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I LAUGH AT EVERYTHING | Jacksepticeye’s Funniest Home Videos #3

Yeah Yeah, and then like he flipped upside down and turned his face inside out. It was insane. Oh wait. No I have to go Yeah. No, the people are here. Yeah, okay. Okay. Bye. Bye smooches *Kissing noises* Hello everybody! And welcome back, to the Jacksepticeye’s Funniest Home Videos. I was going to say Power Hour. It’s not that. it’s not a Power Hour. It’s Jacksepticeye’s Funniest Home Videos! Welcome! I was just talking to the… president. about.. how much they love the series. *pop* I have been scouring the internet for hours with a Fine-toothed comedy comb trying to find the BEST videos that the Internet has to offer I only found a few though so I had to turn to Twitter and ask you guys What has been making you laugh recently? And you guys have sent me some home dingers! I think. I haven’t watched them yet. I’ll see. I’ll be judging you very, very harshly You better make me laugh! If I don’t laugh, then I don’t know what’s going to happen. Channel’s gone! Channel’s being shut down. Channel’s gone forever if I don’t laugh Though I laugh at everything…so Should be pretty easy! Video: GREY! Jack: *chuckles and awws*
Video: “What the fuck are you doing?!” Jack: Aw he’s on the roof! Video: “HOW DID YOU GET UP THERE!?” Video: GREY!
*Laughter* Oh, it just repeats. Video: “What the fuck are you doing?!”
Jack: Aww. Video: “HOW DID YOU GET UP THERE” That’s a very very good question. Better question: how’s he gonna get him down from there?? Oh, and Grey is such a cute name for a dog! That’s adorable. That’s more adorable than it is funny. Welcome to Jacksepticeye’s Most Adorable Home Videos Man in video:Well, the sign says that it’s four quarters for an hour, but a quarter only gets you 15 minutes. So if my math is correct, That’s not an hour. Woman in video: That’s not an hour. But.. it is!
And also! Jack: Ohh no! Man in video: Rewind, take that off. Take that off! You’re right, 15 minutes! I swear to god I do not do drugs, I have not had liquor My friends are leaving me. Jack: Aw that poor man! “…please dont put that on..” Aww that poor man! noo! Ah, dude, I feel you so hard though Not like that The amount of times I’ve made such a big ass brain fart just because of math, ESPECIALLY math whenever it comes to math i’m like ‘oh, think very carefully about what you’re going to say’ cause in my head i’m like, “this makes sense” and then I say it out loud, i’m like “uh-oh..” ugh No, I feel you dude. Oh, I feel so bad for him. he was so upset. Video: *birthday song tune* “-you smell like one too. okay blow it out dog” Jack: *laughing* oh no That’s unfortunate. Oh man, not only is he eating ass like a fine gentleman, but he’s eating prehistoric ass Beautiful. I myself though, am a true gentleman. when I eat ass, I do it with a knife and fork I also love that they start off the video like eight-year-olds Video: You look like a monkey…
And you smell like one too! That really is life, isn’t it? You start off in life being a kid, and you make all those silly jokes, you grow up into a teen and an adult then Life just BEATS you into the ground and then you become old again {again?} And you don’t really need to care about anything anymore and you just start making the eight-year-old jokes again. This one’s called ‘Human Arcade’! *Old-school video game sound effects play with the video.* Woah! *music and sound effects* hahaha! aw that’s good! *video game sounds* Holy- ah no! that was awesome! I’m want to watch so much more of that! holy crap! *music and sounds* *sean attempts to do the same as them* I Want to go to that entire show *music and sounds with a verbal BLOOP from sean* That’s awesome. That’s my favorite part! *dun dun dun dun* and the little *tck tck tck* the feet aw That’s good, I want more of this! Billy Eichner: “Can you guys speak English?” Billy: “Okay, this is one of the biggest stars in the world, right now? Who is it?” MY BOY! Woman: “I have no idea.”
“Oh my god, it’s Chris Pratt!!” How dare you? woman:”im sorry!” Man: you know guardians of the galaxy? *woman shakes head* OOOH my god How dare you not know my boy? My child.. My HANDSOME, baby, Chris Pratt “Sir, for a dollar biggest star in the world right now.” “Hollywood Reporter says, who is this?”
-“I don’t know” “Okay. Thank you.” Wait are you offering them a dollar?? Even if you get it right It doesn’t really feel like it’s worth all that much. though, you do get to meet Chris Pratt and that would be pretty damn awesome. That’s still on my bucket list. Maybe I should call up the president again, and ask them if I can meet Chris Pratt. Woman: “Oh my goood!” Billy: “YES! What’s his name?” Woman: ..Chris Evans! Billy: “NOOOO!” UGHHH Chris Evans? such a blow to the face.. This is just hammering down Chris Pratt’s self-esteem video “It’s Josh Duhamel!” Woman: “woOAAAW” “YEEES JOSH DUHAMEL!!” Josh Duhamel… wait who is Josh Duhamel? oooh yeah that’s Josh Duhamel. Wait, his name is pronounced Duhamel? I’ve been pronouncing it Josh Du-ha-mel for so long Oh, no…! this is- @LIKEABOSS sent me this saying “Anti saying ‘I am a turtle'”? “I AM A TURTLE” *Laughter* “I AM A TURTLE”
oh, I can’t unhear it now! fuck! *video replays* “I!!!! aM A tURtLe!!” When you think about how serious he is! I!!!! AM A TURTLE!! *Laughter* …fuck..! That’s a good one! you made me laugh! good job! Is this Bryan… Dechart? Oh my god it is. “Yeah, I’m crabby and you want to know why?” “Because I have crabs.” That’s right. I thought it’d be all fun “and games to go to Mexico and have sex with a hooker named “Los cangrejos” It turns out, in Spanish, That means “the crabs”. So the next time you think to yourself Hey, I’ll have sex with a woman whose name in that language, means “the crabs”, Maybe you’ll open up your travelers dictionary. But hey Now, you know.” WHAT is happening?! What is going, What did you do to my sweet baby boy. My sweet Connor the Android from Cyberlife Speaking of Connor the Android from cyber life. I’ve seen this one already. This one’s pretty good. *SLAPS INTENSIFY WITH INTENSE VOLUME* “It’s me, Connor!” jesus christ! *giggles* *SLAPS INTENSIFY AGAIN* ive only ever listened to this with my phone, but its so much worse with headphones! *holy shit* “It’s me, Connor” the Android sent from Cyberlife “that has got to be the best pirate I’ve ever seen” “so it would seem…” *intense music with jack lauching* look at him go! Holy shit! I’m givin you mad respect for that one oh my god. is it- please tell me this is a whole compilation type of thing. “so it would seem…” Ah, my dude! That dudes fucking rips! That dude fucks. that dude fucks and smokes. “bear gets hit in the nuts for messing with my water tank” he’s just scratching his back? *WHAPOOSH* Ooh! oh no! *laughs* oh no! Man down! man down! MEDIC!!! Any people out there who’ve been hit in the balls before, you know how that feels. Because it’s not just getting hit in the balls, and then it’s like “ooh, Ow bad” It’s like you get hit the balls and it’s like “uh oh.. ” “oh I’m gonna have to sit down cause the next ten minutes are gonna be agony.” And then it feels like someone has just ripped open your intestines. {thats a good way of putting it though..} “God’s gonna put a cancer in the butt hole. God’s gonna put a cancer in the butthole of every sodomite every sodomite butthole will get cancer in the butthole. It’ll burn and burn and burn They won’t be able to sit down because of the burning in their butthole.” Oh my god. This dude really likes to say butt hole “They won’t be able to sit down because of the cancer burn and burn and fire in their butthole because of the cancer in their BUTTHOLE.” ‘you come to my birthday with a birthday gift to my birthday party on my birthday with a birthday gift.’ I already love this “dad, you’re drooling a little bit. you got a little bit of drool on your chin, dad.” *baby sounds* aw thats so cute! *video replays* *imitates the baby in video* aww.. these aren’t making me laugh, they’re just making me “aww”. oh my god, this this person’s going to work *kid has difficulties blowing out candles* “blow harder, noah.” *laughter* *sean imitates the boy in clip* Jesus they were really trying! *video replays*
“blow harder noah.” “Come here!” *child dodges by sliding down some stairs* oh my god, that’s creepy. I think I’ve seen that in a vine video where the baby comes back up the stairs in reverse Throw that baby out! that baby’s no good. You’re gonna have to get a different baby after that. oh please. fall in. Do it *slips and falls in river* oh I wanted it to happen, but oh that looked painful! *slips again, with sean laughing* ohh, I’m going to hell.. there’s just something hilarious about people getting hurt! Dada Dada Dada, it’s the one and only D O double G, Snoop Dogg! I was trying to make it like a thug life kind of reference, it wasn’t really working out *video plays and jack bursts into laughter* Why? thats so dumb! it’s so dumb! the sound effects sounded like a video game character getting punched! The person laughing at the end even sounds like a dog. oh It’s so cute! I want it. I want that dog! listen to the sound effect. “this is either going to work, or its not.” well ya. my life in a nutshell *insert multiple sound effects of this scene being a disaster* *crashing with a grunt from the man* *Man laughs* *LAUGHTER* ah, Yes, that’s my guy That’s a positive mental attitude right there Even when you fall over and break your ass, you can still laugh about it. I hope he’s okay, though! pretty puppy! *dog making sounds that sound like Star Wars’ tie fighter ships* My god, it’s so perfect! oh my god that one specifically is exactly like that How? That’s amazing! I wish I had that dog that sounded like a Tie fighter coming at me every time *more doggo sounds*
Yes okay this is the last one somebody sent me. “a husky scream” dog screams are always gonna- there’s so many dog videos in this one! girl in video: “i love you [dog name]!” *dog howling* *DOG HOWLING INTENSIFIES* *SCREAMING* *laughing* Why is it the screaming that gets me? it’s the screaming and the loud noises- oh shocker! . Oh my god, that’s so good! That’s not the dog actually making that sound is it? it turns it’s something a human at the end Okay That was good That was some good shit right there this all this pretty to like a try not to laugh video is at the start Because nothing was making me laugh. I was giggling and then I was wincing and I felt bad for people but You brought it around in the end Internet. Yeah, I was worried about them as well, but they really brought it around in the end Yeah, oh, they’re still here. Sorry doesn’t this episode of jacksepticeye’s Funniest Home Videos? Even though they’re not from home and they’re actually just from the Internet. Those were some Those are some good ones. I want to do more of these as well So if you have any funny videos, please send them along flood my inboxes, flood my timelines with funny videos And we have a good time next time but for now Thank you guys so much for watching and as we always say in the biz, Have… Have a good one (outro music) *cough*

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  2. 9:56
    Jack you have just changed my entire viewpoint of this meme now whenever I see that Im gonna think its creepy


  4. Oh crap; that second video is from my local news station. Cool, proof that I'm surrounded by the dumbest of the dumbs…

  5. 2:29 I had ordered French toast that came with regular toast as a side once and I swear when I got asked what type of toast I wanted I almost said French. I was extremely tired XD

    'What if you had fewer migraine days?'-commercial

    '*I hit the skip button*'

    '*THUMPS FACE*'-dog


  7. yeah, i’m crabby
    and you wanna know why?
    because i have crabs
    i though it’d be all fun and games to go to mexico have sex with a hooker named * ”Los Cangrehos” *
    it turns out in Spanish, that means
    _ “THE CRABS” _


    so the next time you think to yourself:
    “hey! i’ll have sex with a woman whose name in that language means the crabs

    maybe you’ll open up your traveler’s dictionary.

    but hey-

    know you know

    *bryan side steps out of frame

  8. A quarter of hour is 15 min, it is math. No mah man, it is a common knowledge. If you've ever seen a classic watch, you know it. 😀

  9. It’s crazy to believe I’ve watched this so many times but yet everytime i watch it it’s like I’m watching a whole new video 😂

  10. In the video where the hiking person falls into the water, look at the person that's already on the other side's reaction when the first person falls. They're like "Oh my go–"

  11. If you got the spicy wing at Wendy’s add then go to wing stop and say “I need your hottest wings” and. Compare them. I’m your twelve year old news reported saying Wendy’s is scamming you the atomic wings will kill you faster

  12. “I wish I had a dog that sounded like a TyFighter” get a Beagle or a Basset Seán, own an animal louder then you enjoy that headache

  13. I not only was hit in the balls, but a very hard football hit me in the balls thrown directly at me full force by a strong guy. I couldn't run for about 3 hours and I walked weird for the day

  14. Woooooow trump must be reaaaalllllllyyyyyy bored if he’s watching jack😂😂 I would love to see trump laughing his ass off in his Oval Office like “mr president?” Trump: slaps screen down” yes?

  15. Once my friend said “ you can’t spell awesome without me”
    I said “ yea you can”
    All my friends look at me for a minute
    Then I said “wait no you can’t”
    Another family “it’s also Taylor swifts newest song”
    Then we played the song.

  16. Am i the only on that is disapointed in jack for saying "connor the android from cyber life" and not "connor the android sent by cyberlife"

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