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Ideas from people with BIG BRAINS

Eat the toilet paper, so it wipes on the way and Good evening, everyone My name is Peter and I don’t mean to brag but I have a very large brain just like the person who wrote this god-awful Reddit post so today we’re gonna explore more people with big brains and perhaps You might find that you are big brain as well. I love this one You don’t have a skeleton inside you you’re a brain. You are inside a skeleton You’re piloting a bone mech that is using meat armor. I never felt more Powerful, I mean technically you’re not wrong big brain. Very large brain. I bet this guy can whip out a Cobblestone generator in half a second my god, so we’re all an anime Mecca. That’s so cool. To be honest It’s not Premarital sex if you never get married, baby What? I’ve been lied to a new scientific study claims that fertility is hereditary if your parents didn’t have any children chances, are you won’t either It took me a second but big brain that’s I Understand this isn’t minecraft It’s funny how we we tend to mimic our parents behavior. What you okay? I got one for you guys Here’s one for you big brains. What smells better? I’m sending 163 subscribers to BünyaminTV subscribers Nose I Get it. I Was like what is a nose smell like oh You can’t spell v Nine-year-olds write that down Things I wish I didn’t know. Okay. This is not big brain. Get out of my sight So I met a cute guy at the bar last night dance with him says he doesn’t have a girlfriend We exchanged snapchat look him up on Facebook, and he doesn’t have a girlfriend He has a wife the gray Everyone knows the smartest people in the world Socrates Stephen Hawking’s Einstein They all had very large heads Einstein’s brain weighed only which is less than average adult male Einstein had small brain small brain Here’s one for you youtube lovers. What’s the best way to download a YouTube video? Screenshot each second and play it on PowerPoint small brain Hey if the public Bathroom door is locked Don’t forget to try and repeatedly open it and give the person using it and paralyze be expected It’s like when you’re waiting for the elevator and the the button is clearly lit up But someone comes in anyway and decides to click it for you The door is locked I’m sending 163 subscribers to BünyaminTV subscribers But it I’m having a ship cut in your tennis balls in half allows you to store two more balls in each camp Thus saving space small brain. Very small. My brain is so tiny. This is another typical problem with capitalist America, why can’t they just they can clearly fit more tennis ball, but they chose not to Disgusting people will stop showing you pictures of their kids if you whisper are freaky Under your breath when you look at their focus. Ah Wow What a fantastic tip that had that is so helpful yeah, I Like that one Only a fool would buy IKEA furniture Instead just download the instructions and keep emailing their service department to say that I’m missing a piece until they ship me all the pieces over a six month period Swedish break this is an old hack everyone in Sweden Does this come on don’t waste my time being vegan has been so freaking easy I literally just stare at the Sun and I’m full. Thanks Photosynthesis. I mean, I never tried it so maybe it works. Ah If you are behind someone at an ATM late at night Let them know that you’re not a threat by giving them a gentle kiss on their neck See this is the kind of stuff that I wish People taught me when I was growing up. It takes 45 muscles to frown but only 10 muscles to smile Frown all day lose weight get ripped gains Damn Brian you’ve been working now. Yeah right now I actually feel it. Damn. I will actually get a big break My forehead will be massive The games Apply garlic to freshly open cut or burn to immediately intensify the pain Thank you. This is so helpful. Oh God, I’ve been barely injured garlic, please. What does that help? Okay. Here you go. Ahh I keep a fruit sticker on top of my head so that if cannibals ever eat me He’ll have to peel the sticker off first giving me time to escape How to learn anything ten Times faster I speed at the video times 1.5 so that I can learn I’m sending 163 subscribers to BünyaminTV subscribers Damn oh, I’m sorry. You read books. I listen to audio books at ten times the speed Oh, I’m sorry. You listen ten times the speed I listened at five RT books at the same time in twenty times the speed It’s quick. It’s easy and it’s free pouring river water into your socks. Why would I do that? LMI? It’s quick. It’s easy. It’s free you Can apply that to anything really buying thirty five words it’s quick it’s easy. It’s You got the point if you ever feel alone watch a horror movie late at night with the lights up You won’t feel so alone anymore Thanks, Satan. You’re the best when a baby on board sticker is a little faded and beat up You know the kid is at least a year or two old now and the car is safe to ram. I Think I remember that one. I think I keep that one in the memory bank Thank you very much poke your finger in someone’s mouth while they are yawning to establish dominance Big brain weight might sell was does it to me? I’ve seen this one. I got a go pregnant in high school So I told my parents getting bullied and removed modern from Require modern solutions That is awful by the way, just so we adjust so quickly that is not big brain. That is despicable brain. Same thing actually Firing tip profiling tips knees on your knuckles before a fight in order to inflict poison damage Damn, hell big brain Very big very large. Brain. Oh Oh, here’s a good one. If you touch your pee-pee while you watch you can pretend like you were having. Oh Oh That took me a long time. Okay? Hey, oh my god taking a little weight off your check luggage that is actually big brain. I like that We can’t do that in I think European airports. They keep them like dang in How to get over your fear of the dark as soon as you turn the lights off starts touching peepee poo-poo ‘i Know monster was to see that While doing it stare at the corner and whisper tenderly, this is for you. I Always thought about like in a horror movie if someone just does something really crazy to throw the monster off But I think this one takes surprise. That’s extremely large brain. Not even I would think of that. Mr President Jesus. Well that explains it If you count their wine snug confuse them by using this move oh my god life hack pause and say you can show yourself now every time you’re about to leave an Apparently empty room someday, there might actually be someone there and they will be really impressed I’ve been doing this for 29 years so far. Nothing happened very large brain Now if you have the biggest brain of them All you will be checking out represent calm /pd primer. It is epically big brain We don’t have any big brain merge stuff Spanish cool Thanks for watching gamers smash like if you enjoy subscribe and remember to just take like life love Big brain my friend is so big. I don’t know how to speak. How do I make outro place what you never played super simulator? You know, it’s fun right I’m not supposed to give my opinion But give it a try and then you can tell me if it’s good or not not convinced yet. Okay. I’ll cut you a deal The game is available for free and that’s a great price Swedish prey

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  1. LAHV the Trump ad on this video. I swear they don’t taylor shit to me. The irony of the title of this video seems too coincidental….

  2. Every time pewdiepie said what he put in a Tuber Simulator meem in and at the end of the video he does Tuber Simulator add.


  4. "Eat the toilet paper Soo it wipes on the way out"

    Me: that's not gonna happen there's litteraly an acid on your stomach that digest what you eat =>=

  5. i missed the pewdiepie that has no limitations in using a curse word,. like it's entertaining and satisfying when hearing someone cursing a word

  6. Funny enough, the garlic on the wound part is commonly practiced by people here when you’re bit by a dog, then they also have someone cut open the wound and put some sort of rock on it for three to four days.

  7. My friend with almost 200 subs made a special video about you it would mean the world to him if you could see it

  8. Life hacks, carry a fork with u if someone tries to rob u, take the fork out. Say thank u Lord for this meal I'm about to have and charge at them with the fork.


  9. Wear an eye patch during day time on one eye, and during night time on the other. You will always have a rested eye so you can skip sleep

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