lot of stuff coming up in the next couple months that is very very time-consuming. So I don’t know if I even have enough time right now to play this as much as I want to but I’m just- I’m just so glad to actually have a drum kit again. And to dick around in it. I’m not the best in the world But God it feels fun. It’s nice to have a musical outlet to play again. I- I missed this. Immensely. It releases so much energy on me and every time I play drums, I come out of it like – all bouncy and happy it’s awesome. I’m even starting to get blisters on me fingers again. Oh blisters on me fingers! Because my hands aren’t used to playing with drumsticks again. Oh so much fun. But anyway. Thank you guys so much for watching this video. If you liked it, PUNCH THAT LIKE BUTTON IN THE FACE, LIKE A BOSS!!! And, high fives all-round. *cymbals* Thank you guys and I will see all you dudes, IN THE NEXT VIDEO!!! *outro song: ”I’m Everywhere” – TeknoAXE* and of course everyone’s favorite: *ba-dum-tss* *Jack giggles* so when anyone tells a good joke anymore you can just use this clip *ba-dum-tss* *Jack giggling*

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  1. I play the drums and before this video I saw the one called playing them in first person and I for the first minute or so though it was a proper acoustic one then I realised it was a extremely good roland one
    Edit: the kit is 7000 pounds

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  3. Ok Iโ€™m in the top band at my school as a percussionist and I play drum set as well. Iโ€™m down for a drum off. Me, you, and Jared

  4. Dude buys an 10 grand (AUD) Roland kit for shits and giggles, then thinks "shit, I need a pedal!" so goes and dusts nearly $1000 on an Axis pedal. Well played good sir, well sir. I'm overwhelmingly jealous! lol

  5. 1-up 2-down. a true drummer at heart. I guess you got a second rack tom, but at least you had the bonham setup before you got a mount for it.

  6. I've wanted a drum kit since I was like 6 years old. I'm fucking 20 years old now, still haven't been able to purchase one… hopefully someday.

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