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If Humans Acted Like Computers – Funny Results

Excuse me, here is your co…. My Coffee…? Hello? Hello? Are you… frozen? Okay stop your task! Go back to the kitchen! Okay, just close! Hello? Task Manager?
(Ring bell) Hello? Task Mananger…
(ring bell) Why are you taking so long? Oh there you are.
This waiter isn’t responding. Can you please end his task? Sure This waiter is not responding.
Would you like to end the task? Yes. End task.
That is what I said. If you end this task now you may
lose any unsaved coffee or pastries. End task!! Is everything frozen now? Why is everything frozen? Oh for f…. (door closing) Task Ended

7 thoughts on “If Humans Acted Like Computers – Funny Results

  1. "Johnson! I need that report on my desk before you leave work today!"
    "Sure thing, boss. It'll be done in approximately 2 hours."
    "Sounds good. Let me know when you finish."
    "Approximately 1 hour 30 minutes."
    "Oh. Okay, great. Just leave it on my desk when you -"
    "3 and a half hours."
    "But you just said…"
    "10 minutes."
    "… what?"
    "27 minutes."
    "4 hours."
    "Just… I'm going back to my office. Let me -"
    "1 hour 37 minutes. 10 hours 15 minutes."
    "… Let me know when you're done."
    "10 hours 13 minutes."

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