Laughter is the Best Medicine

I Was Just Jogging Comedy Sketch | Michael Jr.

I love doing comedy. I was doing a show in uh, Hermosa Beach at
the Comedy and Magic Club right… I leave and I’m walking to my car, and it’s
getting a little cold, little dark outside. So I’m thinking, let me hurry up to get to
where I need to be. So I start jogging. [Chuckles in crowd] Then this white lady,
with her little jogging outfit on, came around the corner about 20 feet in front of me. We jogging in the same direction now. [Laughter] Then…she looked back… [Laughter] She started jogging faster! So I looked back too. [Laughter] Now I didn’t see anything back
there… [Laughter] but if a white person’s scared of it, Michael Jr. is scared of it too! [Crowd Laughter & Clapping] So I started jogging faster. After she looked back again, she took off
in full stride! This time I didn’t even look back. [Laughter] I also kicked in the gears! [Laughter] I could have easily passed her
up, but I’m thinking… “No, I can’t just leave this defenseless lady
out here by herself.” [Laughter] “Whoever back there gonna get her!” [Laughter] So I yelled up to her, “Is that
as fast as you can run?!” [Laughter] [Cheers] [ Footsteps running away
and fade to silence]

70 thoughts on “I Was Just Jogging Comedy Sketch | Michael Jr.

  1. God Bless You.. Laughter is like a medicine and, with your videos and acts, I will never be sick.. Love these, Thank you

  2. OMGosh!!! You are soooo funny! Thanks for the wonderful laughs and for letting God work through you to allow others to laugh! God Bless You Michael Jr. and your whole family too. : )

  3. I've heard this joke of a thousand times oh, and a thousand times it's been funny, but… watching it took me to a whole nother level. Michael Jr., as we say in my family. You're stupid!!! That just means that you are hilarious dude! Love your ministry!

  4. FUUUNNNEEE333!!!
    Real Comedy that's true to its form. Michael Jr., your hilarity is VERY MUCH APPRECIATED…

  5. Michael Jr I have been looking around for you! I remember this comedy clip! Great video of it!! Pray that all is well for you and your family. You are so much more than funny. Thank you for using your gifts to further the Kingdom.

  6. As a GOD-FEARING AMERICAN BLACK MAN, Michael Jr.,took a negative stereotype that is perpetually spoken & viewed towards American Black men & turned it into something positive.And yes this is on point & absolutely true.I am glad that ALMIGHTY GOD has bestowed upon Michael Jr's. life the gift to bring joy & laughter into a person's life.Like the APOSTLE PAUL, let us examine ourselves daily.The Church as segregated as it is, should not be, but we can strive to practice GENUINE,SINCERE &PURE LOVE towards those who do not look like us….PEACE & BLESSINGS to MY TRUE BROTHERS & SISTERS 'N CHRIST!!!.

  7. H I L A R I O U SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! …and unfortunately, PUNNY-AS-HECK!!!! Yepp.

  8. Sometimes i need a good laugh.. And i come to videos of God fearing people like this with the gift of humor and they make me laugh with joy. The "comedy" in hollywood is nothing but cursing, sex jokes, and more cursing… How cursing is funny I will never know. This is true humor here….

  9. Man, I wish I could give this a thumbs up and a thumbs down too, because it deserves a thumbs up but it almost as much deserves a thumbs down and it's almost like I think someone even cares what I think about it.

  10. This is hilarious! It is also very eye-opening for all of us! Thanks for being relevant and funny as all get out, Michael Jr!

  11. Hilarious but sad that so called black men still have a stigma associated with us reminiscent of scenes from “The birth of a nation”.

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