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So I went to a climate strike a couple weeks
ago and afterwards I posted a photo of me at strike on Instagram. And that post really blew up, it got like
900 likes, and I think it was because of the sign I made for the climate strike. *laughing* I wrote a book. *boppin tunes* That’s better. Heeeeeey you. Yeah you. Are you interested in environmental sustainability? What about the science of climate change? Do love learning how the world works? If you answered yes to any or all of these
questions, boy oh boy do I have the book for you. Lemme put the microphone back
now. It feels so weird to actually hold this in my hands because I’ve been working on it for so long and now hundreds of hours of work have transformed into this physical, tangible thing. It’s so cool. So yeah. I wrote a book. It’s called Behold This Compost: How City-Wide
Compost Programs Work and Why We Need Them Now More Than Ever. Fun fact: Behold This Compost is a quote from
a wonderful Walt Whitman poem, and because his poems are out of copyright, I actually
got to include that poem at the beginning of the book, so that’s nice. I’ve been studying compost and environmental
sustainability for the past year now, and this book is a collection of everything I
learned. You might even remember me making a video
on San Francisco’s compost program a while back, but that was only a small slice of what
I’ve been studying. This book goes so much deeper, from why the
Newtown Pippin is the most important apple you’ve never heard of to how the Earth’s
orbit affects its climate to so much more. The book also has a bunch of personal, memoir-esque
anecdotes of my life, and it’s printed in full colour with some beautiful images and
graphs. So, uh, if you’re like me and love a good
graph, this book is for you. Here’s the really cool part about this (in
my humble opinion): You can buy the book right now for $15 at, but
I wanna make sure that as many people can read this book as possible. I kinda hate putting my work behind a paywall,
and I’m not looking to make a ton of money on the book. I just wanna make sure that if you wanna read
this, you can. So that being said, any patron on my Patreon
$5 or above will get this book. So, that means you could theoretically get
this book for only $5. Uh fun fact: it actually costs more than $5 to print this
book, but, once again, I’m totally fine losing money on this if it means more people
can read it. Plus, any patron $25 or above gets a personalized,
signed copy of the book, so that’s super neat. You can cancel your pledge on Patreon after
just a month, but if you wanna help me in my mission to communicate science and humanities
in fascinating ways, your continued support really does help not just Technicality, but
everything I do. So, if you can stick around on Patreon for
more than a month, I would be incredibly grateful. Plus there are some other cool perks too! I wanna end this video by saying thank you. Thank you so so much. Your support throughout all these years enables
me to continue to make stuff I love and share them with you. So please do check out the book, I really
hope you like it. I put a ton of work into it, and I’m really
happy with how it turned out. Thanks for watching, DFTBA, and explore on. *even more boppin tunes*

29 thoughts on “I WROTE A BOOK!

    Thank you so so much. Hundreds of hours went into this book, and I really hope you like it.

  2. Next you need to make a calendar. Also, why didn't you start selling compost in little vials? It worked so well for that gamer girl….

  3. This is super cool! Any chance there is a way to buy the online version? I would love to read it but I'm not a fan of physical books

  4. Man, that sign is a giant groove (I heard "mood" is going out of fashion, so I'm trying to stay with the times. Ah, the struggles of being 21…)

  5. It's amazing that you wrote a book! Congratulation on actually finishing and publishing it! I just bought it and I can't wait to read it.
    On a different note, when I saw the thumbnail, I thought, "On no. He's going to shame us all for producing carbon." To say the least, I'm relieved that you are still just enthusiastic about science. This may seem to go against what I just said, but a political book that I do recommend is "Ship of Fools", by Tucker Carlson. I just finished listening to it on Audible (which is the best way because it's narrated by the author), and it amazing me how calmly and respectfully he talks about corruption in the government. Tucker is a respectable man, "Ship of Fools" is a great book in my opinion.

  6. Hey, when I say I was with this channel since the beginning, I mean it. In fact, I stole the “same cake, different color” experiment for my fifth grade science fair. I’m so glad that you wrote this, and I will definitely try to buy!!

  7. I want to die instantly and painlessly, not slowly and gasping for clean air

    Also later, much later than now, later is the ideal dying time

  8. congrats on the book, city composting programs are incredibly important and now you've got me wondering what could be so important about the newtown pippin. What's the music that was used in the video?

  9. Is one of the patreon perks random infomercial-esque ads? Because you really nailed that announcer voice, and I had to go back and watch it a couple times.

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