Laughter is the Best Medicine

I Overshared So Now You Have To

(thermos dings) – Oh hey, how’s it going? – Not good. (sighs angrily)
– Uh, everything okay? – Last night, I got in an
argument with my boyfriend Slat. – Uh, about what? – Soap, but it dug up
this buried resentment he has toward his mom, and now, I’m not sure I ever wanna get married. It’s just hard, because
he lives in Australia, so we only have these short
windows to talk at night, and last night, I had to hang up, because I had diarrhea. Long distance is hard. You know? – Yeah, it sounds hard. – Wait, um, (snap) I think I remember. (snapping) You did long distance, right? – Yeah. – Cool, so what’s goin’ on? – Oh, you know. Same old stuff. Um, oh, I think we’re getting pizza for the lunch meeting today. – Kay, no, I went, so you have to go. – Huh? – I shared my personal problems, many which you can relate to, and you didn’t reciprocate, so now it’s uneven, and
I feel vulnerable, so. – I thought I was like,
listening and stuff. – Listen, that is not helpful. – Um, you want diarrhea medicine? – No, I need you to share a
story of equal or greater pain. – Why? – Because that’s how humans heal. I dump my B.S. on you, and you dump on me. – Oh.
– So. – I guess just don’t really
vent about my problems. – Tell me about your long
distance relationship. You’ll feel better. – It was so long ago, I don’t
wanna dredge up the past. – Just one detail, tell me. – Okay, um, fine. Long distance was hard. – No! Were you jealous? There was jealousy, there’s
always jealousy, right? – I need to go for a walk or– – No, no, no, no. Were you insecure?
– I’m so tired. – It’s normal right? Everyone goes through this? Come back, come back. Just tell me one weird or shameful thing about your life so I can feel less personally cursed and alone! – Okay, um, I had pizza twice this week, and I want it again! Wow, yeah, it feels good. – Why are you doing this to me? I’m nice to you, I don’t– – Oh hey John! – Oh hey, how’s it going? – Badly, my boyfriend
ended things last night. I feel like a loser. – Oh, I’m so sorry to hear that. Breakups are the worst, right?
– Yeah. Hey, thanks for letting me vent. – See, John shares his feelings about being a single freak who
will never find love, and that makes him feel better! John, you are safe to share
your feelings with me any time. – No thanks, I’m good. (sobs) – Why are we all suffering alone? – Jenny, stop! Look what you’re doing to him. – Tatum, what do you hate about your life? What are you ashamed of? Just tell me one thing so I can move on. – Okay, fine! I don’t always floss. – Okay, overshare, I do
not know you like that.

100 thoughts on “I Overshared So Now You Have To

  1. Ironically, Tao's introduction of the diarrhea medicine didn't prevent the excessive dumping of BS, but I guess Slat's Slat.

  2. I feel so lonely yet too clingy when I try to connect to others, I feel like I have no real friends anymore and they juste bare my presence out of pity or the fear that I might just end my days which would then linger on their conscience ✌🏽✨

  3. I don't use toilet seats. I just sit on the porcelain rim. The seats are too wide and if you're not perfectly situated then you get poop on the edge. Plus they get loosened over time and you slide a little. It's so much more stable without it.

  4. Sometimes I watch too many collegehumor videos, and I forget about the time space continuum, and then I eat chocolate and think about all my issues. How's your day been?

  5. I feel you Tao – all the time people at work tell me personal issues and then when I don’t “share” my personal life they ask probing questions to which I give generic answers … I realize I must drive them crazy after watching this lol

  6. I hate people who think just because they tell you everything about their personal life that you should do the same. Nobody's forcing you to share your life story with anyone. Keep your fucking personal business to yourself and family.

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  8. CollegeHumor must be working with NSA so that they know all the insecurities we had and derives ideas from it to make videos and makes fun of us

  9. this attacked me so hard i mean i should have seen it coming but ouch i feel so vulnerable now it hurts so much, please share the vulnerability

  10. I had Pizza three times this month… and get this …(this is so embarassing, I don't know if I should ….) I added anchovies and pineapple together ON THE SAME PIZZA !!!!

  11. Only response you should give to somebody who randomly decides to share nonsense drama regarding their life you didn't ask for is, "Oh." As long as you don't mind people hating you because you aren't pandering to their garbage emotional state.

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