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If Fast Food Commercials Were Honest – Honest Ads (McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, Taco Bell)

hello there hi my name’s Roger and I’d love to tell you all about my new restaurant that brings you cooked food alarmingly quickly I promise to make this quick as well because I know that you are statistically speaking an exhausted parent or a struggling college student or someone else with neither time nor money money that you’re still going to spend hi hi folks did you know that your brain can be addicted to not just drugs and alcohol but to anything from exercise to people to shopping we do and we picked food as the addiction we’d like to sell to you that’s why our meals are designed to be the perfect combination of fat sugar and the only rock that tastes good thanks to the human body’s natural reward system and the fact that sugar can be more addictive than cocaine our food is too tasty to resist literally your brain will regularly crave one of our burgers burgers just like well not this one that’s not at all representative of the muscle and fat we actually sell for this one we had a team of food stylists and image specialists worked for several hours the muscle and fat sandwiches we sell are made by a 14 year old in about one minute but it sure does taste good enough until you want another one do you see this nugget it starts as the whipped up muscles of chickens and then we form it into a zigzag or some nonsense it’s not good for you but we’ll give you ten for three dollars so frankly it’s sort of irresponsible of you not to buy this offering our food at impossibly low prices is another one of the ways we hope people especially and ideally people in low-income areas do you like plastic shapes your children do we’ve decided to include free painted plastic shapes and all our children’s meals so your kids will grow to associate our brand with reward and Happiness before you know it they’ll be literally screaming for you to take them here and once you do you can just send them to the temporary kids ooh and enjoy your fat sugar and salt sandwich in peace our temporary kids ooh contains a pit and a slide both perfect for creating the illusion of physical activity well really just letting gravity do the playing for you it’s also a cheap fast easy way to hook them early so they’ll develop fond memories of the restaurant to follow them as they grow up isn’t that right can I work here you sure can and in just seven months you’ll have made what I make in just an hour anyway I’ve been Roger still and I hope you come on down to the fast food ray where the colors yellow and red have been known to subconsciously trigger hunger so frankly it’s sort of irresponsible irresponsible irresponsible of you irresponsible of you not to buy this

100 thoughts on “If Fast Food Commercials Were Honest – Honest Ads (McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, Taco Bell)

  1. I start a job at a burger franchise today that shall remain nameless, after watching this I think I'll just jump off a cliff instead whoa I've never felt like such a worthless piece of crap

  2. Last time I went to fast food restaurant with friends, they ordered the food while I just took out banana from my bag and began eating, they were staring at me.

  3. most burgers & sausages, are made from offal & fat, ground up & mixed with colourings & flavorings to make them look & taste good. offal can include hearts, brains, lungs, intestines( often ground up with their contents, so you might be eating patly digested food or even shit), tongues, eyeballs, ears, noses, generaly, all the most unpalletable parts of an animal. with out the colourings & flavourings,the food would look, taste & smell utterly revolting, & if you saw it being made, with all this gross stuff, youd probabbly upchuck into the mixture, & would never touch another burger or hot dog as long as you lived ( if you did upchuck into the mixture, they probably just mix it up with all the other muck !!!)

  4. you can tell the people the truth, it wont matter, they will still buy these… I know I will, looks delicious and it will be, and I know stylists made these 😀

  5. The 1.6k dislikes are from all the fast food joints who know that this is true but lie about it

  6. I didn't know that the colours red & yellow subconsciously triggered hunger, now I need to redecorate my whole living room!! No wonder I'm a big McFatty, it's the colours on my living room walls that are making me hungry!!!! 😱 Who knew!?! A very large plus sized penny has just dropped inside my MSG-laden brain! And I am literally seeing red!! And yellow! Damn you fast food outlets!!! Or B&Q!?!! Or was it Home base?! I'm pretty sure they're right next to the drive thru anyway… hmmmmm 🤔
    Jeez, my head's just as fried as that overly greasy excuse for the vegetarian alternative 'burger' I flung down my throat last night….. a moment on the lips!!! 🤢🤮🤒

    Oh, but dem fries! 🤤🍟🍟🍟😋

  7. You can't stop eating it. Because you are ADDICTED. The only way to stop is to force yourself to not go there to eat.

  8. Vote with your dollar, don’t buy that horrible junk that will make you sick and poor! Have you ever seen a millionaire in McDonalds, Wendy’s, or other disgusting factory of a Frankenstein food?!

  9. This video's comment section is sheer Irony.

    This video speaks about how capitalism is destroying your health, selling you shit as food, and psychology manipulating you so you keep consuming it. This video speak about how poor people are forced to eat this shit, because they can't afford healthy food.

    To add the cherry to the pie, this video tells you how a Fastfood CEO makes millions and millions, while playing his employers some slaver salaries.

    Where's the irony? That most of you are probably working class. But here you are, making jokes about comunism. It's so funny.

    I would laugh if it wasnt for the fact that you are making jokes about ONE of the systems that would prevent you for being homeless of having to eat shit.

    I guess it's easy to just believe what the media or the school text book tells you about human story, and "Oh, comunism is so bad, bad bad bad, monster!" so this way you don't have to use your brain.

    I would really be okay with this, if it wasn't for the big irony that represents. Why? Because the ones that are controlling the media, the goverment, the school text books, advertisment, practically everything, are the rich. The capitalist.

    No, you are not poor because you or your parents didn't work enough. You are poor, because there are group of small people who is taking all the wealth, and slaving all of us, so they can keep their status quo.

    This is the gospel truth, dudes.

    PD: Now feel free to spit all the hate and fake news to me, because I understand that the cold truth must hurt.

  10. Muscle and fat sandwich, lmao, so true!! I'm a professional healthcare provider and take care of patients whose consumption of fast food over the years has lead to metabolic syndrome and a ton of comorbidities. I have earned a very good living, so all you fools please keep eating shitty food, I need to make my private jet payments, morons!!!👍👍🖕🖕

  11. food with just protein, carbs, fats, and salt will eventually malnourish your body making it acidic which bring about inflammation and cancer.

  12. Its like socialism (in Marxist theory) a transitional social state between the overthrow of capitalism and the realization of Communism.

  13. I have had my share of hockey puck hamburgers. I quit eating them 6 years ago still go to McDonald's for my morning coffee though. The healthiest thing you can order there for breakfast is a bagel with cream cheese which is not on the menu board.

  14. How to quit😁
    1.Try looking at the effects (cancer, high blood pressure weight gain etc.)

    2. Think about the benefits (More energy, Natural weigh gain etc.)

    3. think of alternatives, try looking up recipes to make at home

    4. try to make time for yourself and cooking, eat with others (share healthier meals)

    5. tell those you hang with about your change (so they won’t bring you any) try eating at restaurants like Chipotle and places that are natural.

    6.Commit to yourself and your lifestyle it’ll save you money and your life.

    7. It’ll take time just don’t think about fast food, think about your new look on life.( :

    (Yes, I’ve tried it, I’m vegetarian, for the last 6 months I’ve been and I haven’t eaten McDonald’s, etc. for 7 months)

  15. The last time I went to McDonald's was 3 months ago. And I am Not planning to go there anytime soon. It's a fastfood franchise where they serve junk foods & unhealthy stuffs. Everything or anything u will buy from McDonald's will DEFINITELY have sugar or salt and it's very bad for health. Secondly, the foods that are served in McDonald's is detrimental to one's health. Obesity, diabetes, or even teeth infection, etc. I honestly don't see the point of going to McDonald's and buying anything from there. Trust me, "IT'S NOT WORTH IT."

  16. I don't eat McDonald's that place everyone is overweight I can't see a single skinny or fit person there

  17. very, very funny and brutally honest. Love this guy Roger, he's got that master-class timing and delivery. I am now a Roger fan.

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