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iAuditor | Tremco | Cracking the Culture Code

We are in one of the most dangerous
businesses in the entire construction industry What are our injuries, what are the safe hazards that we’re having? We are able to now attribute volume of quality audits with decrease of incidents and injury
that shows us that if you do this better this gets better and we all win It’s critical I mean we needed this We have about 645 fieldmen across 50 states the consequences are just too great How many times do you watch the news in the morning and you hear about a freak accident. One
mistake could take your life. We consider ourselves a family and no one wants our
family to get injured. Back when I started roofing it was normal for us to go up on a roof and just go to work not be tied off. Anything above six foot is a
severe hazard – to death. Working on edges two stories up it was just what we did. In the past we weren’t looking for enhancement of our program we were
pencil whipping the guys basically looking for the mistakes. You know, I
think it was just an old construction culture I don’t think it’s different
than anybody else’s that had it. You know we used paper forms – where did the paper go? In someone’s desk, in a filing cabinet… you know the information kind of died right there. What happened in your world happened in your world and didn’t
go anywhere else. I was frankly tired of the antiquated
way of capturing the information that we absolutely needed to become better. iAuditor has been able to help us confine the data so that we can identify what’s
the best approaches. This was the best tool that I saw that gave us the ability
to do it our way. He knew he was gonna have to daily collect data and someone
was gonna have to be able to review it and when it’s so many people so many
places I mean really right now it’s only Ro and two of his safety managers for
the whole country. What sold us on it was we had the ability to take that tailored
form – disseminate it across the full breadth of thousands of people and have
them personalize it to their particular job. Ro knew that this was a very
simple process for him to do and he could build it to fit our organization.
All right guys we’ve all conducted our DTA’s for the day we’re gonna have our
flag lines up or safety lines six foot from the edge don’t go outside. The DTA is a Daily Task Analysis that I truly believe that it’s essential to our business – it’s
essential to saving lives. A DTA is an overview of the hazard you’ve identified.
You know, what kind of fall protection do we need? Are the walls high enough? Are
there skylights, are the skylights unprotected? If there’s something that
needs to be flagged – you need to flag it and make us aware of it. Our new method
for doing DTA’s through iAuditor has been able to provide extreme visibility
to what they’re doing in the field. We’re getting to get a really good picture
with the photos and the notes that they’re adding into the DTA’s. Everybody
does it. Some of these things that one guy might have missed – four guys won’t
miss it. But they all have to do the DTA on their phone, they all have to walk
through the questions and the answers so that they’re all aware. If you’re on a
roof you’re doing a DTA. Hey I was just viewing a DTA from Eric Shepherd. I
engage in the Daily Task Analysis in the iAuditor program every single day that I
wake up. And I noticed down in the body of the DTA he’s talking about… The iAuditor program’s been so good by being able to have our guys more engaged and
what can we do to make your job better and safer? Once we started preaching that message to them that this is an empowerment tool it just caught like
wildfire. I think it’s important that they see that each of them matter. They
are just fully engaged with the process because they know that something they
did just from an everyday work experience actually matters. One of the biggest things I learned we instituted this
program is how aware our guys were, but how afraid they were to say anything. You
can pull the data out of iAuditor and say – okay we have an issue we need to
identify – how do we help them? So that has just eliminated, virtually taken away, a
lot of the near misses because of the awareness that the program’s brought on
to us. The iAuditor processes specifically the DTA I know for a fact
has had two situations where it has saved a life on a project. Everybody now has the
same message and I’m not sure that 5-10 years ago we had the same message. We
just have really have instituted a safety culture, that’s unheard of in the
industry – to live this culture. Everyone says it, but we live it.

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