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I Insist – The Gentleman Standoff (Animated British Comedy Sketch)

[Awful Music] Errrrrrrrrrrr
The Rev Jim Jones: With a degree of dignity [Laughter] Gary: And I said to him: “Look mate
you can take the dog”. AND HE DID! [Laughter] Phil: Oh yes. Oh my it’s, It’s getting late I best be off
Gary: Yeah me too nice catching up with you- -though mate. Excuse me? Can we get the
bill? Phil: Oh no please put that away I’ve got this
Gary: No, no, no, no. I arranged for this
drink I’ll pay for it Phil: Please Gary I insist I get this
Gary: No Phil I insist Phil: No Gary no I insist Gary: No I insist
Phil: No I insist, okay Gary? Gary: No I insist, okay Phil? [Tense Music] [Tense Music]
Phil: Well now looks like we’ve got ourselves a Mexican standoff [Tense Music]
Gary: Seems like we do [Tense Music] Bartender: Look guys just calm down okay? Why don’t you just go Dutch? go dutch [Tense Music]
Phil: GO DUTCH? What do you think this is? Communist Cuba? [Gun Shot] Bartender: Jesus Christ what are you doing?
Gary: What do you think I’m doing? Gary: Well? Go on then. Get the card reader Bartender: Err, err yes. If you want to
check the amount and er enter your- -PIN please and please don’t kill me hahaha please don’t kill me Gary: Contactless?
Bartender: Um unfortunately sir the amount is over the um limit for a contactless payment Gary: What is this? 10% surcharge? Bartender: Oh that! Um that’s just a 10 percent service tip. Um you know it just goes- to the staff you know you? You Don’t have to pay it you don’t have to pay it! Oh whole Gary: Oh- -I’ll Pay [Tense Music] Bartender: Um right sir um he’s your card and receipt and I hope you enjoy the rest of your evening Gary: Thanks you too. Gary: Oh before I leave. What
do I owe you for the mess? Bartender: Huh? Oh the mess! Bartender: Yes yes. I’ll clean up right away! Don’t worry about it sir don’t worry about it at all Gary: Don’t worry about it?! [Gun Shots]

10 thoughts on “I Insist – The Gentleman Standoff (Animated British Comedy Sketch)

  1. Wow! He even tipped the staff, instead of uttering some bullshit excuse to disregard it, too.
    Man, I didn't realize the British were so polite and giving.

  2. Love the tension of waiting for the card to be accepted, that is a moment that always feels awkward in real life. But here it is ramped up to 100. Also just noticed that the close captioning for the opening music is [Awful Music.] That is a nice touch. Hilarious!

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