Laughter is the Best Medicine

I PRANKED My Sister and Drop her iPHONE Funny Pranks!

– Hey guys, it’s Evelyn. And if you watch our Channel, you probably know that
Emily won a new iPhone. – It’s an iPhone. – Last second! – Okay guys, I just got myself an iPhone, and I’m like super happy, this is crazy! – And she’s spent so
much time on that thing! She spends more time
each day on her iPhone than with me or Mango! Mango’s pretty sad about it. If you don’t believe me, come and see. Hi, Emily, Mommy wanted to know if you’re unpacking the
boxes from the move. – I was, I’m just taking a break. – I don’t really see a difference, but… – What are you filming? – Oh, just a little
update on the Instagram, to show our rooms. – Bye? – Bye. See what I mean? She spends so much time on that phone. And she did prank me really, really good with my Gucci shoes a few months ago. – Right there, of course,
right on top of the box. (whimsical music) – Emily, you think this is funny? – So it’s payback time! So I got a new phone, too! Just kidding. If it looks real, it’s not real. Look guys, it looks exactly the same. It even has the Apple
logo, it says iPhone, it’s the same color, and I
have the perfect prank for her. I’m going to replace her
phone with this phone, and she’s gonna think that
I ruined her real phone. And yeah, that’s what I’m going to do. So before I do this prank,
I need to plan it out. So let me think about it. Mango, do you have any ideas? That’s kind of rude. You need to help me out here. – Your ideas are putting me to sleep. – I got it! I bet Emily’s still on her phone. Emily, why are you still on your phone? – Because I can be. – You need to unpack! – I can do that tomorrow. – No, you can’t. – Why can’t I? – Mommy says you are not
going to have your phone for a whole day if you don’t unpack. – Well, I’ll do it soon, trust me, I – – No, no. You’ve been on your
phone for hours and hours. Get to unpacking! – I will unpack, just give
me like 10 minutes now. – No! What do you do on your
phone for hours and hours? – You’ll understand when
you get your own phone. – Okay, well, anyways, I’m
taking Mango for a walk, are you coming? – Yeah, sure, just wait a second. – No, no. Mango has been
waiting for an hour. – Okay, wait, just let
me finish this minigame. – Minigame? What is that? – Roblox. – Okay, come! – Fine. – Okay, Mango, we’re going for a walk! – Wait, my phone! – You seriously need
your phone everywhere? – Yeah. – Can’t forget the fake phone. (instrumental music) – Emily, are you gonna be on
your phone the whole time? – Yeah, so? – Emily, can I borrow
your phone for a second? – No. – Come on, I just want to check something. Just one second. – Fine, you have literally a second. Are you done yet, can
I have my phone back? – No, I’m not done yet. – I said one second, it’s
been more than a second. – No, I’m not done yet. I need to check something. – This is my phone, give it back to me. – No, you were on your
phone for hours and hours. – You’re gonna break
my phone, give it back! Give my phone back to me! – No! (phone shattering) – Emily, what did you do? You just broke my phone! – Oh, oops! There’s a car coming! – Oh, no, my phone! (screen cracking) – [Phone Operator] We’re sorry,
the number you have dialed is not in service at this time. (suspenseful music) – Evelyn, look at what you’ve done! It’s in pieces! – I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to! – It’s shattered in pieces,
I’m going to go and tell Daddy. – Okay. Come on, Mango. – Daddy, Evelyn threw
my phone, and then she – – [Dad] What? – And she threw it and a car came, and it ran all over the phone
and it’s falling everywhere, and look at how cracked it is! It’s shattered! – [Dad] Cracked? That’s destroyed. – Shattered everywhere. – [Dad] A car ran over this phone? – Yes, it did. It was parking there,
and it just quickly ran over the phone. – [Dad] Well, he didn’t
do it on purpose, right? – I don’t think so, but
there was a phone there, and it was my phone, and
Evelyn threw it on the street. And a car was going in
that area so it could park, and they ran over the phone, and now it’s shattered to pieces. – [Dad] Shattered? This phone is destroyed. It’s done. – [Emily] Yeah, look at it. – [Dad] I can’t even
get a new screen for it, because the back of it
is all messed up, too. Look at the camera part. The camera part is destroyed,
and it’s still falling apart. Look at what a mess? You know how much this phone cost? – Yeah, I know, can you get me a new one? Please, can you try to fix it? – [Dad] You are not getting a new phone. You didn’t take care of your
phone, you didn’t protect it. – Are you kidding me, Evelyn threw it! – [Dad] No, no, no, no, no! So what? It’s done. This phone is broken, so that
means you don’t have a phone. (stomps) Oh, by the way, there’s
more boxes to unpack, better get on it! (stomps) – I can’t believe this! Oh, good, Evelyn is back. Evelyn! Evelyn, you’re getting me a new phone! – Why? – Wait, how did you get that phone? – You mean your phone? – My phone is gone now,
you broke it to pieces! – Then what do you think this is, Emily? – Let me see that! This is my phone! What just happened? – I don’t know, what
do you think happened? – I literally just had my
phone broken to pieces, and now here it is, all normal again. – That wasn’t your phone,
that was a fake phone, duh! Looks like you get pranked, Emily! – What? Daddy! – Mango, looks like we
pranked Emily really good. I hope that she learned
her lesson to not sit on the phone all day. – Ah, my precious phone, I’ll never let Evelyn get
her pesky hands on you again. Payback. I can get her real good.

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